25 Architecture Logo Design Ideas

25 Architecture Logo Design Ideas

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The logo is not to be ignored by any business whether it is a new or an established one. A logo is like the face of a business. It stays with the logo as long as it survives on the field. So having a meaningful and attractive logo is more a necessity than a luxury. So don’t miss getting the best architecture logo design ideas through this blog.

Different business fields and firms require certain types of logos depending on their purposes, services and perspectives. Within a small number of spaces, the designer has to present the messages clearly and purposefully. For an architecture logo, you have to focus on some definite points that will help you to get the perfect logo design for the firm.

Architecture Logo Design Ideas

But don’t worry. Here we have listed 25 architecture logo design ideas with lots of techniques and tips for you. Check out the list.

Tower Real Estate:

Tower Real Estate

The logo of Tower Real Estate has used an abstract pattern of a building to complement its name and purpose. Such a logo helps a lot in setting a positive first impression on the clients and customers. Thanks to its sans-serif font, the logo is super attractive and catchy. It gives you the idea for minimal designs with effective patterns.

Green House:

Green House

If you want to bring a bit more meaningful or thoughtful perspective, here is the sample to inspire you. The logo of Green House has used an abstract house shape with a hint of plant referring to its inner meaning. When anyone looks at the logo, immediately interprets its hidden meaning and purpose. That is where the success of a perfect logo lies.



It is another interesting and inspirational logo design for you. Though there are not many designs that need to be explained, yet the perfection of it cannot be avoided. Such simple yet eye-catching designs do more than meaningless elaborate designs. So while you are designing an architecture logo, focus on the meaning and perspective more than anything.

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Realty Investment:

Realty Investment

The logo of Realty Investment is another abstract architecture logo with colorful design and attractive font choice. Architecture logos do not mean to be boring and lifeless. You can even design it with bold colors. The only thing that is needed is relevancy and consistency with the company’s internal purposes and service.

House And Crown:

House And Crown

An easy way to get the perfect and exclusive logo for an architecture company is to design as the name suggests. For example, the sample logo here is for the “House and Crown” architect farm. The designer has simply combined the two symbols into one abstract shape. With a bold sans-serif font, the logo has got another dimension in its suitability.

Home & Garden:

Home & Garden

Here is another idea on taking the logo design to the next level. And you can do that with only a few minor changes in a simple design. Look at the sample logo given here. The designer has changed the letter ‘R’ and ‘D’ which has given an interesting look to it. Also, the window pattern has built the connection between the home and garden symbolically.

Building Architecture:

Building Architecture

This idea will help you if you don’t mind going a bit extra for the logo design. Since your subject is architecture, you have to keep a relevant design so that people can relate. The sample logo of Building Architecture has got an illustrative design that is cleverly combined with the fonts. It certainly gives the logo an exotic look as much as it attracts the eyes.

Gortex Architecture:

Gortex Architecture

Now is another idea on simple and minimalist design for lazy designers. The logo of Gortex Architecture only relies on its eye-catching font choice along with an abstract design. The designer also cared to play with colors and that is all. Such simple designs speak a lot silently. In the case of architecture logos, it is important to show the world your strength and the potential to take things to the next heights.

Cooper Carry:

Cooper Carry

The logo of Cooper Carry can inspire you to a great extent if you like to play with symbols and fonts. The designer has used a serif font to make the logo more intriguing and engaging. And there is a little abstract symbol made with ‘C’. It may seem simple but it is quite effective as a logo. And a well-designed logo can change the growth of your business or brand identity.

Yuka Kamizono:

Yuka Kamizono

The logo of Yuji Kamizono is super versatile and balanced as an architecture logo design. You can follow such a technique to make your logo reach the desired height. With the right color, font and symbol that is not hard to achieve. Brainstorm the name and how can it be used in the design. Use as much as the negative space the design requires.

Carapella Architecture:

Carapella Architecture

You can enhance the beauty of your logo by choosing an attractive font for the design. Go for something formal yet charming. It creates a playful effect in the logo making it more outstanding and exclusive. The logo of Carapella Architecture has done it perfectly. The designer has played with colors as well. Such small differences bring a dramatic change in the outlook of the logo design.

The Modern Architect:

The Modern Architect

The logo of Modern Architect inspires you to go for modern and minimal designs. It shows an abstract house pattern suggesting the company’s services related to the building sector. You can also make the exclusive logo design for your architecture farm with symbolic patterns and indirect messages. The logo that provokes thought remains longer in the memory. They also help in providing a good impression at the first sight.

Petronas Towers:

Petronas Towers

This sample logo is unique and groundbreaking. Despite being the logo for an architecture firm, it has eye-striking colors and informal fonts. It tells the fact that if you can keep a balance between things, you are allowed to design whatever you wish. No overdo looks good in logo design. That is why it is important to maintain a balanced and decent look in the logo designs, especially for architectural companies or farms.

Garden Villa:

Garden Villa

The logo of Garden Villa is as aesthetic as minimal. It has used eye-soothing colors along with organic design. If your goal is to make a logo a bit out of the box, take inspiration from here. Show the company’s purposes, perspectives and motivations through the design. This way the logo will be unique and clients will get the right impression from it. on the other hand, if the logo is not well designed, clients may feel distracted and bored. 

Isabella Smith:

Isabella Smith

The logo of Isabella Smith looks so vintage and a bit ‘Victorian’. It is designed with a pencil sketch and looks fabulous with its black and white color choice. If you like to experiment with different types of logo designs, try this one. Think about the things you want to inform the clients through the logo. To make the logo more relatable and relevant, it is the most important thing.

Studio house:

Studio house

Here is one more attention-grabbing logo design idea for those designers who want their logos to be more vibrant and striking. Even if it is an architecture logo, you can do that. The sample logo is showing you how. The logo of Studio House has a symbol designed with an identical studio and house shape. The designer has created a circular pattern to make the logo more memorable and easy to recognize.



This idea is for those simple yet meaningful logo design lovers. If an effortless logo can speak out loud, why not give it a try? The logo of Homes has used harmless and calmly designs to show the deeper motivation behind its services. Such designs make the clients comfortable and provoke them to trust the company. With your creative ideas and design skill, you can also create a unique and exclusive design for your architecture firm.

Minimal Home:

Minimal Home

Here is one more architecture logo design idea with a relaxed and gentle look. The color pallet is the most notice-worthy thing about it. Such colors are much seen in architectural logos. So it gives you the idea that you are free to use anything you want unless and until it goes misbalanced. Work with the company’s best services and aspects while designing the logo. Thus you can aptly deliver the right perspective through the logo.

Interior Architects:

Interior Architects

When you are not feeling like putting in too much effort, create a design as the Interior Architect. Well, we are not asking you to copy. The company mainly focuses on interior design. The designer didn’t go for an elaborate design to show it. Only the typography has played its part and the logo is no less catching and appealing. With such creative ideas, you can also create an exclusive logo for your architecture firm.

IBI Group:

IBI Group

Simple logos sometimes give a more attention-grabbing and enchanting effect. For example, the logo of IBI Group has a very less amount of designs at the first glance. But the typography used here gives the logo the necessary artistry and elegance. Moreover, it serves the purposes of a successful logo entirely. Similarly, you can make your architecture logos a lot meaningful and relevant with typography.



With typography, there are ample ways to create an outstanding logo. The logo of the Nelson group has shown an example of it. Bring a little change in any letter and the logo will get the desired look. Many architecture companies prefer simple designs because of their clarity and straightforwardness. It also makes the clients eager to work with the company. So, if you want the logo to represent your company plainly without any exaggeration, go for such a clean and transparent design.

Array Architect:

Array Architect

The negative space around the text of the logo is the best thing a designer can use to make the logo more communicative and meaningful. You can use an illustration or an image here that is suitable for the logo. Even if you want to use a hand-drawn picture, that will do perfectly. So never underestimate the value of negative spaces while designing an architecture logo. The sample logo given here shows you the way of doing it.



With a bold sans-serif font and relatable image on top, the logo of Lighthouse looks as fascinating as creative. The image has a dynamic effect that has given the logo another height. Fonts also play a great role in changing the outlook of the logo. You can play with different colors as well for adding a little extra to the logo. For an effective architecture logo, feel free to try these techniques.

Sheffield Landscape Architecture:

Sheffield Landscape Architecture

The logo of Sheffield Landscape Architecture may seem a bit wired for an architecture logo. But as we have said earlier, balance is everything that matters in a logo design. When you can combine the right design pattern thoughtfully, the entire logo gets a true meaning. It becomes a lot more intriguing and captivating. The sample logo created a landscape pattern that has the look of the tall building as well. Such a creative combination of different relevant things takes the logo to the next level effortlessly.



The last architecture logo design idea for you is the logo of Left hook. It has many little details that require your attention. For instance, the designer has created a hook-like shape with the two letters ‘L’ and ‘H’. Also, it has an emblem style making it more identical and interesting. If your logo design is such a thoughtful one, the clients are bound to spend a few minutes appreciating the design. It makes a good impression on the company as well.

When you are about to start your new architecture firm, you need the client’s attention more than anything. And for that, there is no alternative to designing an intriguing and captivating logo. Follow our techniques to bring out the best result with your creativity and design skills.

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