A Roundup of Vector Line Drawing Services in Illustrator and Photoshop

A-roundup-of-Vector-Line-drawing-services-in-Illustrator-and-Photoshop- written by vector design us, inc.

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Many media demand different types of images. Somewhere you can use raster images and in other places, you have to use vector graphics. To get lossless print-ready images, there is no alternative to vector images still now. To create bigger size images for billboards and small size icons, you need the graphics of vector formats. Distortion-free vector visuals are responsive device friendly and can be scaled up at any size. Vector line drawing is a special skill for vector designers.

So, in the print industry, the use of vector graphics is increasing day by day. Out of various types of vector images, vector line drawing images are crucial for printing companies. To make product usage manual, vector land map, survey line graphs, etc. vector line drawing services are mostly taken. Not only that but also many other sectors like eCommerce use vector line art services for presenting their products and identities.

What is the Vector Line drawing?

Line Drawing_01- vector design us, inc.

Vector line drawing is a line art created around the images and some other parts inside the images by creating vector paths. Line-drawn images don’t have a fill color. It is just a line stroke as though it is created using a pen by hand. It looks like a blank image skeleton, but still, you can understand the original image shape.

Vector line art contains only stroke color without having any fill color. Mostly black and white color is utilized and gives an impression of a divine image appearance. For creating a product design or shape before production, a line drawing is necessary. Basically, the product designers, real estate companies, engineers, fashion designers, animators, cartoon designers, graphic design agencies, and so on need the vector line drawing services.  

Why Vector Line drawing?

Why Vector Line drawing- vector design us, inc.

Vector line drawing is for a simple, but sophisticated artwork that is featured with less weight, black and white outline without fill color, and contains the only stroke. Such a vector line drawing is suitable for product outline, pre-production product design, and shape. Vector line drawing is widely applied for creating an electronic product user manual. Not only that, but also industrial products, machinery products, motor parts, car product shaping, and more take line drawing services.

How to do Vector Line drawing?

How to do Line Drawing- vector design us, inc.

Line art drawing is tiresome work. Without having proper expertise, you cannot generate a professional vector line drawing. Here, we tried to mention the primary steps of vectorize a drawing.

  • Open your image in Adobe Illustrator that you have selected for creating vector line art.
  • At first, make the image dim so that you can create an outline on it.
  • Take a new layer and keep it selected.
  • Take the pen tool from the left toolbar.
  • Select contrasting stroke colors and keep creating line art. Keep patience and work slowly. To be a professional line drawing artist, you need a lot of practice.

As we said these steps are basic and how much you have to work depends on the image complexity. So, before starting any professional work, a designer must practice more and more. Because drawing is a matter of drawing practically, not reading the text only.

Categories of vector line drawing

  • Zigzag line: The images that contain a zigzag outline need a zigzag line drawing service.
  • A line containing holes: Images like flowers that have multiple holes on the edge need line drawing services.
  • Blurry line: Some images of the same color background may have blurry edges and such images require blurry line drawing.
  • Outline drawing: It is nothing but creating an outline just around the image. The image can be simple or complex.
  • Broken line: A line drawing is a line around the image. Usually, this line is an unbroken long line, but in a broken line, you have to break the continuity of your writing. If you try to create a line art of headshot, you cannot but apply the broken line drawing technique. Besides that, the dashed and dotted lines are broken line drawings.
  • Dithered line: It is basically a dotted line used to create pattern and texture. They may create pixel gaps and holes.
  • Sketch to line drawing: This line drawing is applied to the sketch images. For logo and icon design, a line drawing is crucial.

Vector Line drawing software offline and online

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Different line drawing software can be used for line drawing. In off-line, Photoshop and Illustrator can be utilized for the best quality line drawing services. You can use some other online tool, but it fails to produce the global standard line art.

The image editing and creative graphic design companies usually provide their services leveraging offline line drawing tools. Photoshop is the best tool for creating raster line drawings, and Illustrator is the most appreciated vector line drawing software that companies use.

Who are for line drawing services?

All types of eCommerce products are subject to the drawing vector line. Regarding the visual aesthetics and lite weight of the image file, and unlimited scalability, the product image publishers use.

Are vector line art and line drawing the same work?

Are vector line art and line drawing the same work- vector design us, inc.

Vector line drawing is the creation of a vector path around the image using the pen tool of Photoshop and Illustrator. Line drawing is a stroke color by the pen tool or brush stroke. Since they are vector paths, you can enlarge the line drawings at any size. However, professionals often call the vector line drawing line art.

Cat Line Drawing for Funny Cats Design Compilation

What is a hand-drawn line drawing?

If you search on google, you might get many automatic tools for creating line drawings. Even if you work in Photoshop or Illustrator, you will get an automatic process of line art. Such a process cannot produce a high-end result. Here comes up the term hand-drawn line drawing which means working manually utilizing the pen tool of Illustrator or Photoshop. The manual line drawing technique helps to produce maximum quality vector line art visuals.

What is abstract line art?

It is a kind of line art drawing on abstract images. Basically, the product owners or businessmen take the line drawing services to make outline images. But the abstract line art services are popular for the sketch and art images. The artists and visual studios are the clients of abstract line arts.

What is Simple or complex line drawing?

What is Simple or complex line drawing- vector design us, inc.

Simple or complex line drawing depends on image complexity. If your image contains one or two straight lines without any holes or breaks, we call it a simple line drawing. On the other hand, if the image is of a complex shape with multiple anchor points, curves, and holes, we consider it a complex line drawing. To create complex line drawing is pretty much tiresome work.

Skull Line Drawing

What are some free online drawing tools?

For the best vector line art, there is no alternative to the manual line drawing in Photoshop and Illustrator. But still, for a quick result of line drawing, you can use free line drawing tools that will automatically create an outline of your images, though most often you will not get the professional images.

Is the vector line drawing an easy task?

Never. No creative work is as easy as it sounds. It requires to mingle hard work, patience, creativity, and a lot of practice. If you say about vector image-making, we just can answer that it is one of the skills that require the ultimate level of hard work and practice. You will never get professional vector graphics without investing too much hard-word, time, and practice.

Where do I get the best vector line drawing services?

In Vector Design US, Inc. you will get the best vector line drawing and raster to vector conversion services at the most competitive prices.

How do I find the best service provider?

best vector line drawing services- vector design us, inc.

It is a common question. Most vector design service takers ask for the signs of the best vector design service providers. Here are some of the features that indicate the best quality services providers-

Characteristics  of a professional company:

  • 100% quality vector conversion
  • Quality assurance steps
  • 100% Hand Drawn photo editing
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Cordial Communication
  • Files handling each day
  • Turnaround time & overnight services
  • Rush support
  • Free Trial support
  • Competitive Prices
  • Easy payment system
  • Discounts/Offer
  • Long experience
  • Use of latest technologies
  • 100% image file security
  • Easy and fast file transferring support
  • Professional designers

Line drawing for Products photos

Mostly line drawing in Photoshop service is for the eCommerce product photos. Almost all the product images take line art services. The best quality product outline drawing helps your product images to fit in the website layout and social media as well. Let’s have an idea of which product photos are the most appropriate for line drawing services-

List of products that require line drawing services- vector design us, inc.

List of products that require line drawing services

  • Leather items like Shoes, Bags, belts, etc.
  • Beauty products
  • Fashion Products
  • Ceramic items
  • Sports items
  • Electronic products like computers, monitor
  • Corporate identities like logos
  • Human and livestock
  • Machinery items
  • And many more.

However, the topmost quality line drawing services will help you to improve product image aesthetics. It gives an idea about the basic shape of the products and such lite images are distortion-free vector graphics that are responsive to all media. You can easily use it on the website without any loading concerns. The more variation you will utilize for product image presentation, the more you will reach potential customers with your products. Eventually, your online sales and profits will get scaled up.

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