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Clipping Path Service

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What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is a technique of photo editing service. It is the same as the cutout or separates a product or background from an object. It is also called a vector path or pattern that is a system of background removal. But it’s not entirely a photo editing task. Clip the Path is a part of photo editing. It does product or background removal, color correction by using the Photoshop pen tool or lasso tool. It is a magic-like technique to create the perfect image.

However, it’s not a complete photo editing task but it has an important role in the photo editing system. And nowadays it become so popular for eCommerce sites.

The uses of Clip the Path

Using a clipping path is always a recommendation of a designer. It is so much helpful for image selection to make a perfect image. Today we can see a lot of colorful printed images in magazines, newspapers, books, and catalogs with product photos. They are edited by Clipping image Path more or less. So, it may say that clipping Path is like a cutter that can smooth the edges of images.

Clipping Path, Vector Path, Deep Etch, Cutout, Background seperationSilo, Image Extraction, Image isolation, White background mean the same work process.

To make sharp edges and give a natural look to a photograph we need a silo and it’s mandatory for every eCommerce site to upload a real-like photo either people will not add to curt that product. Now, most people decide to purchase a product based on visual satisfaction from an online store. That’s why photographers and entrepreneurs are trying to give the best look of their product images.

There are fice types of Clipping Paths but it depends on the object or the product. They are basic clipping paths, medium photo clipping paths, complex clipping, super complex clipping paths, and multi-paths.

Why do people use Clipping Path?

Why people use Clipping Path

It’s a high recommendation to use the Clipping Path service to give an exact look of a photograph by an image designer. In this modern age, every people depends on the online store or different e-commerce sites for shopping and mainly they purchase on that product which has real like an attractive photograph.

So entrepreneurs or business owners recommend t most attractive photos of their products and those photographers also do so by using the image isolation service. The answer to the question, “why people use Clipping Path” is when a photographer took a photo he can’t ignore the background of the product which appears very badly.

Now if he wants to ignore that odd background then he/she may follow the Clipping Path strategy. The main features of the deep etch service are to beautify the image very perfectly. Basically, eCommerce product photography requires black or white or other colors shadow background and The Clipping Path service is the best solution for this matter.

What are the benefits of Clipping Paths?

What are the benefits of Clipping Path

As we know Clipping Path service is a process of background removal that is done by the Adobe Photoshop pen tool. And it has a lot of advantages in different sectors differently. Let’s discuss its benefit elaborately.

  • Time Saver:

Time is so precious in our business and a photographer may have not enough time or capability to erase the unnecessary background. Then he has to take the help of The quickest Clipping Path service that have the magical system to edit photo.

  • Easy to avail:

If you choose one of the best services from various services that give you the easier solutions then you can also be an easier service provider in an online or offline platform.

  • Cheaper Solutions:

There is a lot of people who thought that photo editing is nothing but a waste of money. Basically, photo editing is very important to make an attractive photograph and for that, you need to take help from The Clipping photo service, the cheaper solution for photo editing service.

  • Color Correction:

If you have an online business then you should upload the images of your product after color fixing. Otherwise, it hampers your business profile. A better photograph may give a well-decorated look of your website, and better profit business also. So you need to hire the best professional image editing service provider as the Clipping Path Service.

How To Do Clipping image Path?

Clipping is a photo editing service that is used to remove background by Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool. It is also much closed to the vector path. We have already discussed the importance of the Clipping Path service that has been highly recommended due to the increasing eCommerce sites and their product advertisements.

Nowadays Photoshop is one of the most common software for the Clipping Path service. As we know it is one of the quickest and easiest ways to remove background or another part of an image. Here we are going to tell you steps  by step about “How to do Clipping Path”

Step 1:

At first, launch Adobe Photoshop and then select the image you want to edit, and then click on “Open” from the “File” bar.

Step 1

Step 2:

Now you may notice the Main Tool Bar on the left side, select the Pen Tool but it required a good proficiency for getting an appropriate result.

Step 2

Step 3:

Now try to draw the exact shape of your image. It may snatch some time but it depends on the quality or complexity of the image edges. And then you need to ensure that the Path is perfectly done.

Step 3

Step 4:

After sketching a perfect path around the desired object need to go to the Layer Panel and select the Path Tab. Then select the Path Layer and click on the Three Lines Shaped Icon that is located at top of the right side corner of the panel, and then select Save Path.

Step 4

Now enter a new name for the path you create and then from the same drop-down menu choose the Clipping Path.

You can notice a new dialogue box appear before you with a lot of clipping path settings. You need to make sure your path is perfectly selected, and then just click on Ok.

Step 5:

From the main File Menu, choose Save As and select Photoshop EPS as the File Type.

Step 5

Step 6:

Click twice the time on the Add Layer Mask Icon from the Layer Panel.

Step 6

Everything outside of the selection part will be transparent and now you may choose any color for the background.

Everything outside of the selection

And finally, choose Save As to save a new file.

And finally, choose Save As to save a new file

Now we know that Clipping Path helps us in Upgrading image shape, removing the background of a photograph, professionally engaging, creating professional photos, for marketing and communication. So, we may can that you get a clear concept about the clipping path services from this article. And you also learn how to create a clipping in Adobe Photoshop.