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We all know how important festive Christmas and the new year are to Christians. Since Christmas is knocking at the door it is normal to have a concern about what new they can wear this Christmas and new year’s eve. This article goes to 30 different embroidery design ideas for you that aim to help you customize the best Christmas designs and new year’s outfits that you want to use for this year’s festive.

There are so many things to think about when it comes to Christmas Day. At that moment thinking about a different outfit is a headache. So we are here to remove your headache…just continue, swipe, swipe, swipe.

Apparel brand promoters supervise to cater to people who want embroidery work for their special occasional outfit. If you took some gorgeous designs for your Christmas Day outfit you can show your tailor or can do DIY embroidering at home. It will help you not to waste time before Christmas eve. That is why we want to help you get yours with some best and most advanced embroidery designs.

You can find various websites for embroidery designs. But what special do we provide?

We stand out because of our wisdom, multiplication, and passion. Typically, embroidery websites provide advanced designs that are working to digital platforms and prolong their audience. But our goal is not only to expand our audience but also to reach you with something affordable, and fun to use with the outstanding outcome that everyone will like and get an appreciation for. We tested every design once to ensure you!

Here is a list of 30 gorgeous embroidery designs that have the highest quality, widest variety, and are very affordable. Let’s see what is waiting for you in this year’s Christmas outfit!

Classic Embroidery Design

Classic Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

A classic design comprises variant forms of stitches. It usually features a configuration that falls in with tatami stitches. These designs include an animal as pictured, a Christmas tree, or a clown, to name but a little. They take care of having a high stitch count and will also require a strong stabilization fabric.

Since these designs are for Christmas and New Year so keep this in mind we try to combine leaves with tiny Christmas red balls in a rounded shape that almost looks like a frame. As for the features of classical design, we took a deer in the center of the rounded leaves. You can use this design on your front or back body part. You can also use them for baby dresses. This is such an amazing combination of embroidery works that give an amazing impression without ruining the classical features.

Classic Lettering Embroidery Design

Classic Lettering Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

In another traditional embroidery design, we combined letters with embroidery colorful trend floral patterns that include in a satin stitch. These designs typically use a solid stabilizer which is why they gave a flawless embroidery design as you can see in the below picture. Here I took a traditional folk flower bouquet that blends the design with a “Happy Mothers Day” lettering on black fabric.

Since you use this design for your Christmas outfit, you surely can change the lettering to “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year”. A question may occur in your mind. That is why there is mothers day lettering on a Christmas day outfit design idea? I tried my best to come to you with a suitable photograph for this idea but I can’t find any. But this one is almost the same except just changing the lettering.

So that I took this photo. We aim to reach you with a good design, that’s all. Sometimes you might have to adapt to the idea as we give to add some customization. I hope you would,t mind. Right, Dear? With this confidence and your support, I’ll go for the next design.

Adorable Applique Embroidery Design

Adorable Applique Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Applique embroidery designs are something that entangles edging an attire shape with an outline or any other decorative stitches such as satin stitch, zig-zag stitch, and other decorative stitches. This is the only embroidery design where you can use both plain and printed fabrics. Because these stitches inhibit the shapes on the background fabric that originate the design (pictured).

Applique embroidery vector designs or only embroidery designs on clothes are editable in two ways. The first process is to trim-in-place, wherein you should sew the cloth and then cut as the design form. The second method is to pre-cut the fabric (as you want to design) applique. That is whereas you can cut the forms, keep on the background stuff, and then sewed to attach it.

These designs feature objects including balloons, mushrooms, birds, butterflies, animals, floral designs, plain edging designs, and so on. that is why I found these designs are so adorable. As for the title of this design I took it for this reason. Just look at the Unicorn horse applique in the below design. Who doesn’t like unicorn horses? They are such gorgeous horses that kid to grown-up everyone will like this design idea surely for their this year’s Christmas Dy’s or New Year’s attire.

Freestanding Lace Embroidery Designs

Freestanding Lace Embroidery Designs - Vector Design US, Inc.

Freestanding Lace designs conduct a wash-away stabilizer onto which the design is embroidered. When it’s finished, the stabilizer is washed away and the threads of the design stay solid. These designs are done using the same color satin thread as the fabric. This form can also be blended with applique to give away a more static composition. You can have features including designs such as baskets, flowers, crosses, stripes, fruits, and so on.

This design is also familiar as a cut crease embroidery. For its elegance, this designs maximum apparel brands use in the bridal gowns. Those who dreamt to marry this 31 December or New Year this design might give a great priority for their wedding dress can choose this design. But this will be a gorgeous and best idea for luxurious Christmas or New Year’s gown or any other outfits too.

Cross-Stitch Embroidery Design

Cross-Stitch Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Cross stitch embroideries are worth creating on a plain fabric combining various color threads. The designers do the work using a form of stitching that is a pop method of contrary thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches are dialed. This is something raster-like as you can see in the below picture. The machine figures out the threads when you do it even on the weaving cloth at each point of the stitch so that the stitches remain identical in shape and countenance.

Stem Stitch Embroidery Design

Stem Stitch Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are many types of steam embroidery stitches such as outlines, redlines, tatami stitch, normal filling, satin stitch, and more. Here I took a gorgeous design done on black fabric. These designs feature a gorgeous floral combination with outlines and tatami stitches. That is why they look very cool on dark fabrics. If you are intending to try something dark to wear this Christmas or New Year you can go for this. I can give a guarantee that you will catch anyone’s attention for your dress’s gorgeous appearance.

Candle wicking Stitch Embroidery Design

Candle wicking Stitch Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can say me a sucker for gorgeous yet cute designs. Though this makes my library loaded. But this can’t be a problem if we get such a cute yet gorgeous design as the below design. If you have thoughts the same as me you must go for this below design for this year’s Christmas or New Year’s attire. Sounds interesting, Nah? Feel curious? Okay, this design is familiar as the candle-wicking stitch embroidery.

On this embroidery design, you can use so many colorful threads for your wanted design. The people of China use these designs in apparel brands. Look at the pretty lady who is having a Chinese hairstyle. But I found her very eye catchy for the floral arrangements on the hair and the attire she wears. And also the beautiful color combination that is for you can have a very pretty and colorful Christmas or New Years’ embroidered outfit arranged by candle wicking stitch.

Decorative Stitches Embroidery Design

Decorative Stitches Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are lots of traditional stitches applicable for these embroidery designs besides satin stitch. Decorative stitches embroidery is something where it creates some objective designs using two to three traditional stitches on the plain fabric. Decorating means presenting something in a new way. In the same way, decorative stitch embroidery represented traditional stitches in a new way.

It has both a traditional and luxurious vibe. You can feel the beautiful appearance of the below design that includes the outline, tatami, and candlewick stitches. Its colorful composure is so amazing that I don’t need to describe it. When someone will look at it they can feel how amazing the traditional vibe can be for a Christmas or New Year’s dress.

Quilting Embroidery Design

Quilting Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Quilting is generally simple one-color outline stitches to hold two or three layers of fabric. But when we use on clothes, we notice some differences. The differences are not so big. As for normal dresses they (apparel companies)  don’t use two-three layers. But when it comes to the gown whether it is a wedding gown, fairy gown, kid’s gown, or simply occasional wear gown they use two to 3 parts of different fabrics to have fluffiness on the down part of the gown.

When used two to three sometimes even more layers of fabric it became hard naturally to do embroidery on it. Still, some customers prioritize having embroidery designs for Christmas or New Year’s wearing gowns. For them, we specially customize this Quilting Embroidery design using only two colors threads. It is indeed simple and features a lighter shade filling with the same dark shade outline (pictured). It also will be easy to do but can give a very unusual look.

Linework Embroidery Design

Linework Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

The linework is a semi gorgeous embroidery design that is done the whole design with one color yarn on plain fabric. These designs are done on the dark-colored fabrics most of the time and as for the thread used satin stitch on a lighter shade thread. The lighter shades on the dark background create a wonderful composure that will catch someone’s eye at the first sight.

Let’s observe the following design in the picture. It is awesome because of using off-white satin thread on dark maroon background that creates luxuriousness. I think this design can be a great choice for the dress you will wear to this year’s Christmas or New Year Celebration.

Redwork Embroidery Design

Redwork Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Linework and redwork are almost similar to quilting embroidery designs. Generally, there are no specific stitches for these embroidery designs. Just they maintain the color combination. Like the title, you can see its name Redwork embroidery design so there must be red color on it.

But it features a funny matter that is there can not be more than one color in the design besides red. You can match red and black as pictured, red and blue, red and yellow, or orange, red and white. These are the most wanted color combination from customers we regularly get. Well, if you want to try something new this can take a place on your choice list for your Christmas Day wearing attire, I think!

In Hoop Embroidery Design

In Hoop Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

As the name of the design suggests, the designers made these designs inwardly the hoop. I like these designs so much for their tiny little floral arrangements. And see the vintage composure. This will be the best choice for the clothes at Christmas night party or New year’s celebration at night. You can also use the same design for the matching zippered pouches, bags with the dress.

If you aim to wear a simple frock on this Christmas or New Year celebration you can customize in hoop embroidery design on your dress in the way that stitches this design on the chest and stitch tiny flowers here and there freely on the whole dress or the sleeves only. Since there is a round arrangement on this design so find it will be best on the front chest.

Stitch ‘n Turn Embroidery Design

Stitch ‘n Turn Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Doesn’t this name hide a curiosity behind it? I am pretty sure you are also feeling curious too! So let’s get to know about the following Stitch ‘n Turn Embroidery Design without delay. Stitch ‘n Turn Embroidery Designs are also typically done by stitching in the hoop almost the same as the hoop embroidery designs. The most interesting part is they (workers who do embroideries) can’t make it completely in the machine.

When you remove it after completing the design they require stuffing or some hand stitching for the last finishing part. In this way, you get a good durable finishing. Another interesting feature of stitch and turn embroidery designs is they generally embroidered stuffed toys or dolls. For example, look at the below design, it is a creative work of stitch and turns embroidery design of a beautiful young Asian woman.

Digital Stitches Embroidery Design

Digital Stitches Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

The funny thing is we are going to digital every day so we find digitalized things or digital effects almost on everything that needs in our regular life. And Christmas and New Year are some of our most important festivals. So for these occasions, we will look for something digital to wear, this is normal.

So for the customers’ demand, embroidery-making companies create this pretty digital embroidery design. And I took this picture on my list too. So I think about sharing with you since it is gonna a very unique idea for this year’s Christmas or New Year festivals dress.

Urban Twists Embroidery Design

Urban Twists Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

When we hear about urban things we, by and large, give a down look to them. We can’t even give a second thought about customizing them. But nowadays people are getting creative. They love to try new things and also audiences search for something new for their Christmas or new year’s dresses.

For these reasons, embroidery designers try urban designs in a new style with satin stitch, tatami stitch, lining stitch, and also include edging combination. I can’t even imagine such amazing twisting results can come from urban design ideas. That is why I titled it Urban twists embroidery design.

Alphalicious Embroidery Design

Alphalicious Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

I wanna start this conversation by clearing an issue before going into detail about the Alphalicious Embroidery Design. That is you might think this design is similar to classic lettering embroidery designs. But it is not! Want to know about the difference? Though there is a trivial difference between them it still matters since these designs embroider on clothes for such big festivals as Christmas Day or New Year.

Well, the difference is classic lettering designs contain mixing objects with lettering such as floral but Alphalicious Embroidery Design has only alphabetical stitching as below picture. These designs are generally for male Christmas attires but some girls also like these designs so much. Alphalicious Embroidery Designs are Knitted font-based. You can customize your favorite fonts. The designers create the expled one using Latin alphabet letters and numbers.

Star Fonts Embroidery Design

Star Fonts Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you like star theme so much then this design is for you dear. And I don’t think any else theme can be best for a Christmas day wearing a dress other than the star theme embroidery design. When we think of a star’s theme attire the first thing we expect is there must be something lighting in the dark. Yes, there is also something like this you gonna have on this Star Fonts Embroidery Design.

As the name suggests they have five corners like stars on each floral knitting. It is a combination of tiny, medium, and big flower designs. For the tiny flower, we use only five-star fonts stitches. And for the medium flower, we take help from outline stitch to present you with an outstanding embroidery design with perfect finishing.

Symbolic Style Embroidery Design

Symbolic Style Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

For those who like having comic styles on their dress, this symbolic style embroidery design is for them. This design took from a Chinese traditional symbol. Inspire by the traditional red dragon symbol of china we want to have an idea of embroidery designs we enlist for Christmas or New Year’s dresses.

After creating the embroidery of the traditional red dragon symbol the result is in front of your eyes. Can you deny it is not cute? Though I agree it’s not gonna give the fancy impression or you can’t use it for fancy gowns. But still, it will be amazingly workable for the simple t-shirts to turn into a gorgeous one! Tattoo makers and tattoo lovers are also gonna like this red dragon Symbolic Style Embroidery Design much more besides normal comic lovers!

Elegant Tailed Embroidery Design

Elegant Tailed Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Elegant tailed is something that follows realistic and semi-digital style with satin thread. These designs are completely non-traditional. They use two-three combination colors for a single flower or leaves or other designs as you can see in the below design. Elegance is something that how can you present your skill with lest elements. Here you can see for this design they don’t take too many colors.

The whole embroidery design contains four to five colors only. Without some particular personalities closed to everyone want to be elegant. So let’s prepare to be elegant for this year’s Christmas or New Years’ festivals. Show your elegancy through this elegant-tailed embroidery design on your Christmas or New year’s party dress!

Cute Frooto Embroidery Design

Cute Frooto Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Floral arrangements are basic for embroidery designs. Do you ever think of any fruity arrangements? The kid likes these designs too much. Even some grown-up people who like kid’s things are like this Cute Frooto Embroidery Design.

I also find this embroidery design too much cute for the special dress that I will wear on Christmas day or New Year festivals. Okay, let’s talk about the design. It has a cute arrangement of strawberries on a thin branch of the strawberry plant with some leaves and tiny beautiful white flowers. The color composure of the strawberries takes this simple design to another level in that it looks like a ripe one, some are half ripped.

Moreover, you can rarely find those who don’t love strawberries, especially among the kid. You can take this cute embroidery design definitely to embroidered on your kid’s dress for wearing this year’s Christmas or New Year festival.

Traditional Mexican Embroidery Design

Traditional Mexican Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Otomi embroidery is a textile brand that presents Mexican embroidery styles that are well known as “Tenango’s”. These embroidery designs are hand embroidered on Ivory muslin by Otomi artisans. Traditional Mexican Embroidery designs feature resonant colors, and unusual floral and animal designs are symbols style founded on the native flora and fauna of the Otomi state.

Since these designs are hand embroidered, depending on space they are keen for a long time to be completed. So while ordering these designs on your Christmas or New Year’s festival outfit you better have some time in hand before the festivals.

Italian Needlework Embroidery Design

Italian Needlework Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Italian needlework embroidery designs are done on satin fabric with satin thread. They use the least color elements for these designs. And most often these embroidery designs are done in light colors. Italian needlework designs are done put together with freestanding lace and cut crease embroidery designs.

But freestanding and cut create designs are on one color thread on plain fabric. But Italian design features different color combinations on silk satin fabric. If you have a cake cutting ceremony in the morning at the church at Christmas you can go for Italian needlework. You can find cleanliness and pureness in these designs that will be best for a church-wearing outfit on Christmas morning.

Pansy Pattern Embroidery Design

Pansy Pattern Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you like pansy blooms as much as I do, then you might like to try out this pansy pattern embroidery design for your Christmas or New Year’s festivals outfit. You may know pansy flowers are large flowers with faces. They are so colorful that when we embroidered them there is no need to decorate them more with tiny floral arrangments or combined with other designs. They are so royal appearance bearing that if you just embroidered a bunch of pansy flowers on your Christmas or new year’s dress that will be enough to make your dress outstanding.

Seamless Pattern Embroidery Design

Seamless Pattern Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Seamless pattern embroidery is always in touch to catch people’s attention. It contains outlines and a plain satin stitch. Look at this wow vintage floral embroidery design below that is done by a seamless embroidery pattern.

It is done using the center of the flowers red and dusty pink satin thread with golden glittery thread outlines. The most uniqueness these designs contain is you can be done them on printed fabric instead of one color plain fabric. Those who prefer printed fabrics for their Christmas or New Year’s wearing attire can adapt this wonderful seamless pattern embroidery design.

Antique Embroidery Design

Antique Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Antique embroidery designs belong to mixing satin stitch and French knots on cotton fabric. These embroideries are not seen very much nowadays. But since we are enlisting embroidery designs for Christmas and New Year’s attire so I highly think about enlisting this design on our best embroidery ideas catalog.

I think this can be a great customizable design for coastal dresses for Christmas morning. For its mix of glittery golden, silver satin thread stitches, it took a royal effect. When you will embroider this antique embroidery design on a dark color fabric it will be best for the night parties at Christmas or New Year!

Realistic Embroidery Design

Realistic Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Some people like artificial or fancy things much. On the other, we find offers constantly where people have demand for something natural. To keep this thought embroidery companies provide these kinds of realistic embroidery designs recently. It is a very thoughtful work indeed.

Take a look at the below embroidery design. How flawless and creative the work is! It contains the real pureness of a bloom. The animals and flowers in these Realistic embroideries designs present the perfect natures in which they ( embroidery creators) access animals such as deer, birds, tigers, lions, fish, and so on.

Ornamental Embroidery Design

Ornamental Embroidery Design  - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is another embroidery work of a Chinese dragon on silk fabric. I find this design too luxurious so I immediately take the picture for our best embroidery list. These designs are typically called ornamental embroideries because these are not particular designs for a particular place such as chest, collars, sleeves, or waists. This is the only luxurious embroidery design that you will find on the whole fabric or dress. That is why they are gorgeous by nature.

Turkish Embroidery Design

Turkish Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you ever think to choose Turkish embroidery designs for Christmas or New Year’s attire? The answer will be definitely no. what about this year? Don’t you wanna have something unusual? Then swipe and take a look for the wonderful Turkish floral embroidery design. This design is customized with red and green that is indeed the best color combination for Christmas wearing outfit. It features a flower in the center portion that has covered with large leaves.

Embroidered Design from Oaxaca

Embroidered Design from Oaxaca - Vector Design US, Inc.

I can say this is one of the most gorgeous embroidery designs I have ever seen. This design is taken from embroidered textile Oaxaca, Mexico. This is the most common traditional design accepted by homespun women of central Mexico to Central America.

It is natural to accept it by them at once because how can anyone deny such an amazing embroidery work, right? And one thing always remains we are worshipers of beauty. What’s now? If you are dreamt to have a gorgeous outfit for this Christmas just go for it quickly before the second thought comes to your mind.

Formal Embroidery Design

Formal Embroidery Design - Vector Design US, Inc.

Why formal designs are generally so simple? The first question came to our mind at a glance right? Because formal designs are used for any particular place such as on the pocket, aside from the chest of the coat, on the collar, or for girls on the sleeves that’s all.

So these places contain tiny spaces on which it is hard to do gorgeous embroidery works. But to have something unusual I listed this Chinese flower embroidery as a formal embroidery design. This is an unusual flower for embroidery works that Chinese people love to have their spring festivals or New Year’s outfit.


Embroidery Designs are something that never gets old and always remain a trend. So choosing this for Christmas or new year’s occasion outfit is something you will never be at a loss for an amazing, exciting project to complete.

Whether you customize a classic style, in hoop, applique, or quilting, we ensure there is must be something in the above 30designs that appeals to you!

Anyway, we offer photo editing and vector conversion services to our global customers. If you feel the necessity of product image manipulation or creative vector graphics for printing, please contact us and get the best graphic design services.