Valentines Card Design Ideas [Part 1]

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Valentine’s Day is versed as a day for celebrating all kinds of love celebrations. Every year, February 14 is filled with fresh red roses, valentine’s day cards, gifts, and chocolates. But recently, it has become so much more than that, most importantly for the people who have loved ones. On this day you can find people counteracting and celebrating different love observances all over the world. People show love to their near and dear ones by many means like valentines card design.

Valentines card design

Whoever you’re celebrating with or how small your celebration is, Valentine’s Day cards are the first and most important part of the day of love. Whoever can’t give gifts to their loved ones even they try to present at least a card.

Because these cards will be fancied for many days that is how you celebrated February 14 previous years, after the box of chocolates has been gulped or the flower has been dead. It can be said the most precious gift to someone’s life at the lowest rate.

We are rehashing it get-at-able for you by providing the super shop available Valentines Day card ideas according to all ages— that will give a feel them that how much you care and love! Vector Design US, Inc. takes care of your love that’s why we create this blog to give you a glimpse of valentines preparation.

Silly Pun valentines card design

Silly Pun

There is merely no excellent way to fleet your love than with a Valentine’s Day pun theme card – In case you go for earnest intuitions or a silly cute poem.

These cards are available with printable silly puns such as “you are the candles of my dark hours”,  “We are one, paired with compass”,  “Roses are red, Violet are blue, Honey is sweet, But not as sweet as you!”, “We are the two sides of the globe

“If our two loves be one, or, thou and I

Love so alike, that none do slacken, none can die”-John Donne.

It is simply the best way to express the words of your mind through poetry that you can’t say in public. If your loved one is fond of poetry, he or she will be very happy to get this one.

There are a lot of these types of pun cards easily always available in the supermarket. Grab your one as per the quotes that match with the sentiments you want to deliver to your significant person.

Mosaic Heart for Valentine’s Day

Mosaic Heart for Valentine’s Day

This is one of the most gorgeous suites that come in four different parts. The middle two-part in the below picture is the front and back part of this set. And the first and fourth parts are placed in the middle of the card which is for writing something about your valentine person. It is available in a similar color combination of red, off-white, white, and pink.

A gorgeous red printed love design on the mosaic background. If your partner prefers something soft and light then go for it. This kind of mosaic background and gorgeous love design can not be made in the home so you have to take step towards the grocery shop to get it.

Wild for These Valentines

Wild for These Valentines

I love the colorful, unexpected arrangements of flowers of this happy Valentine’s Day card! The flowers are more natural and “Wild” than any typical floral arrangements of the card. It comes with a printable monstera leaf for the wilderness.  Unique floral print combining with magenta and orange color.

Rounded white in the middle of the card “Love you” cut typeface on it. If your significant others are fond of gardening you can give him or her this “Wild for these valentines” card. if you want an appropriately adorable gift to accompany your card you can give a flower bouquet or a monstera or any flower tree saplings!

Incorporate Wedding

Incorporate Wedding

Many people dream to incorporate wedding ceremonies on some special days. Why not celebrate your wedding by incorporating it on valentines day? In the aggregate, Valentine’s Day is special for appropriating your love—and marriage is to find the perfection of love.

So, there may be nothing more romantic than accepting and delivering “I do” on valentines day. And also celebrating a wedding on valentines day can be chicer than any normal holiday.

The key thing in dreaming Valentine’s Day wedding celebration is choosing how you want to embrace the theme for customizing with the valentines day wedding invitation card such as floral, stars, beachy, mountain silhouette, winter, and so on. Most importantly you may need bunches of cards as per the guest list that you can’t make yourself at home and have to order leaving sometime on hand.

To help you find a perfect one, we customize it with 3D printable subtle bouquets of pink roses with light green florals placed in the corner of shiny heart-accented geometric love to tablescapes for typography in the middle of it to that scream romance.

Tea Riffic, valentines card design

Tea Riffic

You perhaps already start guessing the topic by seeing the name of this card. Yes, you are guessing right! It’s a tea lover theme card. If your partner is a tea lover then there is no better recommendation than this! It comes with a white background with a 3d cattle sending pop-up love to a 3d printable cup.

You can customize texting while order such as “You are tea-riffic”, “You are my energy”, “Let us have a tea together and chat about happy things”. You also can gift her your photo printable cup or a couple of set cups printed by Mr. and Mrs. So call your tea lover for a mini tea party with these clever printable valentines day cards!

Mommy Valentine

Mommy Valentine

We all know February 14 is not only for specific persons. It is celebrated worldwide. So we must learn to our kids since childhood that their first love priority should be their mother. Whoever significant comes into your life don’t forget to give at least a card to your mother on Valentine’s Day. Mothers are the kind of people who are non-judgemental to their kids. But that doesn’t mean you give her an average card. This will be a little unfair.

Since she is the most elegant lady in your life. So here we customize the most elegant card for your mother. It refers to a shiny metallic round shape with a floral design in the corners and an “I love you MOM” lettering on a black background. Keep it upside down while wrapping it in the envelope thus when she will open it and see the “WOW” typeface. It delivers a silent message that she is a wow lady that will surely make her eyes with tears of joy! 

Blow Love Butterfly Valentine

Blow Love Butterfly Valentine

This card comes with a printable butterfly flying in the side corner of the card. The combination of the printable butterfly is unique (Pictured) and fantastic that any butterfly lover must love it. Here it is combined with purple, dusty pink, and dark brown 3 different types of butterflies.

Love prints inside the feathers of the butterflies blended with Valentine’s Day theme in the simply elegant butterfly. And some love prints of watercolor valentines day cards using watercolor ink have also been floated with butterflies.

The envelope is also available with the same printed love butterflies on a regular weight printer paper in 11×17 with an irregular typography combination “Happy” using Sans serif font and “Valentine’s Day” using Script font.

High Flying Valentines

High Flying Valentine

Such cute valentines day cards are an easy way to give a wonderful gift to your Valentine. These cards are superb for those who are enjoying classroom valentines take cards to school for friends, or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Soft and adorable, we love this hot air balloon illustration card for Valentine’s Day.

It comes with a couple holding hands in a hot air balloon floating in the sky. Happy Valentine’s Day typography on the red hot air balloon. The whole card is made by the illustration on an old brownish cardstock paper used for the background with a red envelope.

Galaxy Constellation Valentines Day Card

Galaxy Constellation Valentine’s Day Card

This one is one of my favorite themes for the valentine’s day card theme. The mountain-like color combination makes it very very unusual and creative. It can not be always foundable in any grocery shop because it is always been a rare piece among creative theme cards. It refers to 6 different pieces of card with different printouts. Below I will explain it…..!

  • one comes up with a “You are my star” typeface with a blue heart with a pink arrow print on it.
  • Another is a hand holding a blue half-moon print with “You are my Moonlight” typeface.
  • It comes with an amazing background with a constellation print with “Love you to the moon” typography.
  • “Be my Valentine” typography with a very unusual background.
  • It is a pretty woman holding a galaxy on her head that shows “She is thinking about you”
  • Last but not least a very pretty love galaxy that finally says “You are my Universe!”

The most interesting matter that will draw your attention is its cleanliness while typography. All texts are combined with Pink which is rarely seen in any card using serif and script fonts.

Say it with Sensory Play

Say it with Sensory Play

If you perceive yourself enshrouded by the day off and are envisaging flinging in the towel together, wait for a beat. Reck of your significant person, and your bonding between your relationship with her or him. Gleam on simple, cabalistic ways to explicit your love.

A felicitous Valentine’s Date doesn’t be compelled to have to be the most over-the-top, vast expertise of all time. Sometimes dreaming of a great date is as natural as the onset with a soft romantic music party on your home or rooftop.

You can celebrate it privately or invite some friends of your partner’s personality type. You can choose this kind of vintage sensory play card for the above kind of Valentine’s celebration.

Mini Love Notes valentines card design

Mini Love Notes

I think it is a great way to send love notes to your significant other through this Valentine’s Day card. This is an illustrative card that comes with a pretty purple envelope print. A light brown hanging love pop-up spells out “Happy Valentine’s Day” which is placed over the envelope that seems it comes out from the envelope.

Two mini dusty clay color envelopes with a love seal. Two illustrative birds on two sides of the love and some flowers that give a cute vision. The whole process going on in a cloudy pop-up background that is catching the eye.

Wooden Pop-up Love Card

Wooden Pop-up Love Card

Pop-up cards illustrations are the most visual illustrations ever. And these cards are more eye-catchy and gorgeous than others. The arrangement of this one oh my god it’s more than amazing!

It is combined with an illustrative 3d pop-up print. The top page of the card has a cut crease love in this way you can see the background from the top page at once. The most incredible thing is the visually 3d wooden print background and “Happy Valentine’s Day” lettering. The mini fountain lamp illustration print gives the vibe of marry-making!

Formal Party

Formal Party

It happens that your loved person wants to meet your family or wants you to meet her family on February 14. Or two family members meet and plan about your future. This kind of meeting between two families goes with very official necessities. So before going through their weirdness why not you show your first impression with this formal valentines card design? Mind it, the first impression is the best impression of life! 

This formal card contains a formal design in the middle lines and the corner of the card. We know that happiness goes with one’s belly. This card has a divided menu section beside the front page. When you give this to them with some gifts it will show your extra care and seriousness for them that any parents want!

No Craftiness Required

You can find many people who don’t like doing crafts but cherish it when others do. What’s for these kinds of people? Where there is a will there is us for your solution! So they can trace this purple queen card. It has both a luxurious view and also craftiness.

This extraordinary card comes with a love-cut crease gatefold design. Gatefold designs cards are all almost the same. But we pick for this light purple color background. We find it unusual and classical. Talk with the author if you want to change the color of the back. You also have to add lettering in the middle such as “The gate of my heart will always be wide opened for you” which one can see from the top.

Anime Creation

Anime Creation

Who doesn’t love anime characters? Tell me. Kids to grown-up, people like anime characters the most. Some people even compare themselves with anime characters. So if your significant other has that type of personality you can surely grab this card for him or her.

This Valentines Day card comes with regular ink printable with a cartoon boy and girl trying to kiss each other. Some love burst above their head. Your person will cherish the intimate moments of your relationship getting this card. Wrap it in a red envelope before presenting it. Add some fancy lettering as “When I follow my heart it leads me to you”.

Cupcake Liner Creativity

Cupcake Liner Creativity

Are you in love with a cupcake lover? Worried about how to surprise her? Here we come with your answer. This sweet cutting-edge cupcake liner creativity card is for you. This card presents two square sections of a watercolor ink unique type of cupcake with pink whipped cream and a strawberry on the top. A pink polka dot on the white background and the sweet lettering “Celebrate with a Cupcake, With Love and Devotion to my Sweetheart” takes it to another level.

The cupcakes are presented so perfectly that make it visual. We will guarantee your important person will feel mouthwatering after seeing this card. Let you not suffer her or him Buy some cupcakes with this card as a gift. It will gonna be the best present this Valentin’s Day ever!

Shape of My Heart

Shape of My Heart

This stunning Valentine’s Day card refers to a heart shape shiny grey base card. And an elegant rose to curved hearth made of glass. Sounds flat? Only these two elements can how make a card stunning? As the title of this card, it comes in a heart shape that’s why we named it. It will work as transparent composure.

The hearth made of glass is placed on the shiny grey heart with an “I love you” print. The glass-made heart can be re-used after Valentine’s Day as a showpiece. Since it contains glass it better be held in a black bag.

Cute Owl valentines card design

Cute Owl Valentine

The owl is a cute animal because of its unique eyes. Combining owl images you can create valentines day card memes for the children. But For its “Be my Valentine” text through the question. When she or he will see the cute owl they can’t reject your question. It is available in any grocery shop with the cutest owl holding an envelope in its throat. It sits on a branch of a tree wearing an airplane helmet. If you pick this for kids change the writing with some funny valentines day card messages such as “Life is a hoot” or “Have a nice day”.

Geometrical Transparent Heart

Geometrical Transparent Heart

The geometrical theme is always been an elegant theme than other cards. It is both trendy and clean. It deserves highly recommended. If your person is a fashion freak, like having trendy fashionable things then you can close your eyes and choose this one. This stunning card refers to a dusty clay pink background.

Shiny geometrical lines arrangements. And the most attention grabber glass heart illustration in the middle with a golden lining. The Serif font based on “Happy Valentine’s Day” lettering looks just behind the glass hearth illustration. It is so visual that nobody can believe at first that the heart is just an illustration, not made of real glass. It looks like a glass heart pop-up that gives a stunning view.

Lovers Silhouette on Full Moon

Lovers Silhouette on Fu

It is a black, white, and grey combined card lovers enjoying their silhouette at full moon night. If you and your lover have a poetic side and love to enjoy the full moon you guys can find the meaning in having this card.

This is a gorgeous black and white effect on grey background folded card. It has 3 divisions with different prints given the same messages. What to write on a valentine’s day card? Most printed cards contain the message “I will always love you even after death”. Lovers take their silhouette in the front part standing, the second division sitting and chatting, and the 3rd section cycling.

A bunch of butterflies flying shows our limited time of life. The moon is placed like they are in front of the moon. Similar colors create a light complexion that looks like the reality that when she or he will see this they will feel the reality of love, the reality of life. This is a promise that few people do and keep. So I think you can make your significant others emotional by giving this amazing card and message.

Snake valentines card design

Snake Valentine

Snake is a furious aminal we know. But I like this cute snake valentines day card. That’s why I can’t control myself and rushing here to share it with you.

It comes with a 2d printable snake that is rich in color. The snakes are placed as “S” letters making love in the middle. It may seem they are hugging and kissing each other. Some cactus trees and love print in the background. The red and green same as the snakes colored funny writing “Happy Valentine’s Day”. If your significant person is an animal lover he or she will surely like it.

Sparkle valentines card design

Sparkle Valentine’s Card

Sparkle Valentine’s Day Card is the most elegant card that comes as Dusty Pink on the market which is a very unusual color. It has 2 sizes of the heart contained in a frame. Since it is named sparkle so needless to say the hearts are filled with glitter. The large heart is placed beneath and behind the right corner of the frame. And the small one is placed upper in the left corner of the frame.

If you notice you can see they used dark glitter in the corner of the heart and light color in the middle that you may not find in the market. That’s why it is better not to try at home. Again, it is often seen that if you do not use branded glue, the glitter shots will fall off that can not stand as you dreamed up!

Would You Be Mine?

Wood You Be Mine

Reminiscent of the tree carvings you may have been familiar with when you were a child. This wooden carved Valentine’s Day card shoves those sentiments with a very sweet message “Wood you be mine?”. They use little wooden birch squares to make this card form.

It is carved as a big hearth and two little hearts.  The carving hearts are painted with red color and stuck on the surface as a pop-up card with hot glue. We are pretty much sure your loved person will willingly give you an enthusiastic “yes” to that question!

Bear-y Cute valentines card design

This cute card comes with printable animals holding hearts. I can guarantee when your person sees this cute card he or she can’t hold with its cuteness. It comes with 3 folded pieces of paper and the first one belongs to an orange cat holding a “Love you” message.  The second is a white polar bear sending a “Missing you” message. The third one is a very cute white lamb seeking “Please love me”. You can also have these types of valentines day cards for kids!

Find Me Under The Palms

Find Me Under The Palms

If you want to spend this valentine’s on a tropical beach you can choose this one. This card contains a natural viewed beachy print with tropical coconut trees. When your person will see the beautiful arrangement of the sea wave he or she will want to evident it this February 14.

The sunny day and seafaring hills are given a very fantastic view. The cloud print “Happy Valentine’s Day” lettering may only be available on this card. We can challenge you can’t find a better beach theme card than this one!

Soap Bubble Heart

Soap Bubble Heart

From children to grown-up people almost every people like to blow bubbles. I think it is a different idea to give kids or your significant others a blowing bubbles toy and such valentines day cards for friends.

This card comes with 3D soap-made bubbles print in the air. Its 3D effects are so beautifully placed that when you see it, you think it will explode if you touch it. I think it can make your kids, friends, or lovers happy. Wrap it in a yellow envelope to make it playful and lively. 

Little Monster valentines card design

We know monsters don’t exist in this world. But we all have a cute monster in our life. So let your cute monster know how much you love him or her!

These are funny valentines day cards that are worth suggesting to give boyfriend to girlfriend or girlfriend to boyfriend also. Because when she or he will see this cute little monster they will find you have a kid’s heart and artistic mind to search for unusual things.

This card comes with a grunge-style dusty clay pink background. It has a “love me or not?” look that is so funny. A one-eyed, pink hairy, short-legged, and are small horn on the head cute little monster holding a love. “Be my Valentine” writing at the bottom of the card…When someone will see this cute little monster they will burst out and accept your proposal happily!  

Scratch for this valentines card design

Scratch for this Valentine

Grunge style is something that you can make at home and can buy from the supermarket also. Here we r picking a readymade one. If you want you can make following the style of our readymade one! That’s your wish what will you choose!

Well, you can find this card with an old wall-like background. Those who love wall or road painting will ultimately love it. In the middle of this, a blood-flowing red artsy heart is placed. Varieties color framed “Love” using different fonts. It is a vintage valentines day card with a black in red frame “Valentine’s Day” typeface.

Love You Cherry Much

This cherry theme card set refers to 4 different square pieces with different arrangements of designs.  The first one comes with a cherry printed background with white level up lettering “Happy Valentines Day”. The second one comes with a white polka dot on a sky blue background with “Be cherry mine” level up lettering.

The 3rd one is using vertical lines background with “I love you cherry much” writing. The 4th one refers to a very unique carpet design background “For the one whom you love”. Use a cherry blue envelope for this extraordinary card.

Love Between Seahorses

Love Between Seahorses

Not only love exists not only in the air but also in the altitudes of the ocean. A great instance of this lifetime love is exhibited by the sea horse’s Valentine’s Day card. Sea horses are both catchy as can be and have “loving and romantic” all over their doom. Seahorses trace a partner with whom they’ll stay for life somehow related to humans’ life.

Accordant to National Geographic, “Disparate most other fish, they are monogamous (means they are mating with only one other seahorse for their whole lives) and companion for life”. So Romantic!

To learn about this makes me feel amazing. I think it feels the same for you too!

Send this cute seahorse’s card and send this very important message of life to your spouse. You can add lettering as “You are the only seahorse in my life” he or she may feel so special seeing this.

My Heart Is Burning For You

My Heart Is Burning For You

When someone is in love they are even prepared to burn their heart for their love. It is just an imaginary saying to show how serious your love is. But this card is not as imaginary as saying. This unique dark blue card comes with an abstract design love. The whole card arranges with 3D effects. How outstanding the consistency of lights is you can see in the below card.

A heart-burning candle is placed on the top of the heart. Has unique lettering “My heart is burning for you”. Tuck it in a light sky blue envelope to maintain the color consistency. If you are rich and want a grand proposal with a diamond ring I think this card will go well with this. Because the abstract heart is reflected like a diamond.

Pretty Heart Garland

Pretty Heart Garland

Any celebration is incomplete without flowers. Similarly, any design of invitations is incomplete without floral designs. This card is so stunning and a one-of-a-kind floral arrangement.

This heart garland card is so prettified 3d floral fix-up. Dark and light pink 3D printed rose rounded on the heart. A 3D chestnut heart in the middle looks like it sifts its weight on the flowers. It comes with a dark foxy background. You can wrap it with a light pink, chestnut, or foxy brown envelope. Any of them will match it perfectly!

Mountain Silhouette

Mountain Silhouette

Mountain is one of the most relaxing places. And the sunset is the most intimate moment for couples to have quality time. According to John Ruskin- “Mountains are the beginning and the end of all-natural scenery”. With this in mind, we have locked this design for the Mountain Silhouette Valentines Day card.

It contains an orange heart shape sunset gate. Besides the colorful heart, every corner is filled with a black mountain surrealistic composition. Someone is waiting for his love to spend a relaxed time with him on this valentine’s day. And someone is nobody but you!

You can add writing on the space of the heart such as “Let’s get lost in the adventurous mountain”, “I to the letter lack you and some sunsets”. So go for an adventure and spend this Valentine with the best scenery of the mountain with your loved one!

Color Your Heart Out

Bored with the red color for Valentin’s theme? Wanna try to show the color of your imagination? It is an extremely new concept of cards comes recent years. It is simple and classic at the same time. The splash paint lettering is indeed a classic concept. And it comes with a simple white background. You usually can see watercolor-based or other color-based cards but color paint lettering is amazing. You can’t do it at home with your typewriter or color because the color splash is way possible only by professionals.

Flamingo valentines card design

Flamingo’s a common theme that maybe everyone knows about it. Full classroom of kids to grown-up enough people love it for their friends, colleagues, and significant others. Its main element is two mate flamingo birds. And we know flamingo birds are rich in color. Their peachy pink body with long throats is adorable. So it can be a must-have one.

I think it is troublesome for a newbie to make a flamingo bird with paper at home. So better not suggest trying this! It is available in the market with a very pretty pink mate flamingo bird print. And you can see the wonderful background in the below picture!

Airmail Valentine

Airmail Valentine

Once there was a time when technology was not as strong as today’s. It used to take a long time to go the mail. They have a time-consuming and complex time but their waiting, feelings were so genuine. So why not we remind that time and cherish our moment that it takes few seconds to send texts with this tricky Valentines Day card?

It is available with outstanding vintage paper. Red and green vertical lines liner in the edge. Seal print and have love inside the envelope to write something. Another piece contains a stamp, a Kiss print, and lines for the address of your heart. So grab this card to have the sweet and genuine feelings of love when people send cards to their loved person through pigeons!

To Sum Up

These cards we listed are the collection of indeed best, very unusual and perfect yet easily findable. They are full of sweet, deep, and lovable messages. We made this list with people of all ages in mind from kids’ classrooms to colleagues, friends, or significant others. You don’t need to think twice about choosing from these ones! All you need to be hurry and pick yours that can put a smile on your significant person’s face on February 14. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

This is not the finish yet. Our expert creates a series of blogs about valentines day card design. Keep your eyes on us for the next blog.