Valentines Card Design Ideas [Part 2]

Valentines Day Card Design

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Demand for the exact card to go with the excellent Valentine’s Day gift you assembled out for your friends, family, or significant others? Need to know the perfect way to show your loved one how much you love and care through Valentine’s Day cards? Clean yet gorgeous, creative, unique, and also budget-friendly cards are cataloged here that you assuredly find the perfect description in detail and easily understandable. All you need to keep reading to find your favorite valentines card design ideas available in the supermarket.

In case you are picking a lovely card for Mom or Dad, your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, classroom teacher or friends, colleagues we can guarantee you are going to trace the best idea among the top choices in the market.

Valentines Card Design Ideas

Because We are always searching on the web for highly recommended and best things then carefully recruited as per your want. We care about your feelings very much so everything from kids to adults Valentine’s Day cards and all of them is as elegant as can be! Happy Valentine’s Day from Vector Design US, Inc.!

Candy Free Creativity

Candy Free Creativity

There’s nothing as cozy as a box of candy. Sent your loving others a box of candy and this card on February 14. This illustration made chocolate card is one of the elegant cards referred to white background with illustration pink envelope print. Front and back have a “Happy Valentines Day” lettering.

And in the middle, you can write by yourself or can customize printing letterpress. Fold it in a pink envelope and have a bag to carry a box of candy and your sweet message “You will never grow old for me to asking free candy”.

Elegant valentines card design


Valentine’s Day is one of the most important holidays for lovers. Isn’t it a pity not to choose a perfect card for this celebration? We are publishing this article to make your day wonderful with the wonderful ideas of Valentine’s Day cards!

This beautiful set comes with 4 parts. The composure of this card is so rich. From color combination to prints all are chosen precisely while making this. It is a set that comes with a tranquil shape.

The top one comes with a white background with black ink lettering on a pink heart. A black arrow crosses the heart. Some shiny glitter made and watercolor ink made love arranged around the love.

The second piece comes with a flat pink background with a white rounded shiny template lettering “My love”. Some polka dot, mini red hearts, and two rounded black arrows surrounded by the writing (pictured).

3rd row is almost similar to 2nd except for the square shape “Be mine” lettering. From back color to lettering style, everything is just the same.

4th one is the reverse of the first one just the middle heart is not blank but full of pink color (pictured).

You can’t find any Valentine’s Day card that is arranged with reverse composure except this elegant one. So be hurry to grab this for your elegant person!

Vintage Vertical Lines

Vintage Vertical Lines

This homemade Vintage vertical lines card set creates with 6 different rows with 5 different colored backgrounds. To have the vintage view we use the retro theme to make it. Let’s make it with me…!

Have a piece of red cardstock paper. Draw permanent marker red polka dot on it (make love will also be okay out of polka dot). Cut a round shape blank notepaper. Write “Happy Valentine’s “ on it using the same marker as making a polka dot. Glue it in the middle of the cardstock.

Find a vintage paste cardstock paper. Draw vertical lines on it with a fluid marker. Cut lettering I, L, O, V, E from blank notepaper or thick cardstock paper. Cut heart, a ribbon scarf, and write You on it. Glue it on the cardstock paper as to how they are placed in the pictured.

Grab a dusty clay pink card paper make a dot with a fluid pen. Write Valentine’s Day in the middle with the same fluid. Make an arrow with the red marker. Then finally glue two paper-made ribbon elements in the top and the bottom.

Note: Sorry to say since it is a homemade card so we have to skip right here left explaining how to make the other three…Because it will be a lengthy process. Not to worry you can make this card just by combining only 5 elements that are card paper, fluid pen, permanent marker pen, glue, and scissor. So why not you experiment with the three left designs following the pictures and my above tips and tricks?

Memphis Childlike Valentines Day Card

Memphis Childlike Valentines Day Card

Colorful things catch kid’s attention very much. Whenever we are thinking about kids such as what color of the dress would choose, what pencil she likes, or what book she likes we go for colorful things. So choosing Valentine’s Day cards for them is also the same. In any affair they like colorfulness.

This Valentine’s Day card is available in tranquil shape with a light pink background. Some triangles are floating which is combined with deep and light composure vertical lines. Some square frames and round shapes combined with purple and yellow colors. And some sprinkles like print is around them. It has a pink envelope too. You can use it before presenting to your kid’s he or she will be very surprised.

Realistic Isolated Neon Sign

Realistic Isolated Neon Sign

A realistic isolated neon sign is usually a costly process but you can find a neon sign card within your budget. Because it’s not an original neon sign it’s just made of using realistic isolated illustration. Well, this creative and unique Valentine’s Day card comes with a very pretty and unusual wall print illustration background to have the original neon sign vibe.

It is arranged with a white glass jar inside a red love in it. Red bubbles are coming out of its mouth (pictured). If your person is a scientist or in a chemistry department you can present this to him or her this February 14!

Plane Awesome Valentine

Plane Awesome Valentine

Not all people like to celebrate Valentine’s Day doing parties or staying in one place. Some also like to tour different places and have adventures. If you have the time, plan a romantic Valentine’s Day to relax with your partner and focus on your relationship. For this kind of celebration, we have picked this clever Valentine’s Day card.

This card contains a paper-made Aeroplan print with a tiny red love on its wing. Smoky white love surrounds a red love. And the red love contains “Happy Valentine’s Day” lettering. You can customize the lettering “Let’s take a flight to celebrate a new chapter in life on this romantic day”. First, make him or her curious with this card. Then surprise with two plane tickets in the envelope with the card.

Chalkboard Theme valentines card design

Chalkboard Theme

Chalkboards are like that a freak path to ordain, plus you can infuse a little inspiration in everyone who reads. I find this chalkboard card somehow carries nostalgic feelings. Those who are childhood sweethearts grow up together they can cherish their memories of schools or colleges.

 This memorable card refers to a very unique vintage 2D print lettering. You may have already guessed from the name of the card that it will have a black background. You can change the lettering using the memorable talk or any incidents between happening in your childhood. Tuck it on a vintage red or peach envelope.

Hanging Love valentines card design

The couple who love to hang out so much this Hanging Love is for them. Since Valentine’s Day is special so they have to hang out especially. So this card shows your seriousness for the person that you hang out with regularly but still, you are letting him or her know how special your Valentine’s Day is and he or she is in your life! This pretty red card comes with hanging loves with a stitch liner print.

Two feather illustration is also seen. You can change the lettering to “My every day is special when you are with me”. If you closely observe it you will see a very artistic background. A chestnut wall seems to pop up back with watery print love in the corner of the bottom. All over it looks like these hearts hanging on the pretty wall as posters.

You Are the Arrows Stuck in My Heart

You Are the Arrows Stuck in My Heart

If anybody takes place towards and sprouts an arrow into your heart, it’s ineffectual to remain there and shout at the person. It would be much better to bout your animus to the verity that there’s an arrow in your heart! To accept the arrow of your heart present this Valentine’s Day card to the arrow shooter in your heart.

This beautiful card comes white and elegant off-white back. Similar to Christmas-designed vertical lines and polka dot love (pictured). In the middle, a circle pop-up stitch liner lettering “Happy Valentine’s Day”. It is also best for those who love the Christmas theme a lot.

Vintage Photo Backing valentines card design

Vintage Photo Backing

Vintage photo backing shows the antique times when words were unclear people focused on photography. They believe there is a fact in a photograph so delicate that is more real than reality.

So let’s recreate your memories with this vintage photo backing card. You can find a lot of photos adding cards but just take a look at its arrangements. It comes with 6 different tranquil shapes with vintage watercolor ink made love. A typical floral design also prints in the back.

All over you can see it has a gorgeous composition of the back. The arrangements of the photos are like behind the letters instead of taking up all the space on the back of the card which is so artistic and amazing. Wind it up on a beautiful peachy envelope before presenting it to your significant person.

Ornamental valentines card design


We find out that people are interested in these types of ornamental cards nowadays. They are searching for something simple yet gorgeous and eye-catchy. This classical card comes with retro icons making heart shape silhouette in black background. Gold and pink colors with an ornamental text label.

If your significant other like something colorful draws attention, classy, playful, gorgeous design at once you can get the guarantee that he or she will be fully satisfied having this card on this Valentine’s Day!

Fish Valentine

Fish valentines card design

Whenever hear the word fish first thought arrives in our mind about kids. But fish is the kind of animal that almost everyone loves to raise. Fish cards generally come with watercolor or doodle-made fish drawings. That’s why we search for something new and undoubtedly pick this one.

You can get a full aquarium view in one card. It contains a red background with two 3d illustrated fish. A watermarked print transparent heart over the fish. Most unique arrangements of polka dot falling from the upper corner of the card. The composition of this card is so satisfying! If your significant person is love to raise fish give this card to him or her.

Ocean of Love

Ever seen this kind of stunning design? It is only us who always think about your special day and represent the best things in front of you. This very creative and chic Ocean of Love Valentine’s Day card contains a sky blue polygonal background that is looking like a roaring sea that stands for the ups and downs of life. Combining red abstract triangle geometrical heart in the middle.

White floral pattern design on the corner and the top of the heart. “I love you” lettering in the middle. You can customize the lettering “I lost my heart to the ocean”, “My love for you has no end same as the ocean”. Whenever I look at this card it feels so satisfying. Grab this beautiful card from a supermarket and send it to your loved ones on February 14.

Love Burst

Love Burst valentines card design

As long as you keep your mind rolling up, the people you love will not understand your love for them. All you need to burst out your heart and make them feel how precious they are in your life. To show your love for your significant other we come with a love burst card on this Valentine’s Day.

This wonderful card contains a bunch of mini hearts and mini butterflies making a big heart shape. The same theme comes in 4 parts in various ways. 2 parts are off-white and another 2 contain a white background. When someone will see this card he or she will see a heart balloon bursting in the air. 

Folder Icon

Affairs of the heart are sent through cards. They are about love, mutual understanding, and care. Ever since the mobile came into our hands we have stored our important things in folders. Our heart is similar to mobile it carries a lot of folders for their important persons. With this thing in mind, I add this card to our Valentine’s Day card list.

This originative card refers to 4 folder icon templates made the 2D print in one background. 4 folders contain in one card don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s 4 different parts. Okay, then You can add lettering by giving the name of this folder such as “You are the harmony of my life”, “All you need is love”, “Love is the shape of you”, “You are the film more real than reality”.

Let’s uphold the folders of your heart to see your person his or her importance in your heart through this lovely Valentine’s Day card.

Logo Element

Logo Element

Logos presents a brand’s name to the world. Needless to say how much important this is to a brand. So isn’t it interesting to allegorically explain their priority to your significant other? Yes, they are the logos of our life. Without them, we r nothing the same as a brand. So this valentine lets them know what they mean to your life with this clever Valentine’s Day card.

This pretty card comes with a sky blue polka dot on a teal back. Level elements lettering “Happy Valentine’s Day” on a stitch print sky blue love. White liner cutting edge design in the corner. If your person is a businessman you can print his brand’s logo to make him amazed. You can add the lettering “Your brand is so important to you so you are to me”!

Vintage Couple Drawing

Vintage Couple Drawing valentines card design

Some people like to use fairy tale love stories to let people understand the depth of their love. Why not create such a unique card using this thought on this Valentine’s Day. It comes with an entire watercolor base form by the touch of a professional. You can see the luxurious composure of the background. Blend up with retro and grunge style off-white leather print floral design on red.

In the middle is a very lovely and romantic couple drawing that highlights you and your fiance. You can customize drawings as Romeo-Juliet, Aladin-Jasmine, Cinderella, and any other romantic cartoon couple you like most. Also can sum up lettering “You are the Romeo or Juliet of mine”.

Valentine’s Day Birthday

Valentine’s Day Birthday valentines card design

People who have birthdays on Valentine’s Day are lucky enough to be filled up with so much love in their hearts. Sending your significant ones a double dose of delightful pleasure and love on his or her Valentine’s Day Birthday!

Grab this stunning and elegant card from a grocery shop. It contains a bunch of illustration hearts and oval shape balloon. Since it will be a birthday party so it must be held in the evening or night. To keep this in mind this card contains blue, grey, and sky blue mix up.

Some birthday props are bursting here and there. Since you are combining birthday themes on Valentine’s Day so fix up the lettering “Happy Valentine’s Day Birthday” in the middle to draws attention.

Skeleton Love

Skeleton Love

A skeleton is the unique image of love. If your person is a horror movie or theme lover you can show him or her this very unique kind of love through this skeleton love Valentine’s Day card. A vintage skeleton key would be particularly commendable but it is an old and usual design. You can trace extraordinary pretty designs for less than a dollar at any hardware shop.

Just cut the edge and glue the design on a folded cardstock paper or blank notepaper. Here we pick a corpsed skeleton hand holding a vintage purple heart with drawing wings and “Happy Valentine’s” lettering on the top of it. Some jungle-infused floral designs are surrounded by the entire design. Some unknown quote lettering is also arranged beneath the whole design.

Who loves doing tattoos will also like this special design of the card. Then embrace it on a vintage-colored envelope according to your poster design. You can glue the same design on the top of the envelope too!

You Are My Energy

You Are My Energy valentines card design

Different people carry different tastes. Some find love in healthy foods some others in junk foods. So if your person is the one who likes sweet foods then just grab this for him or her. This is such a strategic card named “You are my energy” for a sweet joy on Valentine’s Day. People love to restore energy by taking coffee, doughnut, ice cream, or any sweets that are printed skillfully with an unusual arrangement on them thus it took this name.

This card is so colorful and the black back made it more eye-catching thus it draws the kid’s attention very much than the grown-up one. You can give it to your classmate, friends, or significant others. It refers to a sky blue coffee holder, yellow koan ice cream, yellow doughnut, and pink ice cream made single big ice cream in the front that you can see the left following picture.

The right picture is the background of this card with a gorgeous view to the same as front design reversing. It also contains an indescribable and incomparable placement of lettering blending up in the middle of “Happy Valentine’s Day” in white, “Coffee” in brown at the least side, and lastly “Ice cream” on the right side on sky blue! It made me exhausted to describe this incomparable Valentine’s Day card.

Still, if you understand this skillful card then do hurry to make your important others happy by giving this!

Let’s Seas our Valentine’s Day!

Let’s Seas our Valentine’s Day! valentines card design

This Valentine’s Day card set comes with hand-drawn elements in a maritime look. If you like a sea theme or islander people or you want to celebrate this valentine on the island you can choose this nautical Valentine’s Day card. It refers to a two-color combination one is blue and another is white. The Blue card has a pretty white border in the corners.

Hand-drawn mini wheels and anchors are lines by line draws in the back of the card.  Since it is a folded card so the front goes with a minimalist design (picture). It is a different level of sea theme Valentine’s Day card. If you want some simple but bears a deep message such as “when I see you my heart starts sinking”, “Love is a shipwreck but we must not pass into oblivion to sing in the lifeboats” you can buy it from a card shop.

14 Day’s of Valentine

14 Day’s of valentines card design

The most worthy gift you can give your loved one is the gift of your time and animus. That’s why some couples like to count how many days they spent together or it will be continued. They prioritize every day of love. So for this kind of calendar love we recruited this “14 Days of Valentine” card for this Valentine’s Day.  It is available with a sweet-designed bird couple, calendar, love, gifts, and a Chinese kung fu sign.

Hanging around the calendar. Since all the elements are 3D illustrations made thus it looks like really hang but it is just a print. In the center point, there is a white frame lettering Happy Valentines Day. This full card is combining only two colors peachy pink and white. Only two colors can make such a pretty combination that is astonishing.

Glow On!

Glow On! valentines card design

There is nobody who has not to face dark times in their life. But those who help us overcome this time deserve our highest priority. So, let the person who lights up your life know how much you love her or him with this gorgeous Valentine’s Day card.

I can say it is a must-have card. The composure of its neon effect will be someone’s beyond expectations. You can surprise anyone just by giving this remarkable card. It comes with a 3d illustration made neon effect love on the chestnut backdrop.

The round center with the red neon effect gives a dreamy light view that creates fantastic sentiments between lovers. Be My Valentine lettering inside it with a black light effect that you can only see while moving it in front of the light. Isn’t it pretty and uncommon? You can design the lettering as “You are the glow that lights up my world”.

Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! valentines card design

It’s verily close to the day when you tell the significant others in your life that you love them more than cheese that is a big deal.

Forasmuch as they must know how much you love cheese. Hence why not tell your family and friends with a cheesy Valentine’s Day card?

This delicious card comes with a cheese-made love print in the center of the card. The vintage color of cheese a carefully blend in this card. With very pretty “I love you more than cheese lettering”. Fold it on a dark burgundy color envelope. Pick a cheesecake and give your loved ones a cheesy treat and a cheesy valentine this year with this sweet Valentine’s Day card!

Furry Friends Valentine

Furry Friends Valentine

Cat is one of the adorable furriest friends of people. Many people adore it as a pet. If your special person is a cat lover then it can make your day as excellent as this following Valentine’s Day card.

It is a doodle print-made card that comes in two different colors with a black and white cat couple. Both of them are in tranquil shape. One is red back with “You will always be mine” lettering cat couple make a love sign with their tail shows they are in love. Another one is light teal back with the cat’s couple kissing.

You Colour My Heart

You Colour My Heart valentines card design

Numerously people like rainbows. Kids put in wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers pursuit them. As the title of this card, rainbows come after a long rain so does our important person is. When they come into our life it is getting colorful. So fill your heart on this Valentine’s Day with rainbows crayon paint with this creative card.

It is a crayon ink paint Valentine’s Day card that comes with a love-made rainbow theme. It is a tricky process to make crayon melt and the perfect amount to pour on the cardstock so advise if you are a newbie not to try it at home.

Colorful “Happy Valentine’s Day” typeface inside the rainbow love. It is a kids card but still, if you like it you can use it for your important person by changing the lettering such as “You are the rainbow of my life after long rain”. Tuck it on a mixed painty envelope so that he or she will find an interest that what’s waiting inside it!

Pixaleted Pop-Up

Pixaleted Pop-Up valentines card design

Look for something simple and interesting? Grab this pixel heart-made Valentine’s Day card. You may already guess from the following card that it can not be made at home. It is an abstract pixel heart illustration card that seems like the mini squares are popping up.

It is so simple that presents on a light dusty pink back on a dark sweet pink pixel heart. You can change the vocable “My exploration loves your pixel heart”. Lap it with a dark pink same as pixel heart color envelope.

Love Shower

Love Shower valentines card design

This stunning Valentine’s Day card refers to a prettily illustrated raining love. Very beautiful rainbow umbrella pouring love with a white or pink back both are available. You can customize lettering as “Love you this much”. What’s more?

Present an umbrella customize with lots of love props that when she will open it she will get a shower full of love. At first, she may think weird an umbrella as a valentine gift after opening it her weirdness will turn into a surprise. Have a lovey, Dobey Valentine!



Calligraphy is a great practice for a long time ago. It is not a new theme. But yet professionals try to present it in so many new and trendy ways that are praiseworthy. Once upon a time, calligraphy was done only ink-based. But now professionals made it illustration print that you can see in the following card. Isn’t it odd? This beautiful Valentine’s Day card comes with calligraphy lettering. Some exploding most mini heart surrounded it combined in a pink variation.

Throw it Back to the 90s’

Throw it Back to the 90s’

We know at 90s’there is no advanced illustration paint or 3d technologies. They were as simple people as their Valentine’s Day card. But I found it pretty, lovely and interesting. So I want to restore that retro time through this card. You can see this lovely card contains a red and pink love-made floral design on a brown background.

In the center, there is a pretty cutting edge design pop-up with an old “Happy Valentine’s Day”! Give your significant others the 90s’ retro vibe on this February 14.

Just My Type

In case both of you are writers, softly want to tell your lover what a great match you guys are! This remarkable Valentine’s Day card will do the ruse. It has an old-fashioned printed typewriter that reminds the love letters you send to each other. Also has a white love in the air written “Just my Type” in the middle of it. Finding the perfect words to pen on the inside of the card? Trouble looking at google to get romantic Valentine’s Day poems and quotes!



Some people believe that love comes from heaven. They usually like celestial theme cards most than others. Thinking about them we have launched this elegant celestial Valentine’s Day card. This card refers to Navy blue as the most elegant and gorgeous color.

Light purple watermark like 3d printed floral in the down line. And a white typeface holding a beautiful message “Love, never stops growing” with a mini tree symbolizes the growth of your love. There is also a light purple butterfly in the corner of the card. All in all, it gives a heavenly feeling of love!

We generally think we should choose a red love card to show our love on Valentine’s Day. But there is a famous saying by Charles Haddon Spurgeon—“There is nothing which can so assist you to walk towards heaven with good speed”. I think It will work like killing two birds with one stone.

Thus a beautiful reminder of Charles and Valentine’s Day cards were also given at once Also, they are simply unique and elegant besides red love theme cards! Highly recommended enough!

Bee Mine

Bee Mine

You perhaps meanwhile be acquainted with the answer to this question. But Valentines Day sifts the whole scope to reaffirm your loves and give each other a little extra memory. This playful card, which features a printout of an illustrated bee couple flying here and there delivering love texts.

This card contains 8 white square boxes on a pink background that belong to different messages using “Bee” on it. If you want to make it at home, try bee stickers and a permanent marker. As it is a bee theme card we like the idea of tucking it a lively yellow envelope to go with this exceptional Valentine’s Day card.

Rules of Attraction

Rules of Attraction

Hugs kisses are not the rules of attraction. It’s all about mutual emotions, understandings, and beliefs. This cute Valentine’s Day card set comes with 6 different square pieces in a very unusual vintage lemon envelope. A cute penguin couple symbolizes the cuteness of your love.

The ribbon theme is “Love you to the moon” writing with a polka dot background. 2 love print stamps for your heartfelt message. The cactus couple with vertical lines draws attention! You can see (Pictured) all the piece seems stuck with color tape with the envelope this design is very eye-catching.

More than Love

More than Love

Friends are the most significant persons who come after our family members. Some friends are like family members too. From childhood to adulthood friends are the ones who always support us whatever it is dark hours or happy moments. I may be sounded dramatic.

Well, why not celebrate this valentine by incorporating a rooftop party with your friends? Let them know how special a place in your heart is for them. Thank me later for this amazing idea haha! Now let’s go about choosing a card for your friends. Yet you will need a bunch of cards according to how many friends you are inviting it’s better to order online.

You can see below this kind of friendship party card made with the informal way template are easily available online. Friendship means something fun so customizes it with funny lettering and also don’t forget to type the place where you are going to throw on Valentine’s Day party. 

Love You to The Champagne

Love You to The Champagne

Any occasion is incomplete without champagne. So buy a bottle of champagne on Valentine’s Day and invite your significant others is simply amazing.

This card comes with a lettering champagne print. Left some space on the right side if you want to add some message, you can write here such as “Candy is dandy, but liquor is accelerated”.  Champagne bursting love on the top of the card. It contains grunge-style pink background and the same pink envelope. To celebrate this February 14 with a glass of champagne invite your significant others with this card.

To Sum Up

These cards are beautiful, extraordinary, and completed for showcasing your love to your family, friends, or significant others. In this article, you can trace lots of diverse cards ideas for various situations peculiarities amazing jokes, love notes, and much more to cachet your Valentine’s Day this year. Don’t blame me for not warning you: These gorgeous Valentine’s Day cards are so unique, your special persons are going to look forward to something even bigger next year!