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Screen printing is a great way to promote your business or product. It is also a great way to make a unique gift for someone special. Well! New York is home to some of the best screen printing companies in the world. If you’re looking for high-quality screen printing near New York, check out our listed companies here.

Custom 101 Prints

Custom 101 Prints

Custom 101 Prints is a New York-based company that provides services from the Bronx, NYC to ensure the highest quality results. They use the best cutting-edge screen printing equipment with top-quality screen printing inks to print t-shirts and other apparel.

A team of highly skilled and experienced workers is there to ensure the top-notch color and design that never gets faded or cracked after a wash. You can get services like screen printing, embroidery, laser engraving, rhinestones, and so on from Custom 101Prints. Only by following three steps on their website or directly contacting them, you can get the services right away



BCCO NYC is one of the highest-rated print shops in NYC that do not confine themselves to typical printing only. They claim to get all the details with care and responsibility so that the design you want comes into life accordingly.

BCCO NYC provides you with a high-quality image of the final product or even ships it to you to ensure the exact same thing you want. Traditional screen printing is one of their main concerns. But along with that, they provide embroidery, vinyl printing, DTG, graphic design, patchwork, sticker printing, and many other services.

Big Bang Screen Printing

Big Bang Screen Printing

Big Bang Screen Printing is another company situated in Brooklyn, New York. They are in the track for over five years serving clients and gaining more experience in the field.

From small custom t-shirt printing to large corporate apparel orders, the company gives you the best service with 100% client satisfaction. They take “quality over quantity” as their motto within a fair price. Also, transparency and honesty are what they are standing for.

You can get customized screen printing on t-shirts, caps, uniforms for schools, family gatherings, sports teams, and so on. As a local printing company, they are pretty reasonable to give a try.

Bushwick Print Lab

Bushwick Print Lab

Founded in 2009, Bushwick Print Lab is another worth trying printing company in Brooklyn New York. It is a silkscreen production studio offering screen-printed t-shirts, totes, canvas, fine art, and a lot more other custom materials.

Besides, they provide live screen printing services off-site for promotional and celebratory events. They are specialized in film printing and other screen processing services as well. So they take their job seriously so that you can rely on them for your customized screen printing materials.

Digitech Printers

Digitech Printers

Digitech Printers believes in speed, quality, and innovation for the services they provide with you. From screen printing to graphic design- they offer all. Their services include screen printing, giant Xerox printing, finishing and mounting, posters and banners, and so on.

For your customized t-shirts, masks, or other apparel, you can rely on them for their skills and responsibility. Founded in 1999, they have established their name as one of the most competitive and reliable printing shops in New York. Whether you are doing it for personal use or asking for bulk orders, they treat all the orders equally.

Custom Village

Custom Village

Custom Village is a custom apparel print company in Manhattan, New York. It offers services like silk screen printing, embroidery, patches, DTG printing, and fashion film.

You can get your customized screen-printed t-shirt, jacket, caps, masks, and other apparel at a reasonable price from them. So whatever you may need for work apparel, sports apparel, or event apparel, Custom Village is a good option for those.

A group of expert and enthusiastic designers wait for your call to serve you. They believe in client satisfaction and building a good relationship with them.

Fresh Off the Press

Fresh Off the Press

Since 2002, Fresh Off the Press has been ruling the printing industry of New York, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC. Just to clarify- they were formerly known as Rebelution Ink.

However, their offer services like customized screen printing, t-shirt printing, and live screen printing workshop. You can get customized T-shirts, totes, polo shirts, and other apparels screen printed from them with top-quality equipment.

Also, the company is a part-time art gallery and retail space to help other local designers and artists. For different events, art shows, birthdays, street fairs, brand promotions, and other gatherings, you can rely on them or the customized apparel.

Graphic Lab

Graphic Lab-screen printing near NY

Having almost 78 years of experience in printing, Graphic Lab makes itself completely compatible with any other printing shop in NYC. Their shop has been relied on by many ad agencies, event organizers, theaters, restaurants, universities for customized screen printing and embroidery on uniforms, t-shirts, banners, caps, and other apparel products.

They have a showroom where you can go in person and check the order. Also, they can ship to where you live. Apart from screen-printing, their other services include embroidery, vinyl signage, DTG, digital printing and so much more. Graphic Lab offers a reasonable price compared with the top-notch quality of their equipment and services.

JB Print NY

JB Print NY

JB Print NY did not enter the market for leaving too soon. Since 2008, from a small one-room shop, they are now one of the leading printing shops in NYC. With 100 employees and 13 automatic screen printing machines they are providing services such as traditional screen printing, embroidery on t-shirts, hoodies, totes, uniforms, and so on.

You can rely on them and trust them to bring your ideas into life, maintaining strict deadlines; they offer you the best service in Screen Printing. JB Print has already served more than 500,000 customers nationwide with a 98.7% satisfaction rate.


kayrock screen printing

Kayrock Screen Printing is another experienced and well-established printing shop in New York City. Since 1998, they have been providing services including screen printing, large format screening, live event printing and so much more. They work with artists, galleries, museums, and other cultural events in different institutions.

For a trusted and dependable printing shop, Kayrock can be a good option. Client satisfaction is their motto and they really mean it. As they are quite experienced in the field, they offer the highest quality in their printing materials like t-shirts, caps, masks, totes, posters, and so on.

Kingsland Printing

kingsland printing

Founded by Sara Gates in 2006, Kingslanding Printing has passed a long way, and now it is no longer any average printing shop. They work on a large scale and try to bring your artistic vision to life. They are proud of their top-notch machinery and equipment that work as the base of their success.

However, Kingslanding Printing gives more emphasis on client satisfaction. They work tirelessly to complete your order within the shortest time possible. You are bound to be fascinated by the detailed and high-quality screen printing by them.

March 38

March 38- screen printing near New York

Merch 38 has established itself as a reliable screen printing shop that truly cares for the clients and their requirements. They understand that clients want apparels that reflect their personality. Any readymade design cannot always do that. So their goal is to hand over the design you want in your closet.

Merch 38 proudly claims that customer satisfaction is their number 1 priority. So they keep themselves prepared with the highest quality machines and equipment. T-shirt, hoodie, sweatshirt, kid’s apparel, or totes- anything you need, you can get customized from them.

On Time Printing

on time printing

For customized t-shirt printing, On Time Printing is one of the best options. Different fundraising, events, and campaigns may require fast delivery without compromising the quality. On Time Printing saves you from all those anxiety and delivers the exact design you want.

It is a New York-based printing shop and a full-time advertising specialist. Their services are screen printing, embroidery, and rush jobs. They work on t-shirts, polos, totes, caps & hats, sweatshirts, hoodies, and many other types of apparel. They help in your business growth and boost brand awareness. For a cost-effecting printing shop and business consultant, you can give them a try.

Print Leaf

print leaf

Whether you have a small business or a large one, Print Leaf has prepared itself for all printing materials you may require. They claim to do more than printing. So for all the upcoming events or trade shows, you can choose them to get all your printing projects done.

Print Shop is an online-based shop. But they are available 24*7 so that you don’t have to wait. They offer a fairly reasonable price for screen printing, vinyl printing, and other printing services. For a professional, experienced, and reliable print shop in New York City, it is one of the best.

Sew What And Wear

Sew What And Wear

Sew What And Wear is a screen printing shop in New York City for t shirt printing, tailoring, embroidery and alteration. It is basically one stop shop for custom apparel design and tailoring. An expert team waits for your order with the best quality equipment. They take client satisfaction as their number one priority.

You can get t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, jackets and other apparels screen printed from them. They also provide the best quality embroidery with logo, monogram, badges and other custom designs. Silk screen and vinyl printing are also available in Sew What And Wear.



Silkys is another New York based printing shop. It provides services worlworld as well. Their services include screen printing, DTG, heat transfer, vinyl printing and other printing materials. They keep themselves pretty transparent when it comes to client dealing. Within a reasonable costing, they provide the best possible service.

Silkys print all t-shirts and hoodies in their in-house store. So there is no issue on the sizes and colors. Their prime concern is on bringing your dream design into the reality. For their professional way of running business, they have served millions of satisfied customers worldwide.


Stitches-screen printing company

Stitches is one of the best choices for sports teams and athletes to get customized apparel. It provides screen printing as well as embroidery services. It stands out for its welcoming effort for any pro-team as well as any small team. Even if you cannot decide what to design for a jersey, they help you to find out that.

Stitches guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on any embroidery or printing logos, labels, etc. New York Mets, New York Knicks, and the New York Islanders are some of their many clients. However, for your customized screen printing t-shirt or other apparel, you can choose stitches undoubtedly.

The New York Printing Company

The New York Printing Company

The New York Printing Company or NYPC has been in the market for only seven years, yet they have established their name more permanently than others. They are quite capable of printing all types of customized apparel items and totes.

Not only that they make tags, fold bags, and Polly bags for brands as well. The price depends on the colors mostly. But you can be sure that they are pretty reasonable. NYPC is a one-stop printing shop for entrepreneurs as well as professionals. Their way of client handling is praiseworthy and satisfactory.

Tis Screen Printing

Tis Screen Printing

Tis Screen Printing has not entered the market for leaving too soon. Putting quality over quantity, they devote their heart and soul to their works. They understand your feelings for a customized product. So it is their prime goal to make you happy with their services.

Tis Screen Printing provides services like screen printing for shirts, hoodies, tank tops, totes, sports apparel, and so on. Also, they do digital printing on posters, flyers, yard design, etc. Besides, you can get web design, graphic design, logo designs, t-shirt design, etc from the company. In a word, they are reliable as well as quite capable in printing services.



Mayb TMRW, as the name suggests, gives you quick delivery. You can anticipate their capability in printing from that. It can be your go-to shop for customized apparel for events like sports, weddings, promotions, fundraising, and many other different purposes.

Mayb TMRW is proud of its super-fast delivery with 100% customer satisfaction. Their business is capable of running along with other big printing shops in New York. Their services are screen printing, embroidery, promo products, live printing, etc. They use water-based, eco-friendly ink that comes with no additional cost. They care for your time, so you never get anything late from them.

Screen Printing near New York- To Conclude

There are numerous choices for a Screen Printing company near New York that a client can pick from. The client should make sure that he takes his time to ensure that he chooses the best company to work with. There are a number of things that the client needs to look at when he is making his decision.

Some of the factors that the client should look at include the quality of the services that the company offers, the reputation of the company, the cost of the services, and the location of the company. The client should also make sure that he looks at the reviews that have been left by other clients.

So, now it’s your turn to make your choice from the mentioned list.