How to Convert Images in Various Formats

How to convert images

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Image conversion is not so hard. It is tricky. As a client, you may desire to know how your images are being converted by the graphic designers or as a graphic design apprenticed, you may seek knowledge of How to Convert Images in Various Formats in Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other tools. If you really want to get the idea of converting images in various raster and vector image formats, go through the content. It can guide you.

How to convert JPG to PNG or PNG to JPG

It is not hard to use photoshop. Rather using photoshop is fun for graphic designers, photo editors, and even photo editing clients. There are a lot of techniques for image conversion from different image formats. Here get an idea about how to convert jpg to png or vice-versa.

  • Import or open a jpg or png image in Photoshop.
  • Edit, crop, resize or retouch the image.
  • Go to File from the latest version of Photoshop.
  • Click on Save as or Export option
  • Get a Dropdown option with an under arrow icon
  • Click here on the image format that you need
  • Finally, hit on the Save or Export button available below.

Thus get your desired raster image format.

How to Create Psd to Jpg or Png file

PSD is the primary image format in Photoshop. When you edit, create, or retouch any image file, and primarily save the file, you save it in PSD format. Besides that, if you want to take any image file that you desire to edit or re-edit later, you have to take it in PSD format for Photoshop. Now if you want to convert images in different formats like Jpg or Png from a PSD file, follow the process described below-

  • Open the PSD file in Photoshop
  • Go to File and then Save as or Export option
  • Get a dropdown button
  • Select the Jpg or Png format from the long-list
  • Finally, click on the Save or Export button.

How to Ternsform Png to Svg or Jpg to Svg

Suppose you have png or jpg images, but you need an SVG image right now. You do not have enough time to create a new SVG image. Here you might have got a solution by converting png or jpg images to SVG images using the software. Do you need the process? Follow the steps of converting SVG images.

  • Open your Png or Jpg image in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw.
  • If you need any changes, make them happen.
  • Now go to the File option from the Top-Left corner.
  • Click on the Export or Save As option and get the list of file formats from the dropdown.
  • Select the SVG format and Finally, click on the Save or Export button below.

Done. Get and use the SVG image. You can have the code for the SVG image. Remember you have to open SVG images on browsers. If you want to use them on the web pages, use code. Open the image in note pad and get HTML code.

How to Change Png to Pdf or Jpg to Pdf

Changing Png image format to Pdf vector format is as easy as it sounds for the designers. Like the other image format transformations, pdf creation is fun and you know pdf is a wide useful vector format for printing an image. To get a non-destructive word file for book printing, you have to use the pdf file format because professionals use this format. Go ahead to get a process of having pdf transformation.

  • Open your png image or jpeg image in Illustrator.
  • Go to the File option.
  • Click on the Save As or Export option.
  • Select PDF from the down-arrow or dropdown option.
  • Finally, click on the Save or Export button from the bottom of the dialogue box.

Done. This is the basic way of creating a PDF format for getting vector files that would be beneficial for printing purposes.

Ai to Svg or Psd to Svg

Ai is the primary image format like that of the PSD file. When you create or edit any Illustrator file, its basic format becomes an ai file. Now the question is that if your clients give you an ai file for creating SVG or other vector file format, what would you do? In the same way, if you get a PSD file, how can you create PSD to SVG in Photoshop? Let’s get a basic process of transforming ai to SVG or PSD to SVG.

  • Open your ai or PSD file in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.
  • Do necessary edits or modifications as per your necessity.
  • Go to the File option.
  • Click on the Save As or Export option.
  • Select the SVG or desired image file format from the dropdown down-arrow.
  • Hit the Save or Export button and get your SVG file.

However, this is the basic way of getting an SVG image file from Ai or PSD format.

What is Jpg?

Perhaps JPEG or JPG is the most used image format on the internet. It is a lossy image compression file for almost all digital cameras. Joint Photographic Expert Group created JPEG files and JPG or JPEG is the abbreviation of that group.

The designers can produce JPG images in Photoshop. A jpg from a digital camera can be opened, edited, retouched, adjusted in various photo editing software.

What is Png?

PNG or Portable Network Graphics is a lossless and compressed image file format. We got it as a replacement for GIF. We can edit PNG images software and mostly contains a blank background. In Photoshop, you can edit, compress, and retouch PNG images as necessary.

What is Psd?

PSD is the acronym of Photoshop Document that is the native file format of Photoshop. It can include multiple layers like image layers, layer masks, adjustment layers, and other elements. Whatever you create in Photoshop, it gets generated in PSD format primarily. You can change the PSD format to other file formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.

What is Ai?

Ai is the abbreviation of Adobe Illustrator. It is the primary file format of Illustrator. What creative designs you create in Illustrator and save, it gets saved in this file format at first. According to your necessity, you can change the file format to SVG, PDG, etc.

What is Svg?

SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics is an XML-based vector file format. It is a 2D graphic that supports animation and interactivity. An SVG graphic needs a browser to be opened. If you want to use vector SVG graphics in your website, generate SVG XML code and embed them into the div.

What is Pdf?

PDF is a Portable Document Format for images. This unquestionable useful image file format is developed by Adobe. PDF works for both the text or doc file and image file. It is a device and software independent image file format that can be opened anywhere.

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