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A fine art photograph gives the opportunity to express inner feelings, thoughts, or ideas. It has the power to express something more than you see in reality. Fine art photography can touch our soul.

A fine art photograph is a mirror of the photographer’s ideas along with the fine artist’s thought, it’s a mixture of photography and abstract ideas. Here a photographer tries to express their insights and passions. Fine art photography can be different from realism at times.

And it’s not so easy to create a perfect fine art photograph, and in this field, there is nothing as perfect. If you want to be a Fine art Photographer then at first you have to accept this bitter truth. Here we include a piece of additional info that, Vector Design US, Inc. is ready to give you the best photo editing services.

Here are some tips and ideas to get started as a fine art photographer-

Painting of The Mona Lisa

Painting of The Mona Lisa - Vector Design US, Inc.

The Mona Lisa has a mysterious smile on her face so you need to focus on her lips and eyes. Except for her eyes, you can’t catch her smiles. Because if you focused only on her lips there you won’t get any smile but when you focused on her eyes and lips then you will catch her smiles. Hang this fine art on a wall and shot it from a downward angle. And take your position at a height where the center of the piece will be parallel to your camera.

A self-portrait with depth eyes

A self-portrait with depth eyes - Vector Design US, Inc.

A gorgeous shot of your Fine Art photography should be preplanned. This Fine art has depth eyes which carries a strong message. So you should take a shot from a downward angle and your camera lens’s position would be central. Daylight can help you to get an incredible photograph of this fine art. 

Vincent van Gogh artwork

Vincent van Gogh artwork - Vector Design US, Inc.

An artwork may appear real by using the tilt-shift technique. Which we notice in this artwork of Famous painter Vincent Van Gogh. Flat, two-dimensional photos grabbed an artifice of three-dimensional scenes. And catch the viewer’s attention back in time. This tilt-shift approach may be more suitable for a beginner.


Sculpture - Vector Design US, Inc.

Try to use a special photography light to get dramatic contrasts of this sculpture. Lighting is very important in black and white photography. A sloppy environment may distort the original artwork. You should be aware of every wrinkle of this sculpture.  Blind/Black and White

Black and white background makes your images more dramatic. Black and white photos are very powerful and demanding. It put more importance on light, contrast, and quality and it may help to carry the feelings or messages that you want to. Just think in black and white. As we told you, when your images are absent of color, there will be more attention to features, such as lighting and contrast. Look for themes or positions with a mix of lively and shadowy elements. And start with your exposure settings to carry out more contrast.


Family - Vector Design US, Inc.

When you shoot landscapes, May you do have not as much control to fixed up the scene as you want with a portrait. So to add meaning to your photos, you will need to search out things that can help you tell a story. This painting tells us about our society.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day - Vector Design US, Inc.

Colorful Rainy Day paintings have a power that can’t be denied. In this image, we can see on a rainy evening a man walk very lonely. And this image also tells us the story of the rainy day. Shoot this fine art in night mode and be concern about lighting.

Blue Tree

Blue Tree - Vector Design US, Inc.

This blue tree is an abstract Fine Art and it has an unnatural look. And its color creates a captivating ethereal feelings. To get a perfect photograph of this precious fine art, take your time for being able to capture this. Try to pay your attention and invest your time in the post-processing of a photograph.


Pottery - Vector Design US, Inc.

This pottery photograph is a mirror of potter’s life. It has also some messages. Perfect lighting is very important for every photograph. There is a lot of photo editing software which you can use for getting a better result. You can also express your creativity by using Photo-manipulation tools. Post-processing is also a great idea to make a photograph perfect. Don’t be afraid to use it for creating fine art.

Swanage by Pawl Prus

Swanage by Pawl Prus - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can get a wonderful result if you use a tripod, long exposure, and neutral density filter. A few pieces of equipment can make a great difference to Fine Art photography. By the experienced landscape eye, Pawl Prus turned it towards the water. The vapor-haze looks water, grab our attention to the faint horizon.


Reflection - Vector Design US, Inc.

The perspective view of a photograph depends on the angle of the shot which has a reflective effect on the viewer. It depends on you, what perspective you want in your subject. In that case, you need to take a shoot from various angles. Focal length and depth of field are also important to give an amazing look to your photograph.

African Woman

African Woman - Vector Design US, Inc.

The African woman is a fine art portrait. Every fine art portrait requires some inspiration and foresight. A documentary-style portrait requires to highlight the models’ identity. So you should focus on the personality which she wants to expose.

Modern Art

Modern Art - Vector Design US, Inc.

There is a misconception that every artistic photograph is shot in black and white. You can also work with color as modern art. Famous Fine art photographers William Eggleston and Cindy Sherman are renowned for their usage of color. Actually, it totally depends on the imagination or thought you want to focus on. Every fine art has various kinds of meaning and it also differs from man to man.


Inspiration - Vector Design US, Inc.

Before capturing a photo of any fine artwork you should know about the inner meanings, feelings or thought which a fone art artist want to reveal on that painting. Try to get some inspiration from renowned fine art photographers’ work. And try to follow their guideline in your artwork.

The Spirit

The Spirit - Vector Design US, Inc.

A joyful spirit very vividly appears in this fine artwork. The painter has a vision that can catch the viewers’ attention easily. So the photographers need to be aware of the spirit when they shot the image. For excessive use of light or an unnecessary post-editing process may spoil the vision of the painter.

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore - Vector Design US, Inc.

Mount Rushmore, The most renowned fine artwork ever. Sculpture of presidents tells us the history of the United States. In the case of sculpture photographs, you need to experiment more as they are static structures. Lighting brings a strong impact on your sculpture photograph. And it has the power to exposes or hides something of the fine artwork. Need to be conscious about the sun setting. Is it behind the sculpture or behind you? To take a photograph of sculpture golden hour is the best time. You may also try to use the contre-jour technique for an artistic view.


History - Vector Design US, Inc.

The History, is a wonderful creature, tells us the ancient history. As we know, fine artwork doesn’t require processing. But a little bit of editing may give a perfect look. Just ask yourself about the subject of this painting, is it clear or not? All photographs have a clear subject that is perceptible. If you think that the subject doesn’t appear as you want, you may use brushes to lighten your subject.


Affection - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here, the artist beautifully presents the image of a couple’s love-soaked moment with the touch of his paint. Artist puts his heart, soul, and passion into his artwork so you should be concern about that when you are shooting. The next time in the evening will be the right time to take a shot of this fine art.


Exciter - Vector Design US, Inc.

Exciter, this fine art is a reflection of excitement. And this fine art reflects the excitement that works inside and outside people. Though the color and concept are very simple but very much admirable. You should focus on the subject that the artist wants to express. This type of paintings has some interesting issues that the viewer is forced to look at the picture for a long time.

The wrath of nature

The wrath of nature - Vector Design US, Inc.

The wrath of nature and the cry of man have been given a different dimension in this fine art. It’s a conceptual fine art though we know all the fine art bear different concepts. It represents fear and cry. So you should focus on that fear and wrath also. Try to take a shot into gloomy weather or light.

As we came to know, fine art photography is about limitless creativity. It is a creation about expressing the inner self through artwork. Although it means great independence, you should keep in mind some rules and regulations and also some creative ideas. You need to know what fine art photography is about. This is the only way to touch freedom where only your fancy can be the limit.