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It is said that- “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”- Josh Billings. Isn’t it worthy for artists to cherish idle times by drawing dog vector art? I keep expectations that you will get as much enjoyment by accepting these dog artwork drawing characters as I did in the content!

When someone spends their holidays by watching adorable dogs’ movements or activities that will surely heal your heart. Or can give you a relaxing time after having complex times a week. Generally, it is so obvious that anybody can say someone carries a good heart if they love dogs. Exceptionally, dogs are adorable because their attitude is human-baby-like. Their emotions are rich that they understand one’s (humans) love for them. Their facial expressions can be an ideal subject for drawing.

Vector Dog Artwork

I will bring in ideas about such an attractive animal, a dog, in the content. We provide large pictures for your convenience of easily understanding small details. So here is a collection of almost maximum type, simple to gorgeous dog vector art drawing ideas to try out after in your sketchbook!

Tips Before Start: When exercising how to start, begin with a pencil construction sketch first. Next, simply erase unwanted pencil sketches. Then, go with color over the lines of your pencil sketch first then filled the middle areas of the drawing and wait for the color to dry. In this way, you can get your final beautiful drawing with an expected result to enjoy! This is the most basic and easiest approach to have the best outcome while drawing. This method will be very useful when practical regardless of drawing!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can see this golden retriever is a realistic art dog. When you are going to draw realistic animals you have to be more carefully focused on every single thing than other drawings. What you have to do first is draw a pencil sketch that captures the whole dog while drawing a realistic dog. These construction sketches are made to understand positions including adumbrations, surface orientation, and three major measurement formations, light and shade, and color tones.

This cute puppy has adorable eyes and long ears. You can start with its face because its face highlights its cuteness. Little mistakes may distract your art since it is a realistic dog art method. Draw face construction first. Complete it properly then go for another step such as ears. You can draw its ears by making a triangle sketch.

Let’s start with the main part of a drawing. It is adding color. Begin to complete the eyes properly. You can see there is a melancholic sentiment in its eyes. Please try to catch this sentiment. And try to bring this to your drawing. Then draw nose and mouth. After that add fur. Try to catch the shading between ears to face. And also where the fur leads to an end.

Beagle Dog Lying on the Ground

Beagle Dog Lying on the Ground - Vector Design US, Inc.

The beagle dogs are the breed of little scent hound, almost the same in outlook as the much larger foxhound.

It is a roadside beagle dog we catalog here is lie down on the ground. When you notice a dog’s anatomy u can see that they lie with their heads straight on the ground having their face in front and having jawline sticks to the ground. This dog has its head slightly aside. So you can not make it through straight construction. You have to learn to work either way. Start with large and small tranquil shape boxes stacked one on top of the other (pencil sketch). Erase the corners and make it oval. Then divide the top one into two parts for the eyes and make ways in the middle for the nose. Then draw eyes and nose.

Let’s start adding color. Start with the eyes. Then color the two portions of the face. Complete ears as well. Then come for the left areas. At last draw nose and its paws. Keep the paws opposite to the face. We draw it using acrylic color painting on canvas. You can use this idea for other colors too. But we research, for this drawing with acrylic color can get the best result. You can also add ground colors as we do!

Rottweiler Dog: Dog artwork

Rottweiler Dog - Vector Design US, Inc.

This blog post also includes get-at-able and facile doodles dog art ideas in the below picture that anyone can draw. It is a black and grey shading rottweiler dog. While drawing this dog you can face problems only making shading. Otherwise, it is all over an easy drawing. Just draw a scribble gesture then add color. After making formation start coloring from the face. Then directed the pen towards the back from the neck. In the same way, add a black stick down with the grey. At last add mustard at the bottom of the canvas for the dog’s legs.

Chihuahua Dog

Chihuahua Dog - Vector Design US, Inc.

This portrait of a cute chihuahua dog head is painted on a whole canvas with acrylic color. When you draw a large piece of art such as only a head portrait on the whole canvas you have to focus on the little thing of the drawing.

There are several processes, but for this Chihuahua dog drawing, I will begin drawing a motif with a combination of circles. Replacing the shape with the circles is the simplest method for starting dog drawing for all dog lovers artists out there. Draw a large oval round for the face. Draw a small oval round leaving little space on the bottom of the large oval for the nose and mouth.

There is no need for any more structure here. Start the coloring with its emerald eyes. Then add black color on the middle portion of the face. Paint white and a little amount red and yellow combination for the lineup. Draw nose and mouth. Draw ears and background also. At last finish by drawing fur.

Angry Bulldog on a Skateboard

Angry Bulldog on a Skateboard - Vector Design US, Inc.

You may know the Bulldog is a medium-sized chubby dog breed with a wrinkled face and a peculiar pushed-in nose. When they get angry they look so funny. It makes an amazing portrait of a bulldog coming with a skateboard angrily. Don’t miss it.

It is a cartoonish drawing for kids so we made it with a doodle pen. You can see it is a muscular hefty dog with short legs. Let’s start with its wrinkled face. Draw sharp teeth. Then draw its body. Follow the color combination as the below picture is. Just focus on the placement of its paws. Ornament it with a red cap on its head and a black belt on its neck. Then finish it by drawing the skateboard.

Corgi Dog on the Beach Vacation

Corgi Dog on the Beach Vacation - Vector Design US, Inc.

Corgi dogs are one of the world’s most popular cattle herding breeds. Since they are cattle dogs so little preferred and sociable without being deficient. They have strong legs, are athletic, and are vital. According to their liveliness, we draw this Corgi Dog on the Beach Vacation portrait. This is not that you always have to draw realistic activities of animals. You can combine your imagination of drawing with their activities whilst making a creative portrait.

The following corgi dog is sitting on a carpet leaning on a yellow quilt beside the beach. Draw its tongue out and wear him a beachy red and blue sunglass. Make it a sunny day and draw an umbrella. Draw a glass of juice to make a beachy vibe. Add a crab in front of it to make the drawing more cartoonish.

I have done the whole drawing with watercolor. You don’t make it too perfect since it is not a realistic drawing and also you can change the dog’s coloring that can be red, fawn-like, black, and tan, with or without white plottings.

Husky Puppy: Dog artwork

Husky Puppy - Vector Design US, Inc.

This is another masterpiece of watercolor work on the Husky Dog breed. It catches attention by its well-upholstered furred twofold coat, steep triangular ears, and diacritic markings, and is larger than the analogous colorful portrait of dog breed husky painted with a water paint on the whole canvas.

Their blue or multi-colored eyes and attractive facial pretense only add to the call for this breed to draw, that generated in Siberia. Siberian Huskies have captured the idea of the masses, as well as artists, writers, and film producers, with their eye-catching appearances and terrifying genius.

Well, let’s come to the artist’s language. Get the whole canvas for it. Start with the face as always. Make ‘M’ shape forehead. Complete the ears part first. Next, do eyes (light brown and black), mouth (black), and nose (white middle on black combined) one by one. Leave its tongue out (for tongue use light pink). Paint the body part white. Finish with do black markings on the body part. To make it a gorgeous and creative drawing add a colorful background.

German Shepherd Dog Running

German Shepherd Dog Running - Vector Design US, Inc.

German Shepherd Dogs can stand almost 26 inches high at the tree trunk and when observed in configuration, showcase a picture of sleek, beautiful curves instead of angles. The physical movement is an easy step, but they can bout it up a mortise or two and attain high speeds. They work as police dogs so their legs are too strong than other dogs. Thus you may have to go through troubles to get their body position to draw while running.

That’s why we listed a German Shepherd Dog Running portrait to save your time. You can follow this below one or can take picture of a running dog then follow that. But following a drawing portrait is a hundred times better than following a camera-click image. Because here you have almost a readymade portrait that I am giving you every detail. From a camera click image, it will be you who have to find out details and then start drawing that will consume your time in vain.

Whether it is a dog drawing or any other animal different works contain different body poses such as a barking dog posing is different than a sitting calm dog, a running dog’s body posture is different from a standing dog. Here you can see this dog breath deeply thus its tongue comes out. It is a pencil sketch so that you understand the positions easily. As usual, begin with its head then complete the body. The most important and key thing to draw a running dog is the placement of its legs.

Sitting German Shepherd Dog

Sitting German Shepherd Dog - Dog artwork

In general, reck of dogkind’s delicate all-purpose worker, the German Shepherd Dog is a large, pragmatic, muscular dog of eminent character and high talent. Docile, certain, brave, and firm, drawing the German Shepherd Dog is truly a dog lover’s pleasure.

Let’s draw a sitting German Shepherd Dog. It is a one-sided portrait so start with its face with steep triangular ears. Then draw the half body with keeping paws in front (seems it sifts its weight on the paws). Finish with the back body part. Keep the tail lying on the ground ground. You can complete it using only a pencil sketch, doodle pen, marker, and crayon also.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Realistic Color

German Shepherd Dog Breed Realistic Color - Dog artwork

Draw it with the tips I give above. Then add coloring. It is a standstill dog there must come some changes in the body position. But from the beginning to the end, the method will be the same. Here for this dog, we use doodle pencil colors to complete it. Since it is colored like a real dog, try to use these below colors. There is no fur compulsion so just follow the lines and shades. That’s all!

Since they are trailed military puppy and also works for the police you can draw a police belt on their neck. That will go on their appearance and will also look reasonable.

Cute Dog in Dandy Clothing

Cute Dog in Dandy Clothing - Dog artwork

It is a semi cartoonish drawing that kids adore most. Also, grown-up people who love to have anime things will cherish this beautiful dog drawing. You can use this for cards, books cover, magazines, beast fables, and kids’ clothing.

Let’s start with a pencil formation sketch. Just draw the formation of the head and body. Other things you can add with colors. After finishing the body construction let’s start adding color. You can see adding its face color will be tricky because it is not all over a cartoonish dog. Draw its cute round black eyes. Follow the shading and add fur to the nose, eyes, and ears carefully. It has a long coat of fur on the ears that also completes it with the face.

Without facing the other things you can draw cartoonish. Wear him a blue jeans jacket on the yellow full sleeve shirt. Add a red bow tie. Add a tiny yellow hat on the head matching with the yellow shirt. Draw a white pant and make its legs bigger since it is a cartoon dog. Kepp its hand inside the pocket for a manly vibe.

Dachshund Dog

Dachshund Dog - Dog artwork

It is a watercolor beautiful one-side portrait of a mini dachshund dog. The dachshund dogs are also aware of as the wiener dog, get on person’s wick dog, and sausage dog. Since this is just a half-looking face picture, so we don’t discuss it with the body. They in posse be sleek, wire, or long-haired that’s why we use watercolor (watercolor gives the most smooth portrait). To draw a close portrait on the whole paper you must go with all the processing thoroughly. It is not really a tough process but a little dodgy.

Draw a triangle on the sheet first. Then find out nose and mouth areas. Draw lines on them. Then draw the eyes in an almost oval shape with sharp corners keeping in mind that it is a looking down dog portrait. After reducing redundancy sketches start adding colors. Begin with its fierce red eyes. Then the nose area to the forehead and the whole body with black, blue, and red mixture. Draw nose with matte black.

Then add yellow and orange mixture to the mouth area. Keep its mouth isolated muzzle. Add a lemon belt on its throat. Finish with marking the lines and add fir on the side of the nose. We draw it a plain portrait no need to add fur in other places except mentioned above.

Summer Paradise Puppy

Summer Paradise Puppy - Dog artwork

This dog idea may gonna be very helpful for an artist this summertime. This is a very cute Dog artwork design idea that you can use on the t-shirt paint, or any summer collections advertisements, brands logos for pets shops, or apparel brands for pets. It is a cheerful dog head from the front with coconut trees behind on the summer beach. It is also another close portrait of the face of a dog but it is a straight photo and it is not on the whole canvas. You can follow clip art color paint for it to make it cartoonish.

As the previous method draw the face formation with a tranquil square. Complete the mouth areas. This dog is so live that it keeps laughing. So keep its mouth open with a clip art tongue. Next, add color. Add sunglasses instead of eyes for the beachy vibe. Since it is a front portrait so some differences are drawing its nose. It will be almost a love shape that contains some designs such as a little triangle in the bottom of the nose.

Follow the lines of the fur. Find out whether it is vertical or horizontal? To where the lines start and end. After completing fur and lines go for the background. It is a silhouette of the coconut trees on the summer days that’s why we use dark chestnut (you can use black instead). Draw some birds flying in the sky. At last, lettering made drawings more eye-catchy, especially for the t-shirt drawings. That’s why we add Summer Paradise lettering. You can change it undoubtedly.

White Dog with a Sea Wave Color

White Dog with a Sea Wave Color - Dog artwork

This is not that you have to adore pet puppies only. Then it will be racist and unfair to the street puppies. As a professional artist, all your ideas should be kept in mind. It may come to you a lucky champ and you can show your skill through this beautiful and artistic roadside dog. You can see to make it unique we use oil paint on sea wave combinations. It is a beautiful white dog sitting maybe a little hungry (I guessed it for its tongue posture).

Well, begin with the pencil sketch. Add lines also otherwise you may be lost the flow.  Same as fur drawing follow the wave that where it comes from. Usually, street dogs are not so clean try to draw it that way. 

Note: Before using oil paint learn properly how to use oil paint. Otherwise, go with the watercolor. The method will remain the same.

Canine Companion Dog

Canine Companion Dog - Dog artwork

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”― Roger Caras. My thoughts are also the same.

So that I catalog here a Canine Companion Dog below with its owner.

Although Canine dogs have numerous qualities that can make them stubborn such as all mammals with trunks and non-contractible claws. Still, they are a loving breed. Fans of these spirited dogs squeeze their lovely companion natures. When you learned and cared for them wholeheartedly they are amazing family associate dogs.

Let’s start drawing. To make it extraordinary we avoid realistic characters and make anime. Nowadays people adore animes more than cartoons. Without anime ideas, you can’t win youngsters, teenagers, or kids’ hearts. For this drawing, you don’t need any gesture sketch just draw a simple pencil sketch then add color.

Here is a cute girl who holds a rope around her dog’s neck. Draw her as your wish. Change coloring. I talk here only about the dog. Notice it properly I followed geometrical triangle art skills for the dog. After complete, the pencil sketch of the dog draws lines for the geometrical triangles. Then add color. You can’t make it with colors straight only. You must need the guideline of the pencil sketch. So follow these tips and process thoroughly.

Segugio Italiano

Segugio Italiano - Dog artwork

There is a nice saying about Segugio Italiano dog breed that is they are also acquainted as the Segit which pronounced: see get. They are both wire-haired and short-haired and are the dog of scent hound breed of a medium-sized thin dog. They are too thin like a skeleton that I found nothing attractive on the body part thus I took only the angled face of a wire-haired dog to draw.

I pick a watercolor combination of digital art ideas for this dog. A close-up portrait of the side-angled face isolated on white and mustard. You may know how unique digital art styles are! Well, after making the construction sketch carefully add color. It is not a whole canvas portrait so you don’t need the guideline sketch. Just learn the digital art style. This color is looking almost abstract but not fully abstract. Try to follow the lines. Finish it with clip art tongue. Clip art tongue can bring difference from other portraits.

Black Dog Solid Color

Black Dog Solid Color - Dog artwork

It is a big military trailed dog we draw with a solid color. You may already see how unusual this idea is! This large dog is sitting calmly having its paws in front of the ground. I pick a wavy color combination for it. You can see brown and black lines shading. Draw the pencil sketch first for the flow of the lines. Then add fur that creates a wavy design.

It is a completely whole-bodied drawing dog from the front so you have to be very careful while both pencil sketch and color adding. It is gazing aside you also have to follow that manner while drawing face. Keep it ears steep that it seems thinking and to plot something. If the only dog looks bland you can add background. The background can bring portraits to another level. 

Barking Dog

Barking Dog - Dog artwork

There is an old saying “Barking dog Seldom bite”. It is worthy to learn about a barking dog style. I don’t add color to it so that you can draw with great detailing easily. Most dogs look up when barking. This is why their body position change comes. Since it has its head facing upwards, some changes will come when drawing the head. Start with the head and neck with long wire-haired ears. Then draw its front paws grabs the ground sifts weight on it. Then draw the back part bent its leg and sitting on it. Finish with the fur sketching and drawing a belt on the neck. Keep its tail straight while barking.

Canine Dog Japanese Chin

Canine Dog Japanese Chin - Dog artwork

Many have fallen in love with the lap and companion nature of these canine dogs. Their loveliness once and again drives people to draw them.

It is drawn from a combination of simple marker sketches. Draw the dog’s pencil sketch on the whole sheet of paper. Then add marker linings and colorings. So it will be easygoing for you to paint a large-scale portrait that looks more captivating than a pony one ever. It has a big head large body and short but thick legs.

And it is turning back like dancing. Follow it properly. The most interesting thing about this portrait is it is the portrait using least elements that is sheep paper, pencil, and a marker. You may realize how skills need to draw such a beautiful picture with just 3 things. That’s why I pick an easy portrait that you can catch easily. Complete with a bell on its neck.

Pencil Drawing of a Sleeping Dog

Pencil Drawing of a Sleeping Dog - Dog artwork

When I see this cute sleeping puppy I was so touched that can’t stop myself to draw it. It is a domesticated animal sleeping calmly on the couch. It is a masterpiece of pencil sketching and shading only. Only two elements can give such a wonderful portrait. Unbelievable! So try to trace this drawing. Make your pencil extra sharp while starting it. And draw it wholly with minor pressure. Excessive pressure will leave unnecessary marks after erasing or whilst adding shading. You can use your hand, extra paper, or shading tools to add shading. With hands, it gives natural shading. Just follow where the lines are. Where need to do dark, where light and where extra light or dark.

Irish Setter Dog

Irish Setter Dog - Dog artwork

You can find barely people who don’t know him. You may also know him. This cartoon dog took almost everyone’s love and attention, especially the children. I also like its cartoon so much that I catalog it for my composition.

Kids always expect their favorite cartoon or a familiar face they can adore while drawing classes. It will also increase their interest to learn about drawing from kids. It is indeed the best thing. We should also take care of kids’ feelings. Right? To have in mind I conclude with this Irish setter dog. 

It is a brown dog contains long hair, sitting towards you with its cute oval rounded eyes. Don’t forget to add its beautiful and famous lemon yellow belt with a gold medal.

To Sum Up

Our tutorial demonstrates all steps making it easy for you to draw from creativity. You may know every animal has a lot of species. Before drawing the specific dog try to learn about their species.

After complete, the whole vector drawing revises the smaller details such as the outline form of the nose and eyes as well as the eyebrow areas. These details may seem like small mistakes but these are enough to ruin your portrait. 

Our ideas are so broad with great detailing and sophistication that can be used for shirts, bags, posters, invitations, cards, phone cases, pillows painting, magazines, animal book covers.