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We get posters everywhere and on everything. From concerts to summer sales, posters are nowhere absent. It conveys the information creatively as well as raises awareness effectively. A successful poster must have some extraordinary qualities that can catch the eye and rest in the mind for a long time. Here are some great poster design ideas to improve your client attraction.

But what does it feel like when you are the one designing those posters that are about to be explored by millions? We say nothing to worry about. Take a look at our 100 best creative poster design ideas which can inspire you for the next move.

Image Credit: Canva and Venngage

Get the Poster Design Ideas:

Here you will have the best poster design ideas taken from the renowned tool and site Canva and Venngage. They have thousands of designs. We have selected the best designs and share them here with you.

A Leading Line to Grab Attention:

a leading line to grab attention

A poster’s one of the many important purposes is to grab the attention of the people. If so, use a leading line that particularly talks about the purpose of the entire poster. It should be something that will attract the people to discover what’s there in the poster.

Contrasting colors:

contrasting colors

A carefully chosen color-contrast makes the poster more vibrant and attractive. You can pick those bright colors here. But be careful when you choose the opposite color. The combination should be striking and noticeable for everyone. The Sample poster here has yellow and black as its color-contrasting design which looks as spunky as interesting.

Bold Colors:

bold colors

Poster Design is not something you must keep in order and well-manned. You can go as far bold as you want with colors on posters. Pick bold, bright, and fascinating colors which will make your poster radiant and catchy. There is no way of going wrong with colors in poster design.

Simple yet Effective design:

simple yet effective design

Colors undoubtedly make the poster attractive and engaging. But that is not all you have to think about. Even a simple design can be striking if it is cleverly put together. Use the texts to decorate the poster. You can keep a warm-tone color in the background that will not be so loud to fade out the texts.

Use a Catchy Design:

use a catchy design

If the subject of the poster is something influential and you want people not to miss the point, use a catchy design in that case. There must be texts but incorporate a meaningful illustration as well that will defend the subject better.

Make it Relevant with the Topic:

make it relevant with the topic

The sample is about the “World Day for Cultural Diversity” and the design has made a beautiful illustration of diversity through its colors. There is a smooth blending of different colors which symbolizes the diversity of the world. Likewise, you can make your poster stand out with a relevant design.

Keep Resemblance:

keep resemblance

Before designing the poster, take some time to brainstorm about the topic. After that, try to come up with a design that will have a resemblance to the subject. For example, the sample poster is about a photo exhibition and the designer has used multiple colors in the background to present the subject creatively.

A fancy Design for Event Posters:

a fancy design for event posters

You must admit that event poster deserves fancy designs which will be both charming and attractive. So, try to keep a light mood in the design. There are particular colors, designs, and patterns for different events like Christmas, Wedding, Thanksgiving, Easter, Birthday, and other days. Avoid boring designs and go for something playful and enchanting.

 Use a meaningful Picture:

a meaningful picture

A meaningful picture can say a thousand words if put in the right place. Use such pictures in your creative poster design. The picture should represent the whole subject-matter of the poster effectively. People tend to get more attracted by pictures than words. Use the sentiment and keep it in your designs.

Use cartoon-like pictures:

use cartoon like pictures

Cartoons or animated pictures are not only for kids, they have different perspectives as well. Adults also like and adore them. They are great for creating a playful vibe in the poster design. So, use colorful and fun animated pictures to make the poster more effective and adorable.

Play with Eye Soothing colors:

play with eye soothing colors

Bright colors are certainly more vibrant and intriguing but there are some eye-soothing colors as well that can effectively change your poster design. Such colors do not overlap with the texts and bring a peaceful, calm vibe. Before selecting such colors, you must not overlook the subject matter. It has to be well-suited with the color combination.

Use Black and White:

black and white

Black and White posters may be an old design, but not “old-school”. Still, now they have a significant place in people’s heart. So, choosing a black and white design is far more effective and practical. They help to bring out new perspectives from the creative poster design.

Use color on black and White Background:

use colors on black and white background

Here is another cool idea for your creative poster design. You can choose the background black and white but keep the texts in color. Most of the colors bloom beautifully over black and white. So, there is no issue of selecting one particular color. This way the texts get popped out and catch the viewer’s eyes.

An old-school Design:

an old school design

Look at the sample poster, such designs are very common and that is why tagged as old-school. But you can make it the latest and modern through your creativity. The point is getting inspired by old-styles to create something new.

Try Different Patterns:

try different patterns

Designing a poster is all about different shapes, patterns, text style, images and so on. Incorporate such patterns in your creative design. This way, your posters will get a playful vibe that is attractive and difficult to pass unnoticed.

Keep it Transparent:

keep it transparent

A transparent background can very well change the entire outlook of your poster. We all agree on how effective a well-suited background is. But that is not all you should think of. A background that seems to tell nothing can also deliver something important if noticed carefully. So, never think twice to keep it transparent.

Add a Tagline:

add a tagline

Adding a striking tagline attracts the viewers the way that not many things can. It should be such an effective line that makes them interested in reading the entire poster. To do it successfully, keep other materials a bit ‘off’ so that the tagline is the first thing people notice.

Use natural Handwritten Font:

natural handwritten font

Handwritten fonts are adorable and lovely. It makes any design a lot more appealing and endearing. So, use handwritten fonts in your poster design creatively. You can take inspiration from the sample poster given here. There is not so much happening in the poster, still looks excellent because of the cute handwritten fonts.

Keep It Minimal:

keep it minimal

Minimalistic designs are not only easy-going but also eye-catching. It is a great power to tell something with minimal materials. In the case of poster design, it is super effective. Choose a simple yet intriguing design, to successfully tell all the things you want to share.

Use an Infographic design:


Infographic, though not suitable for all types of posters, is a great medium to convey messages. If it is well designed, viewers will get attracted and discover everything that you’ve shown in the poster. Do not make it boring; rather choose a dynamic way to design the poster.

Try Typography:

try typography

Typography is a great way of designing a creative poster. Without much hard effort, it makes the poster attractive and brings variation. You can use multiple colors and fonts in the typography to give the poster a little more stunning look.

Keep a Meaningful Photo:

keep a meaningful photo

Photos change a poster dramatically. If to say more specifically, meaningful photos. You cannot think of attaching random photos to the poster. The photo must have certain relevancy and relation to the subject. But that does not mean the other materials are pointless. The photo along with the texts makes the poster fabulous and engaging.

Add Vintage Vibe:

add vintage vibe

Vintage posters are so close to heart! They never lose their charms and appeal to people. To make your posters memorable and impressive, try on adding a vintage touch in your designs. Select the subject carefully so that it fits with the vintage look.

Try Floral Design:

try floral design

Floral designs bring elegance and loads of colors to the poster. Keeping resemblance with the subject, you can choose to decorate the poster with some floral patterns. Different event posters such as birthday, wedding, thanksgiving, greeting posters go well with it.

Nothing Wrong with Abstract Design:

nothing wrong with abstract design

Apart from all those floral designs and colorful backgrounds, you can design the poster with abstract patterns and motifs. We promise you an abstract design does not give a boring vibe rather it makes the poster unique and engaging. See that your abstract pattern has proper relevance to the subject.

Blurry Background to Pop up the Text

blurry background to pop up the text

If you make the background blurry, surely people will not be distracted and they will notice the writings in the first place. But blurry does not mean something faded and simple. You can choose a colorful background or something that matches the subject and make it blurred. Then write the texts with bold fonts to pop them up. This way you can get an outstanding creative poster.

Make a Playful Vibe:

make a playful vibe

There are so many ways you can make your poster design playful and quirky. That does not require a tiresome effort always. Simply, add an animated picture or make a hand-drawn design. For instance, the sample poster here has nothing special other than the cat in a sunglass. The poster is about ‘Summer Sale’ and the designer has given a sunglass to the cat to keep relevance with the subject.

Use the Negative Space:

use the negative space

Do you know that negative spaces are a designer’s holy grail? Why? – Because they are such an amazing thing to create all the designs that come to the mind. They provide freedom and ample room for placing pictures, graphic images, hand-drawn designs and many more. So be creative and make the best use of the negative space.

Use a Particular Shape:

use a particular shape

Posters have a typical image that everyone carries in their mind. But you do not need to follow that always. Make your designs and patterns. The sample we have given here is a poster in which all the texts are organized into a square shape. This way without much effort you can get an outstanding poster that is as creative as catchy.

Make it Energetic:

make it energetic

Posters can also immediately give you an energetic vibe and cheerfulness if the design is the right sort. If you want to design something like that, never hesitate. Feel free to add up those designs that energize you in the first place. Do it confidently, viewers will get engaged soon.

Create Multi-Dimensional Texts:

create multi Dimensional Text

Multi- dimension may sound technical but have no fear we are not talking about anything like that. Look at the sample poster to get the whole idea. You only need to design the texts in such a way that it seems multidimensional. Perhaps the color technique or something else would make that for you. Experiment and try to figure out the best way for your poster design.

Carefully Use Portraits:

carefully use portraits

Portraits are super useful in poster designs. They give a realistic effect and attract people more than anything else. But use them a bit creatively. See that the portraits are good enough to set a perspective and provoke thoughts. You can use a black and white portrait as well as the sample poster.

Go Aesthetic:

go aesthetic

For making the poster aesthetic a very good idea is to pick any cultural or traditional patterns. For example, the Mandala or a dream-catcher can make the poster way more beautiful and attractive. Or you can try something abstract. The goal is to make the right combination of texts and designs. And also, the colors play a great role in that case.

Use Eye Catching Font:

use eye catching font

No picture, no portraits and no graphic designs. Use a super fancy font and you are good to go. They alone can dramatically change the appearance of your poster. If the font is well selected do not care for some more elements in the poster. Let the font do its job and you will get a brilliant poster design.

Keep a Margin with the Texts:

keep a margin with the texts

Another lazy yet super effective idea is to maintain a margin in the poster. Why? Well, it gives a particular shape and a cool outlook. The idea will help if your poster does not have a lot to say. Incorporate to-the-point texts to get the best outcome. Multiple colors and fonts will enhance beauty more than enough.

Play with Only One Color:

play with only one color

The use of multiple colors indeed makes your poster vivid and vibrant. But only one shade of color can also make the poster brilliant and super attractive. Any shade of color will do great in this way. Whatever you want to put in the poster, texts or other designs, color them with that one shade.

Hand Drawn Picture in the Poster:

hand drawn picture in the poster

Hand-drawn pictures had a different appeal and appearance. You can go for one of a hand-drawn pictures in your creative poster design. Keeping a fair resemblance with the subject, draw the picture. Also, you can work with the very essence of the subject and match it with the picture. For example, if your texts say something optimistic, see that your picture gives the same hint.

Go Quirky:

go Quirky

Posters can be crazy, quirky and eccentric. Why not? It is a creative field after all. So as a designer, you have the freedom of designing anything that you fancy. As long as it is relevant, there is nothing to worry about. So many ways there are that can turn your simple posters into crazy ones. The sample poster only has a weird dinosaur picture, enough for a quirky look.

Design Something Clever:

design something clever

Clever designs do not only attract the viewers but also make them stay a bit longer looking at the poster. This is because they get engaged well enough with the design. If your goal is something like that, go for making something clever and brilliant. It can be a puzzle or a riddle in the design. The sample poster here is showing only one light in white suggesting to be turned off. Simple yet effective design, don’t you agree?

Create Modern Minimal Design:

create modern minimal design

Let’s be honest. These days we all are way too busy and always in a haste. The concept of minimalism is so modern for that cause. There are noticeable minimal posters everywhere we get to see. Anyway, if you like to create something minimal, take the sample poster as an inspiration. The whole idea of the poster is to connecting adventure and travelling with human soul. The design is very well matched with the concept.

Unconventional Way of Using Texts:

unconventional way of using texts

Only texts can make your poster design out of the box. Simply, you have to think of different ways you can use them. There is no rule that you have to follow must. Depend on your creativity and take our sample photo as an inspiration.

Use Graphic Design:

use graphic design

Graphic photos are incredible for using in creative posters. They are great for catching the eyes of the people. And it is one of the main purposes of a poster. So, choose a photo that is relevant to the subject and add it to the poster.

Choose Mouth Watering Photos for the Food Posters:

choose mouth watering photos for food posters

For food posters, the best idea is to use an overwhelming mouth-watering photo to catch the eye of peoples. Not only for foods, but you can do it for café or restaurant posters as well. Use a good resolution photo so that it looks appealing and attractive.

Keep A Motivational Vibe:

keep a motivational vibe

If you want to make an inspirational or motivational poster, try to keep the right sentiment in the design. Make it vibrant and energetic. You can convey the message with your design successfully if there is perfection. Blend eye-soothing colors with optimistic pictures to get the best outcome.

A Design Matching with the Theme:

a design matching with the theme

In the sample poster, there are four hands of four colors. Can you interpret the meaning of it? The poster is about voting and the four colors are suggesting that voting right is for every kind of people. Such designs are way too powerful because of their meaning. And you as a designer should see through such relevant pictures in your creative poster design.

Creatively Use Your Product Photo in the Poster Design:

creatively use your product photo in the poster design

For advertising posters, you do not need to show the product photo directly. Well, you can do that but there are other options you can try. For instance, the sample poster is about Steak and there is no photo of a steak. Instead, there is a ‘cow’ that suggests the steak. This way you can show the product creatively in your poster.

Incorporate The Product in the Poster:

incorporate the product in the poster design

Another way of showing the product’s photo in the poster is to use it within the texts. Do you wonder how? Look at the sample poster here. The product is a doorbell. The designer has decided to write ‘hello’ and placed the photo of the product in its design of writing. Surely it is a clever idea.

Play With Different Shapes and Patterns:

use different shapes and patterns

Different shapes and patterns bring elegance and excellence to any poster designs. They make the poster more attractive and memorable as well. If your goal is to design something unique and appealing, take this sample poster as an inspiration. Try using bold colors and such shapes that truly defines the design and complements the subject perfectly.

Use Blocks Creatively:

use blocks creatively

If your poster has a lot of information to provide, chances are it may get messy and disorganized. To keep the poster clean and organized, use blocks cleverly. This way you can make the poster more aesthetic and at the same time, people will not get puzzled looking at it. The sample poster given here is an ideal one for this idea.

Different Icons to Catch the Eye:

different icons to catch the eyes

Using different icons that are relevant to the subject is a great way of engaging people. Normally anyone gets attracted to symbols, icons and pictures. You can use that tendency of them. If you are making a poster for a music day event or a jazz night, put some symbols or icons that matched with music. Just like the way the sample poster is suggesting.

Use Silhouettes Photos to Add a Drama:

use silhouettes photo to add a drama

Silhouettes bring instant drama to any poster design. The effort of adding such photos is not hard as well. If you are to design something dramatic and fancy, consider using a silhouettes photo in the poster design. It is also great for attracting the viewer’s eyes towards the poster.

Try on Visual Pun:

try on visual pun

To make something unique, you have to think of something out of the box. The sample poster has a visual pun that makes the people stop for a while and try to figure out its meaning. Such designs are great for posters as they successfully serve the basic purpose.

Write the Title with the Items:

write the title with the items

A brilliant idea of designing creative posters is to use a fancy font. But who says you have to use boring fonts? Make your font using the items related to the subject. Here in the sample poster, the texts are written with customized fonts.

Make Your Design Stand Out Creatively:

Make Your Design Stand Out Creatively

Can you find out the way it is written that “Where are my fancy shoes?”. Keep searching it through all the shoes in the poster. Anyway, the point is- you can design such posters using the stuff related to the subject. It is super engaging and intriguing. It attracts the eyes and makes them hold on for a couple of minutes.

Let the Background Image Speak for You:

let the background image speak for you

A powerful picture speaks louder than a thousand words. That is why a perfect picture is enough for delivering the message you want to convey to the people. The sample picture shows the idea quite clearly. You do not need to use a lot of texts in such posters. Let the picture be in the center of attraction.

Emphasis on One important Word:

emphasis on one important word

If your poster has any specific word that requires the most attention, emphasize it creatively. You can make it bold while keeping the rest normal. Or you can change the font style of it. Even color changing is a great way. This way your poster will serve the purpose successfully.

Emphasis on Multiple words:

emphasis on multiple words

The way the sample poster is showing, you can emphasis multiple words based on the subject. Try to choose keywords that perfectly complement the whole subject of the poster. Choose bright colors so that it gives an optimistic vibe.

Try Some Colorful Illustration:

Try Some Colorful Illustration

Illustrations are great for catching the attention of people. Using some fun and colorful illustrations can visibly change the mood of your poster. The sample poster here has a nice basket of yellow color with lots of colorful fruits. It conveys the meaning and helps it to be a memorable poster design.

Combine More Than One Images:

combine more than one images

Sometimes one image is not enough for a poster. In that case, feel free to combine multiple pictures until you do not get your desired design. In another sense, it is not for the sake of design only. You need to convey the message clearly, remember. So put multiple pictures together and add some tests relevant to the subject.

Put Symbolical Image:

put symbolical image

Symbolical images are useful in many ways. They indirectly show the whole point of the poster. They are way too powerful in delivering the message. So, feel free to add such a picture that complements the subject well enough and make the people get a quick idea about it.

Point at the Important Details:

Point at the important details

If your poster has something special that requires everyone’s attention, you can point at it creatively through the design. For example, look at the sample poster design. The designer has pointed at the important details in a way that looks quite natural and spontaneous.

Compose Your Words Creatively:

Compose your Words Creatively

Even only through the way of composing texts, you can make your poster stand out. In the sample poster, the word ‘start’ is written in two colors which have been differentiated into two words. And the idea has worked too well for the poster.

Create A Symbol with Your Design:

Create A Symbol With Your Design

Here, two teeth and the sentence have formed a ‘smiley’ symbol. Will you deny that there must be a connection between tooth and smile? Anyway, such designs are great for attention-grabbing and serve too well as a creative poster. There is no way of going wrong with it.

 No-Image Poster:

no image poster

Enough of making posters with images, time for going a ‘no image’ one. But that does not mean the design will be boring and dull. There are so many ways you can make the poster intriguing using only the text. The sample poster is here to inspire you.

When You Have a Lot to Say:

when you have a lot to say

If your poster has too much to say, do not hesitate to separate them into different sections. Make the sections colorful so that readers do not get bored and lose interest. You can even put a picture in it to make the design more magnificent.

Say Clever Words in the Tagline:

say clever words in the tagline

If you want everyone to get stuck to your poster, choose to keep some clever words in the tagline. People generally get attacked for humor or fun. Using that sentiment, you can deliver your messages to them quite perfectly. The sample poster shows the idea and the way it works.

Overlap Two-Colored Texts:

overlap two colored texts

A unique idea for designing a cool and creative poster is to overlap the texts. The texts must be in different colors so that people can separate them quite easily. Try to choose the colors that go well with each other in reverse. For more clarity, follow the sample poster.

Use gradient in the Design:

use gradient in the design

A gradient is luxurious and an outstanding option to use in poster designs. The make the poster vibrant and charming. You can use them in separate boxes or the background. Along with it, find a unique way to write the texts which will be an added advantage.

One More Text Overlapping:

one more text overlapping

It is another text overlapping idea but this time slightly differently. You can write one word boldly and another word in a different font on it. Make sure to use multiple colors and font to visualize it perfectly. You can take inspiration from the sample poster given here.

Play With Multiple fonts

play with Multiple Fonts

Using multiple fonts makes the poster more interesting and intriguing. So, you can use two or three different fonts for writing all the text of the poster. Choose eye-catching and vibrant fonts so that people find it impossible to ignore the poster.

Find a Unique Way to Write the Title:

Find an Unique Way to Write the Title

The poster is all about the texts and sometimes it can be boring to design only the texts. But if you have any unique idea to compose them, it will be as interesting as attractive to all. Look at the sample poster, the text is composed in a half-hidden style. This is how you can get a unique design for your poster.

Leave Some Space in the Canvas:

Leave some Space in the Canvas

If you want to make something more interesting, follow the sample poster given here. You always do not need to use all the spaces of the poster. Leave some space and create a margin between the two. This way you can make an attractive and creative poster design.

Use Stock Photos:

use stock photos

Stock photos are great for making realistic and fascinating posters. They bring a different appeal to the poster as well. So it is a fantastic idea to incorporate a relevant stock photo in the design. An optimistic and charming photo can increase the engaging quality of the poster tremendously.

Use Numbers Creatively:

use numbers creatively

If your poster subject has any number that requires more attention than the rest, consider showing it up creatively. This way you can show the number successfully and it can effectively change the outlook of the poster design. A total win-win situation, isn’t it? For more clarification, notice the sample poster given here.

All White Background with Black Texts:

All White background with Black Texts

It is a bit similar to the black and white poster design idea but not completely. It is about choosing a faded or pale background to write the texts in black color. As we have told you before- do not make the background all white. Instead, choose grey, pearl, oatmeal etc. they will go well with this idea.

A Solid Color Background:

a solid color background

It is another color related idea to design creative poster. This time you need to choose a solid background so that you can write the text on it. Keep the color of all the texts white which will complement the solid background more accurately.

Find A Crazy Way to Place the Photos:

Find A Crazy Way to Place the Photos

In the sample poster, two pictures have been used as the quotation mark. And the text has been written between them. Such designs are hard to ignore at the first glance. After all, it is the purpose of a poster. you can get inspired from the sample to use pictures in such ways to make the poster catchier and classier.

Change One Font to Make a Difference:

change one font to make a difference

Here, the word ‘together is the very essence of the whole poster. That is why the designer has composed it in a different font. This way it has become more visible and striking. Now if you want to emphasize a single word, design it with a different font so that everyone notices it in the first place.

Incorporate Different Sizes in Text:

Incorporate different sizes in Text

You can even bring novelty to your poster through the size of the font. For example, keep the most important or intriguing words in a bigger font size. Depending on their importance and relevance change the other font sizes as well. Thus, you will get a unique and super creative poster design.

Instead of Stock Photo, Go for An Animated one:

instead of a stock photo, go for an animated one

If you want to attach a stock photo to your poster, just keep it aside for a later project. For this time, go for an animated one. Suppose you need to put a photo of Serena Williams the way the sample poster has. Instead of her stock photo, the designer has chosen to use an animated photo. And thus, he has got a poster that is more vibrant and more energetic.

Show Them ‘Before’ and ‘After’:

Show them before and after

Now it is a fun idea that is quite effective in showing the perspective as well. The subject is about organ donation and the designer has shown it super creatively. It is shown as ‘before’ and ‘after’ style. You too can design something like it if the subject goes perfectly with it.

Delight in Disorder:

delight in disorder

In the sample poster, the musical notes do not have any specific order to place themselves just like the real music which does not follow any rules. Keeping that in mind, you can create unique posters which will seem in disorder but will give delight to all. We only want to remind you that there is no hard and fast rule that you have to maintain forever in the poster designing field.

Double Meaning Tagline:

double meaning tagline

In inspirational quote poster, there is often fair chance to create double meaning tagline. As the sample poster is showing you, through color composing you can design such posters. Choose bold colors and striking words for the best outcome.

Double Dimensional Design:

double dimentional design

This is another of fun idea which is equally effective in engaging the people. With two dimensions you can make such design. Look at the example, the color combination is brilliant and hard to ignore. This type of designs not only gives uniqueness to the poster but also brings different perspective to look on.

Hint in The Background:

hint in the background

The background is a powerful weapon to create creative poster designs. You may wonder how. Look at the example, it is about saving the bees and the background has the pattern of honeycomb. So, with the background the designer is hinting on the subject. This is how you can make interesting designs using the background cleverly.

Raise a Question to Be Remembered:

raise a question to be remembered

Posters are not all about its design; it serves other purposes as well. If you want your poster to be remembered by everyone, you have to work for it. You can raise a question which will strike them and provoke a thought in their mind. It does not matter how you’ve decorated the poster, sometimes your words are the most beautiful stuff people may find in the poster.

Rotate The Texts, if Necessary:

rotate the text if necessary

Text rotating is nothing new in poster designs. We only want to tell you why it is necessary. When there are not enough spaces to compose the text, rotate it guiltlessly. Also, sometimes you can do it for the sake of the design. It does not matter why you have done it, when it looks perfect as well as enchanting.

Make Use of your Content:

make use of your content

The sample poster is a brilliant example of using the subject itself as a tool for designing. The subject here is about skipping the straw. The border is actually a straw which perfectly complements the subject. This way you can use the subject creatively in your poster design.

Break the Rules:

break the rules

In poster designing you can go as creative as you want until it is relevant with the subject. If that costs you breaking the rule, do not be afraid. Incorporate all crazy ideas and fun designs in the posters. But be cautious about its resemblance with the subject while using them in the design.

Extra Bold Fonts:

extra bold fonts

Extra bold fonts attract the eyes more successfully than anything else. So use gothic bold fonts to compose the most important text of the poster. Keep other writings in normal format so that it does not look overdone. Along with bold font, you can use bold colors as well.

Keep the Central Colored:

keep the central colored

Keeping only one portion colored and other sides colorless are another brilliant idea to design creative posters. You can even keep it black and white. The central-colored portion will be more attention grabbing than other designs. So, for the next project, keep it in your shortlist.

Horizontal Page for a Poster:

horizontal page orientation for a poster

All posters we see here and there are in same shape and sizes. But who says you have to follow it blindly? To show the world the immense spirit, make the poster horizontal. It will get more attention from the people for its unconventional size.

Put Right Icons on the Right Place:

put right icons in the right place

Sometimes, you can speak with icons. Look at the poster we have given here. It is about winter jazz night and the icons are perfectly symbolizing all the three words. Here lies the excellence of using the right icons in the right place.



Duotone is already dramatic and mysterious for any photos. If you use it in posters, it makes the poster more amusing and exciting. So instead of using normal stock photos, use a duotone version. A pro tip- duotone goes more amazingly with portraits.

Complementary Funny Photos:

complementary funny photos

Complementary photos make the posters more attractive and engaging. And if the photo is a bit funny or quirky, nothing is better than that. So, consider using them creatively in your poster designs. The sample poster shows you the best way to do so.

Design to Provoke Thoughts:

design to provoke thoughts

Thought provoking posters are memorable to all. Though your creative ideas, you can design something which will raise question or provoke thoughts when anyone notices it in the first place. There is no need to overdo in the design. Keep it simple so that the center of attraction does not go distracted.

Be Engaging with Realistic Photos:

be engaging with realistic photos

Realistic and dynamic photos are the best ways to make an intriguing design for the poster. People get attracted with them more effectively. So, consider using real-time photos in your posters. Show the real challenge and real power to do things. This way you can get a poster that is more successful than ever.

Choose To Go Adorable:

choose to go adorable

You can incorporate with cute designs to make the poster looking adorable to the eyes. Soft colors like baby pink, peace, mint etc gives eye soothing effects along with a charming look. You can even write something fun as the texts the way the sample is showing you.

Bring Back Old-fashioned Borders:

bring back old fashioned border

Old fashioned calligraphy borders are great to bring an aesthetic vibe into your posters. It is classy and luxurious as well. You can use them in your posters to give it a unique look. The sample poster is here to inspire you more.  

Make Hand drawn Illustrations:

make hand drawn illustrations

Hand drawn illustrations are super cute and adorable. They are quite interesting as well. Using them in posters can effectively change the way it looks. So, for your next project, try using some relevant hand drawn illustrations in the poster.

Here ends our list of the most popular and creative poster design ideas. Now it is your turn to take pen and paper and make your next move through it.