100 Best Free Calligraphy Fonts for designing a Logo, Card, and branding designs

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Calligraphy fonts have a different appeal to the designers as logo design fonts for their handwritten style and elegant look. The fonts increase the beauty of the graphics. So, the creative designers use calligraphic fonts for applying typography on logos, invitation cards, wedding cards, greeting cards, gift cards, posters, titles, and many other designs. If you notice the great designs and graphics, most of them contain simple but gorgeous typefaces that can boost image aesthetics. The best free calligraphy fonts are here, come and get them right now.

Calligraphy fonts bring a different stylish look into designs. It enhances the beauty of the typography including the overall design shape and makes them more appealing to the host and invitee. So, having a rich collection of calligraphy fonts is a sign of professionalism and it helps you much when you create a new immortal design.

Check out the 100 calligraphy fonts we have enlisted here. All of them are free and public domain.

1. Candyinc:


Candy Inc is a decorative calligraphic font that comes from Billy Argel. The font has a slight brush effect which looks incredible in logos, gift cards, as well as invitation cards along with different graphic designs.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/candy-inc.zip

2. BlackChancery:


BlackChencery is also a free calligraphic font with a royal decorative look that comes from Doug Miles. It is suitable for making gift cards, invitation cards, logos, and display typefaces. The font also gives a medieval English style that brings elegance and excellence to the design.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/blackchancery.zip

3. LimeGloryCaps


LimeGloryCaps is another free calligraphic font with a highly decorative and funky look. It has different deco-motifs in all the letters that look beautiful and trendy wherever you use it. It makes your gift cards or logos warm and wonderfully put together.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/limeglorycaps.zip

4. Carolingia:


Carolingia is a clean calligraphic typeface that has also a wide handwriting effect. The font belongs to Riky Vampdator and is perfect for making gift cards or invitation cards. It is suitable for creating text-based images too. It gives a nice decorative look to ant design indeed.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/carolingia-bigfoot.zip

5. Nemo Nightmares:


Nemo Nightmares is designed by Chris Hansen and it is a decorative calligraphic font. It has a spooky design that you can use to make any Halloween theme-based designs. It is also perfect for posters, displays, and other designs.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/nemo-nightmares.zip

6. Mael:


Mael is another gothic calligraphic typeface designed by Utopisfonts. If you are looking for a modern versatile font that has a good deco-look, you can go for this font. Your gift cards, posters, and logos will have a unique look with them.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/mael.zip

7. A Dark Wedding:


As the name suggests, it is perfect for making wedding cards for its fancy look. Well, it has a gothic look like “Dark Wedding”. However, you can use this font for making awesome headlines, posters, cards, and logos.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/a-dark-wedding.zip

8. Seven Swordsmen BB:


Seven Swordsmen is a slick calligraphy font designed by Blambot Comic Fonts. It has a comic-fantasy look which is perfect for making display text, posters, cards, etc. you can choose this font if you want to make something with Halloween or Christmas theme. Or simply in children’s stuff.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/seven-swordsmen-bb.zip

9. CalliGravity:


CalliGravity is a free font that has a combination of both graffiti and calligraphy. So, if you want a make your cards or logos looking a bit quirky and unique, it is a good match for that. The font is designed by Vin Rowe.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/calligravity.zip

10. Grafik Text: Best Free Calligraphy Fonts


Grafik Text is a gothic calligraphic font with a striped design engraved into the letters. This difference has made it amazing to look at while in use in logos, posters, cards, and headlines. This font is designed by House of Lime and free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/grafik-text.zip

11. Colophon DBZ:


Colophon DBZ is a playful-looking calligraphy font that has a cartoonish style. So, you can use this font in displays, headlines, posters, and cards. The font looks great in all lowercase because of its uneven line. The font is created by Divide by Zero studio.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/colophon-dbz.zip

12. Fiddums Family

Fiddums Family

Fiddums Family is the font on the cover of the movie THE ADDAMS FAMILY. The font is a dramatic calligraphic font that is also very detailed and decorative in style. It is created by DJ-JohnnyRka. It has 91 glyphs and 93 characters.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/fiddums-family.zip

13. Vinque:


Vinque is designed by Raymond Larabie and has an artistic gothic style. This calligraphic typeface is perfect for designing cards, posters, logos, and other stuff. Moreover, the font contains 365 defined characters and 362 unique glyphs.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/vinque.zip

14. Alpha Thin


Alpha thin is a handwritten style calligraphy font designed by House of Lime. It is as playful as any comic book. So, it is suitable for cards, posters, and logos. It supports uppercase, lowercase, and accented characters.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/alpha-thin.zip

15. Blood Of Draculasw:


Blood of Draculassw is another Halloween theme-based calligraphic font. It is highly gothic in look and gives a spooky feel wherever you use it. The blood-dripping style has added another dimension to the design. In a word, it is a perfect choice for making cards, posters, and logos.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/blood-of-draculasw.zip

16. Christmas On Crack:


Christmas on crack is a chunky calligraphy typeface that has a messy decorative style. It has a Christmas- themed design that you can use for decorating Christmas cards, posters, and a lot of things. It also looks good in headlines and displays text.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/christmas-on-crack.zip

17. A Black Crown:

A Black Crown

A Black Crown is another fun calligraphy font with a high contrast handwriting effect. You can use it for designing cards, posters, shop names, logos, etc. The typeface is designed by Web and it is free even for commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/ablackcrown.zip

18. Adielle:


Adielle is a handwriting calligraphic typeface with a wild design and vintage look. It makes your texts look like graffiti as well. However, you can make unique covers, posters, logos, store names, etc. with this font. It is designed by designer Rodi de Asis Mans Greback of Mans Greback Company.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=adielle

19. Agatha:


Agatha is a free calligraphic typeface designed by Juncreative. It is a lovely hand-lettering cursive font that looks elegant and trendy. It is another font perfect for use for wedding theme purposes, invitation cards, gift cards, and so on.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/agatha.zip

20. Aguellera:


Aguellera is a cursive calligraphy font created by Letterara. It is perfect for wedding and fashion-related theme design. It also looks good as a display font as well. If you want to add a vintage look to your designs, you can go for this font.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/aguellera.zip

21. Aladin


Aladin is a free calligraphic font designed by Angel Koziupa. It has an artistic style and eastern touch in the design. Also, it is slightly gothic and chunky to look at. Anyway, you can bring a simple exotic style to your designs with this typeface.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/aladin.zip

22. Alitta:


Alitta is another casual calligraphic font designed by Omotu. It is suitable to use in the watermark, advertisements, logos, wedding cards, labels, stationery items, packaging, and a lot of things. It has a classic cursive look with a decent style.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/alitta.zip

23. Allema


Allema is a modern and trendy calligraphy font with a handwriting style. The letters have a soft-edged cursive form that looks very stylish and exotic. It brings playfulness as well as a simple elegance in the design.  You can use the font for designing wedding cards, posters, covers, and a lot more other things.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/allema.zip

24. Almendra :


Almendra is a free calligraphy typeface created by Ana Sanfelippo. It is perfect to use in children’s storybooks because of its playful look with a hint of deco-art. Also, you can use this font in posters, gift cards, invitation cards, and logos.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/5391/almendra.zip

25. Almond Delight:


Almendra is a free calligraphy typeface created by Ana Sanfelippo. It is perfect to use in children’s storybooks because of its playful look with a hint of deco-art. Also, you can use this font in posters, gift cards, invitation cards, and logos.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/almond-delight.zip

26. Miama:


Miama is a gorgeous calligraphy font designed by Linus Romer. It has a connected stroke of cursive letters. So if you use it without spacing, the design will not be ruined. Rather, it will give a beautiful decorative stylish look. it is a perfect choice for designing wedding cards, gift cards, valentine’s day cards, logos, headlines, and so on.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/miama.zip

27. Braxton:


Braxton is a brush-styled calligraphy typeface designed by Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky. It is most suitable for writing text on the t-shirt, banner, poster along with cards, print motion graphics, etc. the font gives an eye-catching look to any design.  It has only one style available that is the normal one for free. However, you can get 5 styles if you use the pro version.

Download: https://www.dafontfree.io/download/braxton/?wpdmdl=567&ind=YnJheHRvbi56aXA

28. Some Weatz Font:


Some Wheatz font is an awesome vintage calligraphic font with a beautiful hand-drawn art style. It can turn any simple text into a decorative one. If you to design a unique logo, poster, CD wrapper, cover page, or any gift card, you can go for this font. It is designed by Måns Grebäck and is free for personal use. So, try it in your design.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/4189/some-weatz.zip

29. Gondola HD:


Gondola is a free calligraphy font with a little gothic effect but looks mostly fancy and playful. So, if you looking for making your cards, posters, or logos a bit more fun-looking with elegance, it is the perfect match for you.  It has only one style available for free.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/12400/gondola.zip

30. Kingthings- Calligraphica:


Kingthings- Calligraphic is a rounded calligraphic typeface designed by Kevin King. It has a Blockletter style that looks gothic as well as decent. It gives a warm and trendy look to any design like posters, cover pages, logos, cards, visiting cards, and a lot more other stuff.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/15465/kingthings-calligraphica-italic.zip

31. Selfish:


Selfish is a retro calligraphy font mostly suitable for text-based images, wedding cards, birthday theme items, posters, greeting cards, and so on. It gives a decorative and fancy look. You can use the font in a larger size as a display font since it is convenient to read. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=selfish

32. Sverige:


Sverige is a free calligraphy typeface that has a feminine and picture-like look. It is another amazing for using calendar design, card design, posters, banners, etc. you can design beautiful text-based images with this font. The full version of this font requires a license for use.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/4193/sverige-script.zip

33. Chopin:


Chopin is a cursive handwriting calligraphy font designed by ClaudeP Fonts. It gives a light vintage look to any cards as wedding cards, greeting cards, etc. also, it is perfect for tattoo design. The free version contains uppercase and lowercase letters along with some special characters.

Download:  https://dl.1001fonts.com/chopin-script.zip

34. Metro Grunge:


Metro Grunge is a bold and fancy calligraphy font designed by Peter Olexa. It gives a classy and metallic look wherever you use it. It is also suitable for t-shirts, diary designs, calendar design, notebook designs, gift card designs, and many more.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/20602/metro-grunge.zip

35. Bajern:


Bajern is German fraktur-inspired typeface that looks bold and trendy. It is a free calligraphy font designed by Anton Bolin. However, you can design awesome logos, invitation cards, business cards, posters, etc with this font.

Download: https://creativemarket.com/antonbolin/1485218-Bajern-%25E2%2580%2594-A-modern-fraktur

36. Gothic – Modern:


Gothic – Modern is a gothic calligraphy typeface as the name says. Though it is gothic, it still looks very fancy and trendy.  One of the good parts of the font is it supports multiple languages. If you want a straight gothic moody look in your designs, you can go for this font.

Download: https://befonts.com/downfile/239b93dec63562122203f92cc0d7c502.37656

37. Hovel:


Hovel is a free calligraphy font with a wild look and quirky design. The typeface has uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation. It gives a playful look and that goes perfectly with posters, cards, t-shirts, diaries, branding, and so on. It is designed by Sergey Karas and is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://fontm.com/hovel-font

38. Odale:


Odale is another gothic calligraphy font designed by Johannes Gutenberg. It appears as a bold and attractive styled typeface because of the thick strokes and soft edges. You can use the font for designing cards, cover pages, headlines, CD wrapper, and so on. It is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://befonts.com/downfile/434b45672ba549f3ddbd03541a6fca6f.35919

39. Zero Font:


Zero Font is a geometrical calligraphy font that is also a sans serif display typography. The geometrical details have made it stand out in the list of calligraphy fonts. It looks fabulous and eye-catching in logos, posters, titles, banners, cards, and so on. The typeface is designed by Italian designer Sergio Vento.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/18906/zero.zip

40. Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast is a fancy calligraphy font that is wonderfully funky and dramatic. It is designed by Francis John S. Villo similarly suitable for designing headlines, titles, logos, cards, t-shirts, and many more. It adds a glamorous look to any design and display.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=beauty_and_the_beast

41. Watermelon:


Watermelon is a cursive calligraphy typeface with medium contrast designed by Misti’s Fonts. It has an excellent informal look with chunky bold decorative letters which makes it perfect for using in wedding cards, birthday cards, magazine covers, titles, logos, and in a lot more other places. Furthermore, the font will enhance the aesthetics of your designs.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/watermelon-script-demo.zip

42. Calling Angels:


Calling Angels is, in fact, an outlined calligraphy typeface designed by Billy Argel. This font is perfect for use in watermarks, logos, t-shirts, portfolios, CD wrappers, cards, etc. It gives a retro decorative look with its cursive tattoo-like style. If you want to use this font for commercial purposes, you must get a license.

Download: https://www.1001freedownloads.com/download/597089

43. Winter Calligraphy:


Winter Calligraphy is handwriting calligraphy that gives a winter-y coziness and cool-festive vibes as well. This cursive font can also make any simple-looking logo and designs a creative and exclusive one. It is designed by Misti’s font and only one style is available for free.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/winter-calligraphy.zip

44. Fire on the Mountain:


Fire on the Mountain is a charming calligraphy font with a cursive look and decorative style. It is designed for use as a text in greeting cards, wedding cards, logos, posters, and so on. It gives an attractive look to whatever project you are using.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=fire_on_the_mountain

45. Congrats Calligraphy:


Congrats Calligraphy is designed by Misti’s Font, a well-known name for creating decorative fonts. You can know from the name, it is perfect for greeting cards, wedding cards, birthday cards and so on. It gives a fancy elegant look to the texts used in the designs.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/congrats-calligraphy.zip

46. Stylish calligraphy:


Stylish Calligraphy as the name says is a stylish and playful calligraphy font. As the design of the font is more decorative and not very formal looking, it is perfect for using in cards, posters, text-based images, t-shirts, menu cards, etc. It gives a nice fancy look with its feminine cursive style. The font is designed by Misti’s Fonts and is also free for non-commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/stylish-calligraphy-demo.zip

47. The Heart of Everything:


The Heart of everything is an eye-catching curly-style calligraphy typeface. It makes your logos, cards, posters, etc a lot more stylish and fancier looking with its high contrast and art-deco design. It is another free font for personal use, not requiring a license for commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/the-heart-of-everything-demo.zip

48. Wedding bells:


Wedding bells are a modern calligraphy font with a cursive design and vintage vibe, which makes it suitable for use in wedding cards, invitation cards, titles, and branding. The demo version contains only one style and that is free for personal use. But if you want to use the font for any money-making purpose, you must get a license.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/mf-wedding-bells.zip

49. Hugs-&-Kisses:


Hugs & kisses is another amazing calligraphy typeface that perfectly goes with Valentine’s Day themes, wedding themes, and birthday themes along with branding and logo designing. It is a must-have typeface for graphic designers who often find a decorative font for their projects.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/hugs-and-kisses-xoxo-demo.zip

50. Amilya :


Amilya is a girly-looking bold calligraphy typeface designed by Aqeela Studio. It has uneven strokes and a hand lettering effect. You can also design beautiful wedding cards, greeting cards, invitation cards, logos, and a lot more other things with this font.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/amilya.zip

51. Angellina:


Angellina is a bold calligraphy font designed by Good Java Studio. It has additionally a natural handwriting look with a luxurious design. The font also goes well with cards, logos, posters, T-shirts, branding, etc. It can make beautiful text-based images for its good readability and charming look.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=angellina

52. Artifika:


Artifika is a clean calligraphy typeface that looks super trendy and modern. If you are to design logos or cards for your fashion branding, it is a perfect option for you. It is condensed and bold which is also perfect for titles and headlines. So, having this font into possession is an absolute win.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/artifika.zip

53. Babang:


Babang is a bold calligraphy font with a soft eye-catching look. The thick strokes have made it perfect for use in titles and headlines. However, you can use it for decorating your cards, cover pages along with other graphic designs. It is free for non-profit and charity purposes. If you are to use it for a commercial cause, you need a license.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/27231/babang.zip

54. Bananas Personal Use:


Bananas Personal Use is a cursive calligraphy font designed by Billy Argel. It is perfect for logo designing, card designing, posters, banners, CD wrappers, t-shirt designing, and so on. It has 54 glyphs and 63 characters. You will get a nice decorated style and bold look with this font.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/bananas-personal-use.zip

55. Clarissa:


Clarissa is a handwriting calligraphy font designed by Bangkit Tri Setiadi. It is a perfect choice for headlines, titles, logos, cards, and many other things. It has a playful look that makes your design quirky and exotic. The font is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/clarissa.zip

56. Cloud Control:


Cloud Control is a bold calligraphy font designed by Typomancer. It has a retro look with a handwritten style. You can choose this font for all your designs as logos, covers, posters, and so on. It will make your designs playful and attractive.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/cloud-control.zip

57. Delicate Sans Bold:


Delicate Sans Bold is a fancy calligraphy font created by Shara Weber. This font is enough for making your designs sophisticated and exclusive. All graphic designs along with logos, posters, and name cards will look eye-catching and vibrant with this decorative font.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/18727/delicate-sans.zip

58. Fondamento


If you are looking for a simple yet elegant calligraphy font for your graphic designs, the Fondamento is the best one for you. It is a formal-looking decent font inspired by the traditional Foundation Hand. This font is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/fondamento.zip

59. Goudy Thirty


Goudy Thirty is a Roman gothic calligraphic font with an ancient vibe. It is authorized by Dieter Steffmann. It is a super readable font that makes it perfect for use in cards, posters, cover, headlines, and so on. Also, it is free even for commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/goudy-thirty.zip

60. Humanistic:


Humanistic is a serif calligraphy font designed by George Williams. It has two styles available for free such as Humanistic and Humanistic cursive. Both of the styles are perfect for designing high-quality logos, titles, headlines, covers, cards, and a lot more other things. The font is free for personal as well as commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/humanistic.zip

61. Let’s Bake Muffuns:


The font is as cute as its name. Let’s Bake Muffins is a calligraphy font that is absolutely amazing for designing menu cards, birthday cards, invitation cards, t-shirts, and a lot more other stuff. The designs will have a warm and attractive look with this font. It is free for non-commercial use, not for money-making purposes.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=let_s_bake_muffins

62. Pamela:


Pamela is a feminine calligraphy font with an ornamental look and elegant style. You can use this font for projects where you need an aesthetic font along with readability. Wedding cards, birthday cards, t-shirts, and also text-based images will go perfectly with this font. The best part is it is free for commercial purposes.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/pamela.zip

63. Press Gutenberg:


Press Gutenberg is a quirky-looking calligraphy font designed by Galdino Otten. It looks a bit medieval and gothic-styled for its thick and bold design. However, it makes your texts eye-catching and radiant. You can also make customized invitation cards, wedding cards, menu cards, t-shirts, and other things with this font. You cannot use the font for commercial purposes without a license.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/press-gutenberg.zip

64. Quish :


Quish is natural handwriting-styled calligraphy font. It has a brush effect and a rough uneven design. You can choose it for designing your invitation cards, covers, t-shirts and so on. It gives a natural vintage look that makes it suitable for use in image-based texts. It is only free for non-commercial use.

Download:  https://dl.1001fonts.com/quish.zip

65. Rainy Wind:


Rainy Wind is a light cursive calligraphy font with a natural handwriting style. The font looks fancy and quirky. So it is suitable for all your fun designs. Whatever it is- invitation cards, headers, titles, etc, this font is a perfect option. If you want to use it for any commercial purpose, consider having a license.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/rainy-wind.zip

66. Redressed:


Redressed is an elegant calligraphy typeface designed by Astigmatic. You are to love this font if you like simple yet decorated font for your design projects. It looks amazing in larger sizes as well as in smaller sizes. Also, it is free for both personal and commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/redressed.zip

67. Ribbon of Hope:

ribbon of hope

Ribbon of Hope features a quirky style with a handwriting effect. You can decorate your festival poster, t-shirts, invitation cards, etc. with this font. The font also provides an informal rustic look with its uneven sizes. Anyway, you can use it free for non-commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/ribbonofhope.zip

68. Rostock Kaligraph:


Rostock Kaligraph is a Celtic calligraphy font designed by Peter Wiegel. It features a stylish design along with a playful retro look. This font is a good choice for graphic designers, autistics, and entrepreneurs. However, it is free for commercial use which is a bonus.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=rostock_kaligraph

69. Sail:


Sail is a cursive calligraphy font suitable for posters, headlines, and titles designed by Latinotype. It has a curly decorative style that gives a sophisticated formal look. The clean lowercase and polished swashes make it perfect to use in the display text. You can also use it free for even commercial purposes.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/sail.zip

70. Self-deception:


Self-Deception is a natural handwritten style calligraphy font with a vintage look. You can choose it for designing exotic wedding cards, cover pages, titles, headers, logos, and a lot more other things. It gives a charming vibrant look that is hard to ignore at the first glance. The font is designed by Misti’s Font and is also free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/self-deception.zip

71. Senoritta:


Senoritta is an exotic calligraphy font that gives a funky look and a unique vibe to your designs. It turns your designs into exclusive ones. You can design invitation cards, valentine’s day cards, wedding cards, posters, fashion logos, and so on with it. However, the demo version is free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=senorita

72. Sister Morphine:


Sister Morphine is a basic calligraphy font designed by Junkohanhero. It is also a fancy-looking rough typeface that makes amazing titles, headliners, cards, logos, and a lot more other graphic designs. This font has only one style available.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=sister_morphine

73. Sketch Gothic School:


Sketch gothic school is as beautiful as gothic. It is a handwritten calligraphy font with a sketched patterned design. The font is perfectly okay to use in Halloween poster designs, children’s book covers, t-shirts, invitation cards, and so on. It is designed by Galdino Otten and is free for non-commercial personal use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/sketch-gothic-school.zip

74. Oregano:


For a playful casual look in your brochures, advertisements, cards, and posters you can choose Oregano. The font is based on logo designer Rand Holub’s cartoon-style lettering. It has a natural handwriting look that looks enchanting in both large sizes and small sizes. However, the font is free for commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/oregano.zip

75. Springtime Sunshine:


Springtime Sunshine is a high-quality calligraphy font designed by Misti’s Font. It is a vintage-style handwritten font that is perfect for titles, headlines, and other branding projects. The exotic look of this font is hard to ignore.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=springtime_sunshine

76. Easy November:


Easy November is a handcrafted calligraphy font with a versatile decorative look. If you want to make your designs unique and quirky, you can choose this font for your projects. Though commercial use requires a license, personal use is free.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/22631/easy-november.zip

77. Kristi:


Kristi features a cursive handwritten look along with a beautiful calligraphic touch. Try it out for your wedding card, and greeting card designs. It gives a dramatic feel and vintage vibe to any design. However, the font is inspired by Old Chancery. So you may feel a similarity between these two fonts. Anyway, it is designed by Estonian graphic designer Birgit Pulk. The best part is it is free for commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/kristi.zip

78. Pinyon Script:


Pinyon Script is a beautiful and concise calligraphy font designed by Nicole Fally. It has a combination of both thin ascenders and thick ascenders. The cursive italic look makes it suitable for headlines and titles. Also, you can use it for designing customized greeting cards, invitation cards, and other things. This font is free for personal and commercial use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/pinyon-script.zip

79. Widia:


Widia is a rough brush-styled calligraphy font designed by Marwah. The natural handwriting look makes it elegant and perfect for titles, headlines, quotes, posters, greeting cards, and so on. It gives a modern trendy look to your design. You can use it free for non-commercial purposes.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/widia.zip

80. Winter Bells:


A perfect font for Christmas designs! Winter balls is a stunning calligraphy font that you can use for designing Christmas cards, wedding cards, birthday cards, and so on. The font has also ornamental bells in its design, which has made it splendid and super elegant. It is designed by Fadli Ramadhan Iskandar and is free for personal use.

Download: https://www.1001freefonts.com/d/28979/winter-bells.zip

81. Sophia:


Sophia is a hand-lettered brush-style calligraphy typeface created by Emily Spadoni. This font has a little shabby look yet it gives a very sweet visual effect to any designs you make. It is mostly suited for invitation cards, greeting cards, logos, and other graphic designs. Though it is not free for commercial purposes, still you can use it for personal uses.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=sophia_3

82. Wizzta Regular:


Wizzta is a spooky-looking calligraphy font designed by Gunarta. If you want to bring a magical fantasy vibe into your designs, you can choose this font for your projects. The best part of this font is- it is free for both commercial and personal use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/wizzta.zip

83. Wooslight Demo:


Wooslight has an amazing natural handwritten effect. It is also a calligraphy font with a vintage vibe. You can use this font for wedding cards, fashion logos, photography titles, book covers, greeting cards, signatures, etc. You can have the demo version for free. But for the full version and commercial use, you must get a license.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=wooslight

84. Highest:


Highest also has the natural hand-witting style. This calligraphy font is designed by Jos Gandos. If you want a stylish font for your image, it is a perfect choice. Other projects such as branding, packaging, logos, cards, etc will get a classy look with this typeface. You can use it free for non-commercial purposes.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=highest

85. Butterfly:


Butterfly is a perfect calligraphy font for wedding cards, fashion logos as well as all display text. You can either use it for making headlines or titles or as plain text for short messages or announcements. The demo version is available for free.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=butterfly_8

86. Milton one:


Designed by Youssef Habchi, Milton One is a cursive calligraphy font with long descenders and long ascenders. It has a chic sleek look that gives an extremely trendy look to all your designs. Decorate your wedding cards, invitation cards, titles, etc. with this font for a modern design. It is only free for personal use, but you have to buy it for commercial uses.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/milton-one.zip

87. Pharmount:


Pharmount is another gorgeous calligraphy font for all your playful designs. It gives an aristocratic look into the invitation card and wedding cards. You can use it for other projects like branding, logo designing, headlines, etc. as well. The full version requires a license but there is a free version available.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=pharmount

88. Acryle Script:


Acryle Script is a hand-letter-style calligraphy font with an absolute quirky vibe. It is so naturally crafted that it almost looks like a handwritten one. It is well suited as a display text, headlines, titles, posters, cards, and so on. Nevertheless, you can use the free version for non-commercial purposes.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/acryle-script-personal-use.zip

89. Naila:


Naila is a serif–brush calligraphy typeface with a playful look. It is a “delight in disorder”. It is beautiful with its uneven sizes and rough design. You can use this font as a display text as well as greeting cards, logos, and so on.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=naila

90. Billionthine:


Billionthine is a handcrafted calligraphy font with a slightly cursive style. It has a trendy look with simple details. You can design gorgeous wedding cards, posters, book covers, magazine covers, etc. with this font. Though the full version requires a license, you can still use the free version.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=billionthine

91. Mothius:


Mothius is another decorative rounded calligraphy font well suited for different cards, titles, and logos. It features an elegant look with a hand-written effect. You can also use this font for making attractive social media posts, warm invitation cards, and a lot more other things.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=mothius

92. Midnight Valentine:


Midnight Valentine is a cursive decorated calligraphy font designed by Octotype. It is well suited for making interesting designs, store names, covers, logos, and different cards. If your design requires a playfully chic look, it is well fitted for that.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=midnight_valentine

93. I’m Fasionista:

I’m Fasionista

I’m Fashionista is a perfect calligraphy typeface for your fashion logos, brochures, catalog, and other designs. It has a rough handwritten style that looks as fancy as classy. There is a free version available for free but the full version requires a license.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=im_fashionista

94. Youth and Beauty:


Youth and Beauty is a fancy calligraphic font designed by Misti’s font. The beautiful cursive design has made it perfect for wedding card design as well as wedding theme display text. Anyway, you can use it for whatever design you want. It goes perfectly well with that too. It is only free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.1001fonts.com/youth-and-beauty.zip

95. Sweet Dream:


Sweet Dream is a cute calligraphy font perfect for using as a display text in images. You can use this font for designing gift cards, greeting cards, quotes, t-shirts, titles, and so on. If you like a curly decorated style in your designs, it is a perfect match for that. It has only one style available for free.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=sweet_dream

96. Vagnotie:


Vagnotie is a regular calligraphy typeface with a simple modern brush style. The digital brush pen strokes have made it amazing and attractive. You can make unique and interesting designs with this font. It has lowercase, uppercase letters, numbering, and punctuation. You can also use them for stunning designs.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=vagnotie

97. King City:


King city is a different-looking calligraphy font that is perfect for making a slightly unconventional design. It gives a stylish look along with a rough touch to the designs. Headlines, displays, titles, logos, name cards, etc. will look great with this font. It is designed by Ferry Hadriyan and is free for personal use however.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=king_city

98. Victoria Melody:


Victoria Melody is a Victorian-style calligraphy font with a thick hand-brushed look. This font can turn any simple text into a decorated one. You can use it for product packaging, branding, titles, graffiti, logos, quotes, and cards. The font is designed by designer Herman and free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=victoria_melody

99. Henry Morgan Hand:


Henry Morgan Hand is a sleek calligraphy font that belongs to Paul Lloyd. This font is super stylish and elegant with its ornamental details. Decorate anything you want with this font and you will get a stunning look in it. It has only one style available for free.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=henry_morgan_hand

100. Nina Script:


Nina script is a playful calligraphy font with an extremely quirky look. The font face is suitable for headlines, cards, titles, and display. You may not like it as plain text because of its ornamental design. However, this font design belongs to Mans Greback and is free for personal use.

Download: https://dl.dafont.com/dl/?f=nina_script_demo

Aren’t the fonts amazing? Now that you have the list, download it and use it on your next projects. We hope that this fonts list will help you create stunning graphic designs including logos and other brand designs.

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