A Review of Pixlr Editing Tool

Review of Pixlr Editing Tool

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It is great to feel when we can do some simple daily graphical tasks without the help of a laptop or PC. Sometimes we also just want to develop a graphical design with some amazing ideas. We want to post it real quick. It has been like a dream come true for any user with this wonderful platform. So, in this regard, Pixlr editing tool is an amazing online-based platform for us. Try our world’s best photo editing services.

It saves our money and time. It is also reducing our design time. You can quickly post a stunning post with your favorite text and also post it on business outlets too. We can also go for social media and many wonderful pages. In a new start-up, companies each unit can independently create a simple graphical design. They can do its proper section area. They try to publish it to the users on the outside marketplace.

Benefits of Pixlr

Pixlr Editing Tool - Vector Design US, Inc.

Pixlr is an online Flash-based photo retouching software. Up to now, Pixlr is a free app for all users. Pixlr users are individuals to the main enterprise. There is no such news yet. It will happen If and when the interface platform is set to charge people from using it. It’ll happen for the content creators too. Again, for the several art masters on the go. Pixlr is one of the greatest apps to use for this.

It is free in total and also available on the website. You don’t need to worry about any regard to devices. We only need a perfect internet connection to get access to this free app. We have to do it with serious functionalities with proper attention. For this, we need to open a file from any device through this application. It is quite like we would do with any popular photo editing software. So, there we are good to move.

Furthermore, the photo edited on Pixlr is set to the initial private program. This makes the interaction with the application. When it is over the net it is secure. The interface of the Pixlr app also does not store any copy of the photo in their systems.

Pixlr Software

Pixlr is a family of web-based editing software that can work like a native mobile photo-editing application too. It is built overusing the Flash technique. It requires a plug-in to get the job done. At this moment, it is free in total to use. It comes with no extra enterprise pricing fees to be concerned about.

Pixlr is also an excellent choice for image editors. It helps them in many ways. The image editors need mobility in theirs to work. They should have it without sacrificing the use of powerful toolkits. With the help of this kind of suite photo editors, they can use sophisticated image editing paraphernalia. Wherever they are it doesn’t matter. It is regardless of which device they are turning on now.

Additionally, there we can get another amazing thing. Pixlr assures its users about keeping a secret. They assure that their images are kept private in an amazing way. Pixlr users do open their work files directly from their computers, tablets, or phones. The application doesn’t store perpetual copies of the photo in their systems in any way.

How is Pixlr is doing?

Since different companies have their different unique business wants they try to reach them. It is quite reasonable for every company out there. They’ll try to avoid getting some one-size-fits-all, ”best” application. The same process happens again. It is troublesome for them to discover such complex software.

Even among the sought-after software systems, it remains complex. There should be a logical step to undertake the application. It would be here to take note of the process. It is one of the several main factors in the process. It’ll need proper deliberation. Such as important features, proper costing, and technical skills are needed to gain the competence of the employees. It’ll also help the business size.

Thereafter, we must double down on the main research in an exhaustive way. We need to go through some Pixlr review articles. We should scrutinize the other software options in the list more closely. Such well-rounded research-based work is needed. It can make sure about taking out the unsuitable application products. It provides system information to the main interface and includes all the functions that require company requirements for optimal results.

Pixlr is in the top 10 Graphic Design application products

If we are interested in the one and only Pixlr it may also be sensible to check out the other subcategories of this Graphic Design application. Pixlr application is gathered in the database of SaaS application reviews in the portal.

There are trendy systems with some of the widely used systems in each application category. Again there can be raised questions. Are they automatically the best ones? And are they fit for the organization’s unique needs? A trendy software application product may have thousands of several customers and a base.

Does it present what it needs according to the customer? For this reason, we should not blindly shell out for popular systems. You need to read at least a few Pixlr Graphic Design application reviews. We need to mull over the trendy aspects. We may want the main functionality. The program interface is also in the available integrations. Then, we must shortlist a few software lists.

It will need to fit our required criteria. We shouldn’t miss the free trials of these amazing platforms and also read online reviews. For having proper explanations about the interface maker you should do research thoroughly. This profound research-based review is sure to help us. It’ll also help us find the best software application. The requirement also helps the organization endure its specific needs.

Pixlr Product Quality Score


Product Quality Score
Product Quality Score 2

Pixlr features

  • The main features of Pixlr software are:
  • Photo Collage
  • Magic Wand
  • Digital Painting
  • Lasso
  • Digital Inking
  • Eraser
  • Effects
  • Layers
  • Color Replace
  • Brushes
  • Adjustments
  • Image Retouching
  • Filters
  • Object Transform
  • Texts & Fonts

Overview of Pixlr Features

  • Lasso
  • Brushes
  • Eraser
  • Object Transform
  • Color Replace
  • Digital Painting
  • Digital Inking
  • Photo Collage
  • Effects
  • Layers
  • Adjustments
  • Filters
  • Texts & Fonts
  • Magic Wand

Advantages of Pixlr

Pixlr Benefits - Vector Design US, Inc.

Here are the main benefits of the Pixlr application. That’s are its rich features. The ease of use. And the full free platform for all users. Here are the benefits in detail when we get to use Pixlr: 

Free and Safe

Pixlr, the application is free for now. There isn’t also any kind of indication for using the wonderful app. The main company will charge the users soon. It is quite like a legitimate site. Pixlr does not engage in fraudulent activities. It also doesn’t take place in perpetuation or any hidden charges. The picture that we edit or make on Pixlr is free. They are also free for commercial use in total.

For freelancing support, the artists and small businesses can use this too. This application is the perfect starter in the pathway. For several enterprises with content creators in the field. It is good to let the employees know about Pixlr’s no-cost offer. It helps the new beginners most effectively. They feel very safe. They can start a perfect start-up in this way.

Versatile and Lightweight

Pixlr is famous for its versatile and lightweight features. There is no browser but can’t access the Pixlr application. Pixlr users can access the photo editing suite. This tool is regardless of device type. It has also nothing to do with the operating system. It doesn’t matter If we are on Mac OS or in Windows. We can access it in Linux using Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. Pixlr is also available at the perfect disposal. All we need to do is just have is a Flash plug-in interface.

If we are on smartphones it’ll be easier for us. Or, we can use it on iOS or Android. We can download the native application. They do not take much of the main space and memory. It is a true lightweight amazingly. That app packs an impressive punch when it comes to its functionality. 

Quick Fix

Pixlr is well-known for being the lightweight app that packs so many photo editing tools. The functionalities are at no cost. There is another important thing to be noticed. The application also includes many amazing tools for quick fixes. This is something very essential for the people on the go.

This system is for those persons who just need a minor adjustment. We need to open the application in the browser on any device. Then, we need to apply several touch-ups. We do not have to re-open the laptop. We also don’t have to go to the desktop for such simple needs.

For those guys out there who are not well experienced in photo editing. They must see this application. These quick fixes terms can allow them to manipulate their image with a professional feel.

Technical Specifications

There are several technical specifications that we need to look at a bit.

Devices Supported

  • Web-based
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Desktop

Customer types

  • Small business
  • Medium business
  • Enterprise

Support Types

  • Phone
  • Online

Pixlr Integrations

There the following Pixlr application integrations are currently offered by the famous vendor:

Pixlr’s API can be embedded in web applications. It is for the users’ that they can create personal websites as well as third-party solutions.

Pixlr pricing is available in the following plans:

  • $0

Pros and Cons

Now we are going to discuss some major pros and cons. It’ll help a user to find the right choice.

Pros of Pixlr

Images can be edited very quickly here. We can also do it quickly through the application browser. Sometimes it happened that we are on the road. So, at that time we need to design in a hurry. We may not get enough time to create a new visual post for our LinkedIn or Instagram.

For this, we may need graphical support in the sharp schedule. Sometimes it may need to be prepared and posted in less than ten minutes. If we want to do it with our mobile phone or iPad, Pixlr will help us a lot at this moment. This platform is great because of its quickness.

The tool is both fast and does the job with the help of any device. It gives us a sense of comfort while doing a particular job. It has many ready-pre-built and beautiful templates. Those all templates are free in total. Even a beginner can edit their favorite image and edit with adding effects on it. They can add text and resize without the need for a professional computer.

Pixlr Templates

Pixlr offers a wonderful multi-purpose template. It is specifically designed for social media graphical solutions. It also works for the ads. There are so many features and variations with proper sizing. This area added a new dimension across all the social media platforms.

We can notice it on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Pixlr is an excellent and useful tool. It has a full free option to adjust the new dimensions. To be specific to the channel, we can do this without having to be skilled in Adobe Photoshop.

The Pixlr Marketplace is an amazing resource for wonderful content planning. For the creation of amazing content. It offers several beautiful inspirations to the design team. The layouts are insanely modern. The sophisticated program isn’t too text-heavy. It is perfect for the adding of the content. It is especially on Facebook and Instagram.

As per the title. We can use this for free!

There are three different versions of Pixlr:

  1. Pixlr E, which is the most “advanced” version. It is intended for intermediate-to-advanced graphics designers. 
  2. Pixlr X, which has the basic image editor. It is intended for entry-level graphic designers. It is used for quick image editing.
  3. Pixlr Premium is the only paid version. Its use is rare.

To clarify, Pixlr E is completely free. It has added no subscription as well…

It’s a free and alternative toolkit to Photoshop. It can be an alternative for Adobe Lightroom. It’s really good for when we are learning image editing. It is about all the options that we can have when retouching an image.

Generally, it is easy to use. It is also quite reliable for or a total web-based program. It is quite stable & also usable. We can use it near daily for client work and our meetings.

Cons of Pixlr

It’s a powerful and very fast tool. It is used only in some new features. That all criteria should be added to it. Normally there happens no bug or problem. Everything works perfectly in this interface even if after adding the following items. It will be much more than complete and also looks professional.

The application is missing the Curves Tool. It doesn’t support the BMP and Tiff format. It is badly needed an auto image extension converter tool. The most important feature to add is online cloud storage space. It is for saving the project’s files. They should add those features.

Pixlr Vs. Canva

We often find that we have been using Canva more than Pixlr these days. Lately, it is because of Canva’s brand new templates. They offer a much larger array of templates. The drag and drop features are also useful. It is in Canva that is a little easier to use. Normally people wish applications like Pixlr would have a better team of the dashboard. We can organize projects by the client through this amazing app. We can also assign various team leaders and members to each one.

Honestly, we can’t think of many negative issues about this wonderful product. If we are looking for additional functionality. We can’t find it with the Premium Paid version of this application. We may probably require an alternative application altogether!

It’s not close enough to Adobe photoshop and lightroom. We feel like it could have to get many, many more options. It would be better in the final quality. There should be better offers. They should include offers for the graphics designer and the professionals. It is for those who look for a cheaper option than Adobe’s products.

It would be nice to have some additional features native to the application and improvements on the magic wand selector


Now we are going to discuss what we like most about this amazing application. And also what we dislike in detail.

What do we like best?

We love the amazing functionality of Pixlr. We also love the way how we can use it on the daily basis. It is held without paying some expensive monthly fees. We use it for inclusion purposes. Creating a transparent Picture is its best quality. We do resize pictures to the specific dimensions and add the photo in the different colored backgrounds. We can use this software for the general editing too. It’s very similar to the simplified version of adobe photoshop. The best part is it doesn’t come with the big-budget price tag!

Ease of use this is 100%. This application is very intuitive. It is also very easy for a beginner’s level user to learn how to use it. Due to its more advanced and sophisticated features, it’s also amazing for intermediate users. Anyone there who doesn’t know how to use Adobe Photoshop. They should use this first. Pixlr is everyone’s favorite as an intermediate image editor too. The web-based application is just as good as the main online website. The ads are quite minimal as well. It is wonderful and balanced.

One of the cool and easy ways to edit images online is with Pixlr image editor. When we’re using the Pixlr application for the first time we may feel like we’re using a very good image editor with lots of amazing features. We like that the Pixlr application has a very good collection of templates built-in.

Customization facility of Pixlr

All those wonderful templates are pretty much customizable. They are also used for changing the photos and the styles. The filters are used to change the textures of the texts also. Different text styles are also available here. It makes this easier to create our unique style of design apart from those wonderful templates. Pixlr also has got several key tools. It is used to further enhance the editing process.

We have brushes in it with different types of erasers, cloning tools, and selection tools. These toolkits are useful for developing and drawing illustrations. The particular useful feature among all is the layers. It does supports Pixlr to the layering in editing. It makes this very easy to develop an amazing design.

Pixlr is one of the easiest to use online image editing platforms. We’ve used it so far in recent times. It consists of various amazing features which are essential for any type of image editing and illustration program. First of all. It is a cool new template. They are being created very well as far as the templates go.

We like that all the templates are editable with ease. The contents of the templates are also replaceable in an easy way. We can add our pictures and drawings on top of the template to create our amazing custom templates. Brushes are also present in the Pixlr app. It works well to create different drawings. It is to create illustrations and more. Proper text editing and font selection are also good features and advantages of Pixlr.

Pixlr Properties

Different properties of different texts like width, height, etc are adjustable. It makes the thing very easy to use. And to customize the texts. Another amazing advantage of Pixlr is its presence in the online world. It is a cloud-based image editing tool. So it’s very easy to get access from any device. Let’s resume our work again.

Pixlr is a clever online image editing tool. It gives services among the other ones. It has got good qualities in many ways. The removing process in the entire background with an artificial intelligence system is way too cool. This feature mostly works very well in many scenarios. Mostly when we need to get rid of the entire background real quick. Then there is a whole friendly user interface.

It is with lots of customizable toolkits and features. Brad’s new templates are also quite helpful. They can be used to create amazing posters. It also assets quickly. Text editing, custom shape graphic designing, illustrations are all possible things with Pixlr. With the help of Pixlr and its many options which certainly easily assures graphic designing. It is also fun to do. There are also reliable advanced tools in Pixlr. It helps in drawing and as well as editing images.

Pixlr Tools

Tools like cloning, eraser, different brushes are very helpful for creating graphic designs. Pixlr also offers us different types of file formats. It comes to saving work and time. Overall we like that Pixlr. It is better than most online image editing tools.

Pixlr is one of the main image editing online platforms. It has some useful features. We like that it’s free to use. It comes with lots of amazing features. Pixlr web version has many amazing tools. This version works best for any kind of graphics designing job or in just some plain simple editings. It has a wide process.

It has got height sliders adjustment. Another adjustable wonderful setting is that it makes customizing text fonts so easy. Color selection and object selection with the lasso is amazing. The brushes for drawing, eraser tools, healing, or cloning toolkit are some of the best features of the Pixlr application.

we use it in most of our designs. Aside from these amazing features, another advantage of Pixlr’s web-based mood is its easy accessibility. The web version can be accessed from any device. So, that’s always a plus point for our work. We like Pixlr and its amazing features.

What do we dislike?

We sometimes run into such situations. Where we are not 100% sure of how to use this application. This may our fault though! We should give ourselves a tutorial. Instead of playing around with this, we should gain some practical knowledge. And trying to figure it out in a miserable way. Imagine it can save some of our valuable time too. Although the platform itself is mostly easy to use.

We do occasionally wish to Pixlr for some more involved functionality. To gain the ability to edit graphics and images in a more advanced manner.

Pixlr doesn’t have sort of a cloud storage solution to store images. The cloud storage helps to restore after the photos are getting edited. Some online cloud storage facility is there for some of the unfinished jobs. We want it would be more helpful. If they also provide the cloud storage solution for images they add some extra issues. There are several advertisements in the user interface. These are some issues to consider while using the Pixlr app.

Flaws of Pixlr

The one downside of the Pixlr application is the annoying advertisements. It sometimes covers the full UI. This process needs to be improved. We think it to easily enhance the user experience. Other things like advanced subject selection toolkit. It could be added. It will help a lot to create the perfect fine mask of a subject.

While the Pixlr web-based app is very good to use. Perhaps we can’t recommend its mobile app. It is also unrecommended for any graphic designing job. It is good for just simple image editing or for applying some coo filters. We can use features like Doodles and other simple types of adjustments to the images. The application will become much more useful to many users.

User Satisfaction

  • Positive Social Media Mentions 225
  • Negative Social Media Mentions 2

We realize that when we decide to buy a Graphic Design application. It’s important not only to see how experts evaluate it in the reviews but also to find out if the real people and the companies that buy it. What is the actual satisfaction with the product? That’s why the Pixlr team created their behavior-based Customer Satisfaction Algorithm.

It gathers customer real reviews. It collects comments and Pixlr reviews across a wide range of social media sites. The finished data is then presented. It got in an easy-to-digest form showing how many people had a positive and negative experience while using the Pixlr. With that information at hand, we should be equipped enough to make an informed buying decision. Then, we won’t have any regret.

If we are at the beginner level and want to make a new move. We are thinking of starting a new start-up. Besides, we haven’t got so much knowledge about editing. We also don’t know enough about the rich image editors and editing. Then definitely we can go for Pixlr. It’ll help us in the first level undoubtedly. Its amazing features make this very easy. The user interface is also wonderful to catch the eye of mass people.