100+ Wedding Photography Ideas, Poses, Tips, and Tricks

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Wedding photography is an essential part of any wedding celebration as it captures the precious moments and memories of the big day. Every couple wants to have beautiful and unique photos that they can cherish for a lifetime. However, with so many wedding photography ideas and styles out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the right approach that will perfectly capture the essence of the couple and their wedding day.

Wedding or event photographers should not only have a good eye for composition and lighting but also the ability to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the couple and their guests. They should also be creative, adaptable, and able to capture all the little details that make each wedding unique.

A lot of things need to consider before you start the photography for the wedding. Take your camera, lenses, rechargeable battery, and tripod with you before you reach the venue. Try to reach there before the ceremony gets started so that you do not miss any precious moments.

Now take a look in our 100+ wedding photography ideas to ease your brainstorming.

Wedding Ring:

wedding ring

The wedding ring has a great significance to the bride. So help them show it up magnificently. There are countless ideas you can work with. The best are those with a close-up shot. You can show both of the bride’s and groom’s ring or only the bride’s.

With Friends:

with friends

Take a photo with the bride’s friends along with the bride. Instead of some boring clicks, go to something out of the box. Tell them to pose for you and take a wide-angle shot. Select the background carefully.

Wedding Bouquet:

wedding bouquet

Wedding Bouquet’s picture is one of the must-have for the bride. It is colorful and changes the mood of any photo. So, keep the bouquet in focus while clicking. You can make the rest blur and out of focus.

Bride’s Gown Trial:

bride's gown trial

When the bride tries her gown for the first time, take a picture of that moment. It can be a candid (or a fake candid). As it will be indoor, carefully handle the lighting so that the gown looks magnificent.

Getting Ready:

getting ready for wedding photoshoot

All brides want to have a picture of her makeup session. You can help her in that. You can either tell her to pose or take a candid snap to surprise her. Focus on the makeup kits and her face so that it looks like a natural candid.

Groom Prep:

groom prep for wedding photography

When the groom gets ready for his wedding ceremony, it is the perfect time to take the first picture of him. Keep his face out of focus. Only show that he is getting ready for the long-awaited moment.



What can be more important than the signature at a wedding? Keep yourself ready to take a photo at that moment. Here, you can take only the pen, paper and hands. Keep the faces and all the crowd out of focus.

Wedding cake:

wedding cake

After the bride and groom, the Wedding cake is the center of attraction. So take a photo of the delicious cake. Of course, that will be before cutting the cake. You can take a close shot or take the people in the background.

Wedding Drink:

Wedding Drink phptoshoot

Wedding Drinks are served very exotically that makes them a perfect photo subject. Also, they are an inevitable part of the ceremony. So don’t forget to capture them.

Wedding venue:

wedding venue

Take a photo of the wedding venue. It can be a part of the entire venue like the stage. Choose the wide-angle lens for capturing it so that you get the maximum area covered.

Wedding Shoes:

wedding shoes

The Bride’s wedding shoe is one of the many things that she adored. You can make it more memorable with your creative ideas. There are a lot of ways to capture it beautifully. Feel free to put some other props with it.

With Kids:

with kids

Kids are the heart of the ceremony. You can take a photo of their natural playfulness. Keep them on the central focus while others in the background. Ask the kids to jump or laugh for making the photo more attractive.

Wedding Gifts:

wedding gifts

Wedding gifts are beautiful for their colorful packaging and ribbons. So they are also worth capturing. Either take a lot of them or only a single one. Whatever you do, take a close shot of the gift boxes.

Why not some fun click!

some fun click

A wedding ceremony is full of laughs and fun. Your photos should represent that playfulness too. Get some fun photos of the bride and groom. They can change their shoes and wear something funky.


congratulations photoshoot in wedding

Capture the moment of the newlyweds when they stand before the guests together after saying the vows. You can take a shot from their behind, keeping the guests in front of them. Make them pose for the perfect shot.

Capture the Hairdo:

capture the hairdo

The bride’s hairdo is one of her favourite things for sure. Gift her with a photo for the hair while it’s being done. It will be a close shot where the focus is only on the hair. You can capture the photo while she is having it done or after it is ready.

Out of Focus:

out of focus

Out of the focus photos have a different appeal. So feel free to take one. Capture the moment when the bride and groom walk down from the church and appears before the guests. Make it a semi-wide angle so that part of the guests can be shown.

Close up shot of Table decoration:

wedding table decoration

The reception table is another photo-friendly stuff at the wedding ceremony. There are many things like flowers, glasses, ribbons, curtains etc. Take a close shot of everything that is on the table.

Hide under the Veil:

hide under the veil

It is a pose you can ask your subjects to act. Make them Hide under the veil and do an almost kiss gesture. It will be one of those many photos, the couples will thank you for.

Bridesmaid and Groomsmen:

bridesmaid and groomsmen

Bridesmaid and groomsmen are nothing to ignore. Take a photo of them along with the bride and groom. Or you can take individual shots of them. Choose the wide-angle to get the perfect shot.

The kiss:

the kiss

After saying the vows, the marriage is sealed by a kiss. Do not lose the chance to capture the beautiful moment of their first kiss. For this time, choose not to go close to them. Instead, take a wide-angle shot.



After the vows and signature, time for the bride and groom to have all those memorable pictures. Take a wide-angle shot of them where there are only two of them. Finally, they are together. And it’s a dream come true moment. So make the photo show their love and affection for each other.

The Gown:

the gown

The Wedding Gown is as beautiful as the bride. So it deserves a solo picture of its own. Take a photo of the gown before the bride putting it on. Focus on its colour, design and motifs. The shot will be a close up one.

Far from the madding crowd:

far from the madding crowd

For this idea, take them somewhere far from all the crowds. Let them sit on a park bench together. Ask the bride to lean on her husband. It’s their moment after all. Take the photo from behind them showing up their togetherness.

Hold my hand:

hold my hand

You must get a picture of the couple holding each other’s hand. But you can be a little more creative here. Let them stand against the light holding hand. It will make a shadow of their body in the ground. Take a picture of that shadow along with their hands.

Shooting through Something:

shooting through something

You have to apply some technical knowledge here. Keep something (if leaves, better) in front of the subject making it out of focus. Make a sharp focus on the bride and groom. The closer the foreground object is the better shot you will get. Choose the manual focus option for the best result. 

The Bride:

the bride photoshoot

The Bride’s one of the solo shot is a mandatory one in her wedding ceremony. The photo should be as perfect as a magazine cover. Anyway, use your wide-angle lens for the photo. You can either make her stand in front of the aisles of the church. The point is to make it a flawless picture that everyone cannot help praising.

The whole set up:

the whole set up

A wedding venue is decorated with colorful flowers, ribbons, lights and many other eye-catching decorative items. With a wide-angle shot, try to capture the entire set up. If you can manage to take it before noon, the harsh sun rays will not ruin the lighting.

With Mother:

with mother

A photo of the bride with her mother on the wedding day is the most touching one. Let them show their affection through the photo. You can focus on the mother, keeping the bride’s face hidden. Or make them look at each other with a warm smile.

Time for a Toast:

time for a toast

When the guests get ready for drinking the wine, you can capture a photo of that session. The toast is for the bride and groom’s happiness and their bountiful future. Take as much as guests you can in the frame.

Taking Care:

taking care

Consider taking some cute moment of the couple’s taking care of each other. It can be fixing the hair of the groom by the bride or helping her putting on the shoes. Keep their face out of focus to show the activity closely.

The guests:

the guests

There is no ceremony without the guests. So take a photo of them showing their relationship with the couple. It can be congratulating them after saying the vow or raising the hands to greet them when they are walking on the aisles.

From Above:

from above

It is a great idea to take the couple’s romantic moment from above. Tell them to pose and take the photo from above. Then take a close shot of their faces. Or you can take a wide-angle to show the landscape around them. 


sunset photoshoot

You can create a nice silhouette against the sunset. Make them stand closer and take a wide-angle shot. You can do it with either auto mode or manual mode of your camera.

Capture right there:

capture right there

A wedding day is full of fun and playful moments. The photos should show a part of all the funs and moments as well. Take some of the guests and the newly married couple as your subject and ask them to jump. Capture right the moment they are jumping.

Little Drama:

little drama

It is one of the best ideas for outdoor photography with the bride and groom. You can ask them to pose in a dramatic style. It can be with the veil or the gown or a hat. The prop is less important here. As it is outdoor, avoid mid-noon for the harsh sun rays.

Show the Happiness:

show the happiness

A real candid pulls out many real moments of laugh and emotion. That is why try to capture one of those moments. Nothing is more beautiful than the newly married couple laughing with each other on some jokes.

Some candids:

some candids

Well, talking about candids – there is no limit on how much you can capture them. Ask them to pose for you and before being ready capture the photo. The idea is to show the effort for a photo on a wedding day.

Guys vs Girls:

guys vs girls- wedding photography

It is another idea to take a fun photo. This time with the bridesmaid and the groomsmen, you will do that. Ask them to play the tug of war. The rule is simple; they have to pull a rope. The couple can join them too for making the photo much magnificent.

Post Wedding photo:

post wedding photo

After the ceremony is over, time for some outdoor photoshoot for the couple. You can go to the lakeside or a mountain area. Try out different poses here keeping the beautiful landscape behind them.

Cake cutting moment:

cake cutting moment

Do not miss the cake cutting moment. Take a photo when the bride and groom come to cut the cake with the guests. You can either take a close shot or a wide-angle shot to show the people, enjoying the beautiful moment.

Wedding Dance:

wedding dance

One of the most important moments of the wedding is when the couple starts dancing; holding each other’s hand with a sweet romantic song. For you cannot capture the song, do not miss capturing their dancing moment. If there are too many people around them, ask the couple to pose for you afterwards.

With the Car:

with the car

As a prop, you can keep a car beside the couple. It may have some decoration with flowers and ribbons. The car represents the couple’s journey that has just started for the rest of their life.

Father’s love:

fathers love

You can take a candid photo of father and daughter on a particular moment like when it shows the fatherly love for his daughter on such a day. It can be while entering into the aisles before saying the vow. Or when the bride’s car reaches the venue and he goes to take her down. Focus on the father’s face so that you can capture his true expression and emotion.

Fun photos of newly Weds:

fun photos of newly weds

The groom is standing and the bride is hiding behind him, preparing to do something crazy. A cool idea to take a fun photo, isn’t it? For a wedding day is full of fun, do not miss the chance.

A Walking Shot:

a walking shot

The couples would love to have a long walk on the docks holding hands and talking about life. It is the perfect time to capture them for a walking shot. Take the photo from behind with the wide-angle lens.

Wedding Jewelry :

wedding photoshoot with jewelry

A bride’s wedding jewellery has a special appeal to her. So take a photo of those beautiful neckpieces and earrings. Show their radiance and beauty through your photography style.

Groom’s Mother:

groom's mother

Why only the bride’s photo with her mother? Take a photo with the groom with his mother too. It is a special day in her life all the same. Do not capture it in a boring portrait style instead ask them to pose for you. It can be the mother putting the flower on his son’s buttonhole.

Groom’s waiting for the Bride:

groom's waiting for the bride

Before arriving the bride, take the groom’s one of the solo picture. Make him stand-alone keeping his eye at distant. As if he is waiting for her bride. Take a wide-angle shot to make the photo little more beautiful.

Playful Moments:

playful moments

Now is the time to focus on those handsome groomsmen. But they are not for any boring shot. So try something crazy with them. They are young and it is their day to have fun with his friend, the groom.

Wedding Ring exchanging:

ring exchanging

The ring exchanging ritual is as beautiful as important. It symbolizes their love and happiness that is to get exchanged for the rest of their lives. To capture the moment, focus on the hands and rings only.



A flutter of confetti on the newly married couple is long practised tradition. It makes a perfect moment for photographing too. You can use colourful flower petals for the confetti shoot. Ask the guests to throw them nicely so that the couples get showered in the petals.

Before the Entry:

before the entry

Before the bride enters into the wedding spot, you can take a solo picture of her. She has prepared herself with all the good vibes to appear before her husband and the guests. Try to keep the mood in the photo.

The Reception:

wedding reception photoshoot

The reception is another photograph worthy subject at the wedding venue. It is decorated with lights, flowers, and curtains. So take a long shot of the reception. Use the wide-angle lens to cover the entire area.

The Aisle:


The aisle is another beautiful and important set up for photography. It is the place where the main ceremony will be held. So take a close shot of the aisles. Show its decoration with the wide-angle lens. Select the lighting carefully as it is outdoor.

The Foods:


A wedding day is completely incomplete without foods. And your wedding photography needs to have a food photo as well. You can take the picture when the serving boys come to serve the foods to the guests. Focus on the food tray and make everything blur for presenting the photo more beautiful.

Her entire Getup:

Bride's entire getup

Take another solo picture of the bride showing her entire getup for the wedding day. It can be from her head to toe. Keep her face hidden with the veil to make the photo mysterious and attractive. Select the background carefully so that you can show her getup clearly.

His Entire Getup:

Groom's entire getup

Now it is time to show the grooms entire getup. For that, make her sit in a chair as he is the prince charming of every ladies dream. Instead of looking straight to the camera, he can look somewhere else to avoid the gloomy mood of the photo.

Make Heart Sign:

make heart sign

Ask the couple to make heart sign with their hands. It is a nice idea to show love and caring for each other. It can be with a landscape or with the bride’s white gown.

Dramatic Reflection:

dramatic reflective

Reflections make the photos mysterious and beautiful. Take a long exposure shot beside a lake to make the reflection. Instead of using a drone, take the photo from a distance. Take the photo in afternoon or evening for the soft natural light.

With a Prop:

with a prop

It is another great idea to take the bride’s solo picture. Manage a piano and ask the bride to pose like she is playing it. Take the photo from behind her. If she does not want it a solo picture, the groom can join her. He can stand beside her, looking at his wife with a nice smile.

A Long Exposure:

a long exposure

Long exposures photos are fantastic and have a different appeal. You can take one at the wedding as well. Make the couple pose before a window and door with curtains slightly open. Keep a good balance of light and darkness in the photo.

The Lighting:

the lighting

A wedding venue is decorated with lots of lights. You can take a photo making them your subject. As lights can reflect and ruin the photo, adjust your camera setting accordingly. For the best result, focus on the lights only and make the rest blurred.

Shoot from behind:

shoot from behind

For outdoor photo shooting, go to your nearby beach for some amazing clicks. Or if the venue is already a beach, it is even better. Ask the couple to sit on the sand, looking at each other. Keep a flower basket behind them for extra detailing. Now take the photo from behind them maintaining a balance between the landscape and the couple.

A black and White:

black and white

Apart from all those colors and lights, a black and white photo has a classy vibe in it. So do not hesitate to take a black and white photo. It shows us many unseen perspectives. You can take a candid snap of the couple and make it black and white later. For that, choose the photos which had more natural expressions.

Facing Each Other:

facing each other

Facing each other is a common pose. But you can make the photo eye-catching through the background and angle. For instance, you can take the photo placing the subject against the sunset. But do not make it a silhouette. Instead, go for your autofocus setting and keep the natural colour of the location.

Little Romance:

little romance

What is a wedding day without the romantic vibe between the couple? Well, for the photo, you only need the pose. Ask the couple pose like a passionate lover. To make them comfortable, take it in a separate place. Focus on their body language and expression more than the landscape.

With Mirror:

with mirror

A mirror can make eye-catching photos more than anything else. Use it for taking one of the bride’s solo pictures. Ask the bride to pose for the picture. There are so many ways you can make the photo beautiful and appealing.

With Bride’s Dress:

With Bride’s Dress

There are so many ways you can take photos with the bride’s dress. For example, ask the bridesmaid to hold the flowing part of the gown while the guys will stand behind them, cheering at them. Everyone will look at the camera and you will take the photo from slightly above.

Close up Face shot:

close up face shot

Leaving everything else, now focus on the couple’s face to capture their expressions and emotions. After all, they are the happiest being today. Ask the couple to look into each other’s eyes and smile gently. The veil can cover their head from above.

Weary Bride:

weary bride

It’s a fun idea. After a long wedding day, the bride must be tired. Though happiness dominates her feelings, that is why weariness does not get revealed. Anyway, she can take off her shoes and walk while carrying them. With another hand, she can hold her dress so walk more comfortably.

A Bird’s Eye View:

a bird eye view

For a bird’s eye view photo, it is the best option to use the drone. You can take it anywhere like inside the church or in the main venue. Try to take it during some rituals and when most of the guests are present.

The Wedding Card:

wedding card

Wedding cards are gorgeously designed and hold the memory of the day. So it deserves a photo of its own. Show the card beautifully through your photography skill. Focus on the card only and make the surroundings blur.

A Formal Photo:

a formal photo

A formal photo does not always mean a boring one. Wedding magazines have shown us the way with their models. Ask the groom sit on a chair while the bride stands beside him placing her hands on the groom’s shoulder. Take the photo in indoor with some other props around them.

The Classic Couple Pose:

classic couple pose

The classic couple is- the groom kissing the wife holding her while she slightly bends her body down. Pick the location carefully to make the photo more attractive and eye-catching.

The Church Before Wedding:


Take a photo of the church before everything starts. The church is decorated nicely on that day. So take a wide-angle shot of the room to show its decoration and graceful appearance on a sacred wedding day.

Bride’s Entry:

bride's entry

The bride’s entry into the aisles with her father and the bridesmaid is a grand moment. It is the beginning of her married life. You can take the photo from slightly above to capture the moment perfectly.

Before the Priest:

before the priest

When the couple stands before the priest to say their vow and pledge their love and life for each other, a photo should keep the moment remembered. Take the photo from behind them to present everything much beautifully. Adjust your camera setting according to the lights of the indoor spot.

A Follow me Pose:

follow me pose

A follow me pose suits everywhere. Why not in a wedding day too? Ask the bride to take her husband’s one hand and follow him towards the future. It can be on the docks or on a bridge that you find near the shooting location.

Flying bouquet:

flying bouquet

Flying the bouquet is a fun ritual. The moment is a perfect photo subject too. So do not miss the chance to take some fun photos while the bride flies the bouquet and the guests trying to catch it.



Bridesmaids are the bride’s closest companions on a wedding day. So it is mandatory to take a photo of them along with the bride. Instead of common styles, you can think of something different. For example, they can hold a mirror and the bride can stand on the opposite side to present her reflection through the mirror.

A Dancing Pose:

a dancing pose

A dancing pose means posing like a dancing step. It makes the photo lovely and extraordinary. The groom can hold the bride’s waist from behind while looking into her eyes.

Mr. & Mrs. :

mr and mrs

The couple can drink tea (or pretend to drink) in cups that have Mr. and Mrs. engraved. It is a nice prop for defining their new conjugal life. It can be an indoor photoshoot or outdoor. You only need to focus on the hands that hold the cups.

Hiding behind an Umbrella:

hiding behind umbrella

A nice and fun idea for wedding photography is to hide behind the umbrella. For that, choose an umbrella that matches the bride’s dress and make them hide behind it. As if they are kissing in secret. For more detailing, the bride can keep the bouquet in hand.

In the Field:

in a field

For an outdoor photoshoot, the meadow or a flower garden is a perfect choice. You can keep the garden or the field behind the couple and ask them to pose for you. It can be the groom holding the bride’s hand trying to take her somewhere. Choose the time carefully. If you can manage to go in the golden hour, it will be better for the lighting.

Into the Wild:

into the wild

For this photo, take the couple into a separate place where the crowd cannot bother them. Make them stand facing each other and holding their hands. A wide-angle shot would be the perfect pick for this photo. You need to show the landscape around them so that it looks like they are in some wild places.

The Exit:

the exit

When the couple exits from the wedding venue, it is a perfect moment for some nice photos. They are starting for their new life which is full of hopes and dreams. The groom may take the bride between his arms to show a gesture of care and protection.

Lying on the ground:

lying on the ground

This one you can take with a drone. The couple will lie on the grass, each close to other’s bosom. Let the gown and veil spread all over the place. You can put some dried maple leaves around them to make it more appealing.

A shot from side:

a shot from side

While walking on the aisles, take a side click of the couple. To make it more beautiful, keep the couples colored and make the rest black and white. Focus on the couples faces only.



Another cool idea to show the couples intimacy is to whisper. The groom may whisper his love words into her bride’s ear. Take the photo to make their little moments memorable forever.

With the Champagne Glass:

with the champagne glass-vector design us, inc

A wedding day is incomplete without Champagne. Moreover, a champagne glass symbolizes celebration and special moments. So do not forget to use it as one of your many props. Ask the couple to take the glasses in their hands and make a pose for you.

The Tiara:

the tiara

The bride’s tiara not only makes the bride beautiful but also makes the photo classy. For that, take a shot of the bride sitting alone with the tiara on his head. She will look like a queen. Yes, the queen of the day.

The Intimacy:

the intimacy

Intimacy can be shown with a lot of creative ideas. For example, the groom can kiss her hand while the bride is kissing him on the forehead. It speaks out for their passionate love for each other.

A Hug:

a hug

A hug is sweet and passionate. For the perfect photo pose, ask the groom to hug the bride from behind, keeping both their faces close. Keep a flower bouquet on the bride’s hand to make the photo more charming.

Let the Veil fly:

let the veil fly

The veil can add a lot more drama in the pictures. If you get the perfect wind, fly the veil and capture the moment it is still flying. The groom can put his hands on the bride’s waist to pose like a half embrace.

Kiss on Hand Pose:

kiss on hand pose

It is more like a movie pose. Ask the groom to go on his knees and kiss on the bride’s hand. The bride can keep a flower on her one hand. The photo mood is suited for both indoor and outdoor.

Walking on the Seashore:

walking on sea shore

The seashore is one of the perfect places for a couple to have a walk and talk about life. It is romantic as well. So, why not a photo during the walk? You can take a wide-angle shot keeping the landscape with the couple. Ask them to look at each other and hold hands for making the snap more romantic.

The Moonlight:

the moonlight

The soft moonlight makes any simple thing a lot more interesting and mysterious. You can take a photo of the newly married couple with the moon. If it is a moonlit night, it will be lucky for you. As it is night, adjust your camera lighting and keep the natural light of the moon. Ask the couple to stand facing each other and holding hands.

Eye to Eye Pose:

eye to eye pose

Keeping eye to eye is as romantic as sweet. The couples can pose like they are looking into eye others eye trying to go deeper. If they smile, the photo would be much better.

Fireworks in the Background:

fireworks in the background

The firework instantly changes the mood of any photo. It makes the photo more stunning and lively. So take a picture of the couple while standing before a firework. If it is night, the photo will come out even better.

Forehead Kiss:

forehead kiss

Forehead kiss is one of the sweetest things for a couple. So ask them to pose like the groom kissing on his bride’s forehead or vice versa. The pose works well for the shy couples too.

Looking at her Smile:

looking at her smile

You can ask the groom to look romantically to her wife while she is smiling her best. She can keep the flower bouquet in her hand to make the photo more lovely and pretty.

Wedding Photography Ideas- To Conclusion

As we know, wedding photography is an art that captures one of the most special and memorable moments of a couple’s life. From classic posed portraits to candid shots that capture the emotion and energy of the day, there are endless possibilities when it comes to wedding photography ideas.

Whether you prefer a traditional or a more creative approach, there is something out there for every couple. With the right photographer and a little bit of planning, your wedding photographs can be a treasured keepsake that you will cherish for years to come.