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Photo Enhancing Effects, Filters, and Brushes For Photoshop and Illustrator

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As a photographer, you must know how useful Photoshop is for retouching a photo. Now we have reached an image-driven world. Whether a normal people’s photo for social media, product photos, or professional work, effects, brushes, and filters these tools help a photo stand up among uncounted fancy or enhancing photos. Just check out our photo editing service once and hopefully, you won’t miss it.

Sometimes it is getting tough for photographers to have the perfect composition of a photo. Sometimes customers want winter photos during the autumn season. These cases are really awkward to maintain. Luckily applying Photoshop Actions in photos, these situations can be handled easily.

So, I have rounded up some of the most used and best effects, filters, and brushes for photoshop and illustrator here. It will be a complete guide to enhancing your photo perfectly. Later, hope you can use these very important tools and wait for their work like magic.

From cool and versatile photo editing methods, pretty bokeh, lighting, and stylish colors to retro effects, these examples will give you the idea of making top-notch edits. You can check the following cool photoshop edits, take inspiration, and make your advanced masterpieces.

Add A Sparkle Trail

Shimmery Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

We will start with a shimmery effect example. Sparkle is such an amazing thing that attracts attention from kids to grown-up people. So as for photo editing, it will go with kids to almost all people’s photos.

If your customer doesn’t tell about any specific effect and told you to do it your way, you don’t have to think further. Just give the bland photo a sparkle trial and see the magic.

Any customer will like this effect I can guarantee. The sparkle effect can turn a bland cup of coffee photo into an amazing advertisement photo or a photo for a portfolio. You can try Photoshop version CS3.

This photoshop action creates shimmering bokeh. It works so quickly that you can use it for those customers who want last-minute photo editing.

Cosmic Photoshop Action

Cosmic Photoshop Action - Vector Design US, Inc.

Cosmic photoshop action works for adding fiery sparks to the photo. It is glowing and expanded to show more details. Any avid photographer won’t miss this chance to impress their customers.

The cosmic photoshop effect is so easy to use just brush on your photo and it will work like magic. Here is a thing to consider that is many customers want natural effects. You can also use this for their photo. Just run the action a little bit it will give a glowy smoky effect.

You can level up the action for those who like fantasy photos, and then it adds heavy sparkle with the glowing smoke to the photo.

Cut Out Text Overlay Photo Effect  

Cut Out Text Overlay Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The cut-out text overlay effect works with words in place of brush strokes or colors.

It can be a top choice for photographers because it allows the portrait to speak a visual language. Uncountable numbers of words ornament the audience.

To make it creative you can enjoy working with color pallets to black and white and more additional options. It will best fit stylish commercials, creative posters, unique social media posts, and striking banners.

Glowing Edge Photo Effect

Glowing Edge Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who doesn’t like glowing photographs? It is easy to do and gives a promising outcome. Glowing edge is one of the easiest filters for photoshop. From the whole background to a thin line edge you can make it happen 100%. A glowing edge is also effective for softening the photo.

The glowing edge photo effect is a perfect fit for making eye-catchy youtube thumbnails to draw your audience’s attention. It allows multiple filters. You have to just apply and see which filter works best with the photo you pick.

Spin Blur Photo Effect

Spin Blur Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The spin blur photo effect is one of the most popular and preferred photo effects among Insta lovers. It is indeed creative and unique. The Spin blur photo effect softens the edges of the photo creating a circlelike in the middle.

It is indeed different, unique, and more creative than other blurry effects. Besides spin, blur photo effects offer plenty of options for example Box blur, Gaussian blur, Lens Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Shape Blur, Smart Blur, Surface Blur.

Window Rain Effect

Window Rain Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Window rain effects also give the smoothest view with some raindrops. When we travel or have a rainy day it is natural to feel like posting a photo with raindrops to go with the trends.

A normal camera from our phone can never satisfy you with the natural raindrops effect. So, to enhance our photo with smudge raindrops we can use the Window rain effect. It will give you a feel of wet rainy nature.

Vintage Film Grain Photo Effect

Vintage Film Grain Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Film grain photo effects feature the shadow tone to mid-tone.  In the light areas a little smoother and more saturated filters. It is completely different from glowing effects. But in terms of vintage effect, this film grain photo effect is best.

You can set the tone as the following portrait is shown. It also provides an orangish vintage tone to a black and white ruff tone. This filter effect is useful for giving raw beautiful photos an old vintage feel.

Torn Paper Cut Out Collage Photo Effect

Torn Paper Cut Out Collage Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Imagine a portrait of yourself that is torn in the middle and the ripped portion is different from the other sides leaving a space of torn papers. It is actually what it sounds. The ripped paper effect provides different shapes of ripping action such as half ripped, ripped from upper to down, or can be horizontal, double-sided of the portrait as pictured.

But in every shape, the colorization of the photo pattern will remain the same. It keeps aside your raw photo color and another side black and white.

Blue Neon Photo Effect

Blue Neon Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Neon glow offers various types of glowing effects for enhancing a photo. It is now a popular photo-enhancing effect among youngsters. We often see this type of photo editing using the neon glow effects on social media.

This effect offers a great colorization to enhance the photo while also softening the tone of the color. This is a blue neon photo effect like a wavy shape. Besides blue, it provides red, purple, yellow, pink, green, and orange color effects.

Wildy Cold Vs Hot PSD Effect

Wildy Cold Vs Hot PSD Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Feeling too bland? Need some touches of lights? A simple Cinematic effect can take your bland photo to another level. I like these simple adjustments in photo effects. These effects are very easy to use, add charm lights and make the portrait lively and tender.

These adjustments are very needed to enhance a portrait. They offer bright sunny filters to wildly green or sea green effects. Work creatively with what matches your image.

Cyberpunk and Cutout Effect

Cyberpunk and Cutout Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you are a game freak guy you must know about the cyberpunk 2077 effect for photoshop. This filter is combined with paint daubs and cutouts for making anime effects. Cyberpunk 2077 is usually used for cityscape photos. This effect is inspired by the futuristic game’s add awesome blue and pink neon text effect.

Cyberpunk and cutout effect deals with 8 individual effects in two actions. Except for anime creation cyberpunk is also best for the cool poster for gaming, flyer, youtube cover, CD cover, e-book covers, and so on.

Sketch Layered Photo Effect

Sketch Layered Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Sketch, drawing we are all familiar with these words. They are not just words they are the emotion, hard work, and patience of our artists for decades. But now in the modern era, we can have the same extraordinary traditional drawing by using photoshop actions.

Just in a blink of an eye, they can change our photo. This sketch’s layered photo effect creates a realistic drawing though it’s a little bit dark and sharp.

VHS Glitch Poster Photo Effect

VHS Glitch Poster Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

VHS Glitch photo effect is one of the smartest photo effects mockups to adjust your photo. The digital image distortion is also included in the glitch photo effect. No doubt it creates cool edits and enhances the photo perfectly even including a PSD file.

It allows both vertical and horizontal glicht actions.  And the best part of this effect is you can also use it without affecting your actual image.

Risograph Printer Effect

Risograph Printer Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Risograph printer effect gives the 90s or retro vintage effects in one color. You can use the halftone option in your image too. Risograph printer effect gains popularity very increasingly in the photo enhancing community.

It gives sharper color effects that are a little bit similar to the newspaper printing photo style. As the title has a ‘printer’ in it so this effect will give you an image that will look like printed from a press or printer.

Smoke Photo Effect

Smoke Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The aesthetic nature pattern of clouds and smoke creates a lot of mystery in the photo. You just experience it on an animal or a human photo it will go fit perfectly and make the photo mysterious.

This excellent photo enhancing effect kit helps you work with complex shapes and give cloudy waves though it is a smoke photo effect. Get inspired to work with this action to make cool fantasy photos.

Collage Double Exposure Photo Effect

Collage Double Exposure Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

As the title goes double exposure allows combining scenic photos in a human structure. But here you can combine a number of images in your photo because it is a collage double exposure photo effect.

It creates a mask or frame with your photo form and adds individual sceneries to them. The best thing about this effect is you can add several photos of yours. Such as your traveling photos, or the photos from different seasons.

Watercolor Photo Effect

Watercolor Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can work as a pro in designing with just some clicks with a watercolor photo effect. The watercolor photo effect uses brushes to create your image seems like drawing on paper with watercolor.

Isn’t it amazing what artists make for hours you can have the same vibe in a few minutes using advanced photoshop effects? Though it is simple, vintage, and not shiny or bright yet it is the best effect to spice up your image.

Snow Landscape Photo Effect

Snow Landscape Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Snow landscape offers two types of snowflakes. One is to add blurry soft transparent snowflakes in the photo. Another one ornament photos with fine lines and realistic snowflakes.

Both of them work great to enhance landscape photos. Trying this snow landscape photoshop effect can turn your simple photo into a winter greeting card. Designers usually use black and white to have the perfect wintery vibe.

But I’ll suggest don’t change it into black and white, just adjusting the tone, then applying the effect and checking the magic outcome!

Dark Gothic Photo Effect

Dark Gothic Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The dark gothic photoshop effect is artistic, editable, and obviously dark. This is an actual old photo effect that presents photos new style or new way. It will turn your bland photo into a dark artistic photo.

You may think it will make the whole portrait dark. No, there is nothing like that it will just increase the contrast to your original photo, that’s all. Where the light tone will be needed it is also provided.

Dual Backlight Photo Effect

Dual Backlight Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Dual lighting photo effects usually make photos magical whether it is backlight or other dual photoshop effects. This dual backlight photo effect mockup adds two colored lights in the back of the photo.

It is something dusty, magical, smoky yet bright, not too shiny, not too dark just a perfect combination. It offers three styles of color first one is as the below portrait red and blue, the second option has green and yellow, and the 3rd one provide pink and green.

Spray Paint Effect

Spray Paint Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The spray paint effect mockup is part of both dispersion photo effect and artistic paint photo effects. Don’t have time for the messiness of scattering paint in watercolor painting? This modern artistic photoshop action is great for creating sprays or sprinkling colors in a photo just short on time.

Because of its scattered paint, it almost looks like dispersion photo effects. This effect mockup is also applicable for PSD so you can try it out!

Crossed Paint Stroke Portrait

Crossed Paint Stroke Portrait - Vector Design US, Inc.

You may guess already from the title what this brush mask gonna give. Well, this brush effect provides cross shape paint to your photo. It is not that popular among designers because this effect has the probability to ruin the original picture.

However, if it doesn’t affect the photo it also won’t take the whole photo into effect. Because of the cross shape, you will always have a portion of your photo getting cut. Only the area fit on the cross will be taken after using this brush.

Vertical Prism Photo Effect

Vertical Prism Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The vertical prism photo effect is such an effect when you will start working with it your photography designing level will meet a new whole level. And you will love designing surely. This effect is naturally unique and stunning.

No need to work on it very hard. Only a few clicks will be okay to make photography stand out among other modern, gorgeous, and creative photo enhancing effects. It is divided into three triangle mirrors. Each mirror will have an individual part of your original photo (pictured).

Peeling Wall PSD Effect

Peeling Wall PSD Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Peeling wall PSD photoshop effect mockup gives sharper photos that look like old peeling posters from the wall. It will only take the parts of your original photo that fit in their effects. In other areas, you will have just a very mild grey silhouette type composition.

You have to keep the balance between which parts need to be sharpened and hidden. Yet peeling wall PSD effect realistic wall painting that other ripped or wall painting effects don’t offer.

Flower Portrait Photo Effect

Flower Portrait Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The flower is versatile, the flower is the universal symbol of love, feminism, and care. Wherever you go whether it is a painting or a photoshop action flowers will never gonna be out of trend.

If your customer tells you something to do with flowers just go for it without hesitation. This unique Flower portrait photoshop effect gives a very unusual dispersion smoky kind of presentation with a red flower.

It is also a kind of transparent, and elegant composition. This red transparent smoky photo effect can turn your simple photo into a valentines day gift card.  

Comic Photo Effect Mockup

Comic Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Designing photo is fun, creative, and modern art. It saves huge time and creates a story in your photo. It is a Comic book cover effect mockup for photoshop. Naturally comic books are made for children so their covers are funny and interesting.

To make your single photo more interesting you can try out comic photoshop effects.  It is the best way not to leave your single photo minimal. This effect allows both black and white and colorful images.    


Wood Plank Photo Effect

Wood Plank Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Did you grow up in a place where you see woodcuts every day? Is it like a memory for you? To keep your memory alive here is the photoshop effect to enhance your photo.

Wood plank photoshop effect turns your original photo to look like a painting or printing in the wood planks. You can have a photo like printing on a wooden canvas with just a few clicks. Get creative with this to keep your customers memory alive.

Winter Rain Photo Effect

Winter Rain Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who doesn’t like rain? Poets to normal people almost all likes rain. It is a stunning effect to surprise your audience with raw, sharp raindrops. It can also turn a sunny portrait into wintery foggy imagery.

Some effects are not able to fade the light properly and for this, the portrait might not look realistic, sometimes it becomes blurry. In this action, you will have a 100% perfect balance of fading light and sharp raindrops.

Torn in Pieces Effect

Torn in Pieces Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who wants to tear their beautiful photos into pieces? Nobody! Do you want to tear your photos into lots of pieces? You may think is she crazy? Why tear a photo?

Exactly I want to say that, why tear a photo into pieces when you have such a great photoshop effect in hand. What’s the beneficial part? It won’t ruin your actual photo. It will just turn your photo into a vintage tone.

Valentines Day Photo Collage

Valentines Day Photo Collage - Vector Design US, Inc.

What else can be a perfect valentines day gift than creating a photo with a collage effect? This effect features a very unusual mirror love composition. It will give the view like tiny love mirrors are hanging on the wall.

And some of the portraits are hanging behind the mirror. I have seen lots of love effects and collage photos but this type of arrangement is very rarely seen.

Window Photo Effect

Window Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Don’t want gorgeous creative effects at the same time don’t want to leave photos original? If your audience has this kind of preference for enhancing photos this chilly action is for you.

This minimal window photoshop effect will warm up your customer guarantee. The Window photoshop effect adds a very minimal glass effect that will look like you guys are standing or sitting behind a window.

Except for reducing the color tone, everything will be the same as the original photo after applying this effect.

Romantic Landscape Photo Effect

romantic landscape photo effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The romantic landscape photo effect is another minimal photo effect example that can stand out among the artistic effects. It will add a white transparent wintery tree view at the same time a celestial sky composition with both fog and sun rays. Isn’t it sound interesting?

Sometimes it happens in winter to see the light sun in dense fog. This effect will give you exactly that feel. It is smudge, foggy, and very lightly leaks a sunray.

Color Smoke Portrait Photo Effect Mockup

Color Smoke Portrait Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Ever try such a ‘Holi’ theme color smoke portrait? In general smoke, actions provide the same color smoke as the photo has. But this photoshop action changes your photo completely. You will get a completely new pack after using this in your photo.

This color smoke portrait photo effect mockup gives an abstract oil painting type composition. The difference is it is not as smooth as oil painting effects. 

Broken Glass Poster Photo Effect

Broken Glass Poster Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

How do you feel you get a portrait like DSLR photography just applying an effect into your photo? It’s amazing Nah?  Though it is a broken glass action, it won’t make your photo blurry or smudge.

You will get a flawless portrait after applying this effect to your photo. The messy overlay will take your raw beautiful photo to an elegant level. If you add this type of photo to your portfolio also can be a conversation starter with your customer.

Rock Explosion Dispersion Effect

Rock explosion dispersion effect

Want to create a photo looks like vanished as avengers? Then you are gonna fall for this Rock explosion dispersion photoshop effect. Use the effect on your photo and stretch out the part where you think of adding a dispersion effect.

Since it is rock action so it will explode with different sizes of rocks. This effect is the best fit for striking gaming posters, youtube thumbnails, athletic advertisements, sports equipment selling shop banners, and sport-related group cover photos.

Golden Object PSD Effect

Golden Object PSD Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Experience a luxurious golden object PSD effect to make your object impressive and realistic. This effect is for turning an object photo into golden. It will look like the object is truly made of gold. This type of effect attracts the audience most than a minimal object photo.

Designers always do worry about what can they do with objects to make them different. There are plenty of effects on human figures. But for objects, you may not find that much.

That is why I will suggest every designer should try this luxurious golden object effect. You can also adjust the lighting.

Dramatic HDR Portrait Photo Effect Mockup

Dramatic HDR Portrait Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Trying to have the same vibe from your favorite movie or drama in your picture? Why not try out this Dramatic HDR portrait photoshop effect mockup? This easy action creates incredible contrast of realism and lighting.

Sometimes too flawless filters can make your photo look fake. One click can add drama to your portrait and can make it look like a character from your favorite drama.

Risograph Matchbook Print Photo Effect

Risograph Matchbook Print Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

We are all familiar with a matchbook, right? We may guess what change a matchbook effect gonna give your photo. It will turn your flawless photo into a vintage matchbook overview.

It gives an outstanding vintage coloring background combined with the black and white human figure. This Risograph grain photoshop effect offers plenty of options including 3 intensity grain, 5-grain texture, and 50 gradients. Don’t miss this amazing deal!

Heavenly Mist Photo Effect

Heavenly Mist Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

When we imagine heaven the very first thing came to our mind is some pure holy smoky composition. If you are very fond of spiritual tales or stories and try something like them on your photo then you can try this beautiful celestial blanket photo effect.

Needless to say, it will give the smoothest composition with a great deal of mild sky blue smoke and lighting. Have no fear…try this action which warms up vintage grey photos with a cool mistic blanket photoshop effect.

Graffiti Style Photo Effect

Graffiti Style Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you know about graffiti art? Isn’t it fun to add that spray wall paint vibe to your photo? This Graffiti style photo effect will give you the exciting feel of seeing your photo painted on a wall, like models or celebrities just a click. It is transparent yet colorful such an innovative creation.

Well, it will repaint your photo and change the raw color using its limited colors and add some sprays and dipped color from angles.

I love autumn PSD photo effect

I love autumn PSD photo effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Most of the best family photos are taken in the autumn season. But autumn doesn’t last for all years. So? Can’t you enjoy the lively autumn photos? Of course, you can with this incredible photoshop effect.

It will give you the exact lighting and color adjustment of the sunny autumn. This phenomenal Photoshop action will help you to add the orange-yellow falling autumn leaves in your photo perfectly.

Geometric Square Shape Photo Effect

Geometric Square Shape Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The word geometric has not yet become so familiar to us. But for its amazing composure, the day is not far to become popular. People want these types of photos for their websites or social media posts. This effect is perfectly fit for our today’s advanced and modern world.

This is the time for trying or adapting to something new. Well, this Geometric square shape photo effect will create a mirror square in the center of your photo. It also has color adjustments options. Check out this effect for a creative twist!

Burning Stove Effect

Burning Stove Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Don’t you familiar with the fiery scenes in movies? What comes to your mind when seeing them? Do they really work with fire? What do you think of having the same thing in your photo without even touching fire?

Yes, you can have the same realistic views as the fire scenes using movies with the help of this Burning stove effect mockup. It is not so smooth, not so rough, not so smudge, and will add a burning orange effect to the background of the whole portrait.

Dust Dispersion Photo Effect

Dust Dispersion Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Wanna add some spices to your photo? Let’s try something messy. Ever thought dust can also be a useful thing? I’m not talking about dust around us. Just joking!

Well, you can spice up your portrait with this perfect Dust Dispersion photoshop effect without harming your photo quality. It will add dust blended with smoke to your photo. After applying it to your photo it will look like evaporating. Check this action to have a perfect exploding photo!

Digital Oil Paint Photo Effect Mockup

digital Oil Paint Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Are you very fond of the traditional medium but very bad at drawing? This awesome Digital oil paint photo effect mockup will give you the same traditional portrait without even dealing with the messiness of the paints.

These advanced portraits are possible in a short time with just some clicks for these breathtaking photo enhancing effects in photoshop. Needless to say, the oil paint effect will give you the most flawless photo. They are smoothest yet vivid and abstract, don’t make your photo smudge. What a perfect deal!

Double Color Exposure Photo Effect

doubleColor Exposure Photo Effect

The double exposure photo effect portrays a scenic beauty in the frame of your structure. That means it contains two photos in one portrait. They are transparent and offer a great deal of blending with two color combinations in the same photo with rotating angles.

The use of mild color gradients gives a transparent view. Every designer should try this effect at least once then they will love it surely. After all who don’t like photos like studios?

Paint Drip Oil Paint Portrait Effect

Paint Drip Oil Paint Portrait Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are many cool and creative ways to enhance your photo. Paint drip oil paint photo effect is one of them. I find painting effects attractive for their messiness of colors. They look like a perfect mess to express yourself. This action uses masks so that your photo will look like paints dripping from it.

What’s the best part? This effect offers brush adjustment to have something more creative. Moreover, it is best to fit for Portrait images that give oil paint dripping outlook with watercolor splatter background.

Light Leak and Worn Photo Effects

Light Leak and Worn Photo Effects - Vector Design US, Inc.

Who doesn’t like fantastic special lighting in their photo? This effect will give you a lighting composition same as the studio photography. You can get it without using expensive lights and lighting gels just using a surprisingly easy photoshop action.

It will give a vintage but bright light with high-resolution bokeh. This light leak action can add both vertical and horizontal leaking lights to your photo. Choose the one you think fits your photo!

Engraving Halftone Photo Effect

Engraving Halftone Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

If you like the tone of vintage old films, the Engraving halftone photoshop effect is for you. The engraving halftone photoshop effect is surprisingly easy and can turn your bright image into a timeless true piece of the engraved image.

You can enjoy the back time feels like in modern times with these digital photoshop effects. well, the Engraving halftone effect is a little bit sharp and powerful to punch fading yellow tone of your photo.

Storm Photo Effect Layout

Storm Photo Effect Layout - Vector Design US, Inc.

Want to capture the perfect storm image? Can’t match the timing? Using Storm Photoshop effect layout can make your photo look more professional in a few clicks. Capture the raw sharp vivid storms of a rainy day with the Storm photoshop effect layout.

The high resolution of color contrast makes photos look like a real storm. If you want something socking, strong and realistic don’t look further. Try this effect to have realistic storm noise feel!

Rainbow Sliced Photo Effect

Rainbow Sliced Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Isn’t the rainbow one of the most beautiful things in nature? What result can we expect if we take ideas from our beautiful nature and use them technically? You may understand now this action will create something with a rainbow.

Though rainbow is colorful yet if it provides only a rainbow lighting effect it may look minimal or nothing new. But this sliced Rainbow photo effect is really something from another level.

This effect will slice your photos like a transparent mirror and the slices arranged with a rainbow lighting effect.

Hologram Photo Effect

Hologram Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

The hologram photo effect is almost like a glitch effect with a great arrangement of leaking high-resolution lighting. Don’t you think seeing yourself one of those fairly straightforward looks while seeing Sci-fi movies?

The hologram photo effect is a great technique to enhance your photo by creating reflecting accents same as those Hi-tech movie looks. The radiating finishing will easily leave your customer surprised. You can apply this effect from text to image because it offers limitless options.

Pixel Photo Effect

Pixel Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

You can turn your simple photo into a smart object by using the pixel photoshop effect. The pixel effect turns photos into a square mosaic pattern. It is blurry but understandable. The shape and structure color of your photo won’t change just the square will add.

It somehow looks like the window is covered with dense fog. You can say it is a magical effect to change your photo into a magical square mosaic pattern.

Sepia Digital Painting Photo Effect Mockup

Sepia Digital Painting Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Sepia digital painting photoshop effect mockup is one of the best mockups for getting the smoothest brown or black and white realistic portrait. There is a story behind sepia art. Sepia art was invented by a 14th-century artist.

This technique of drawing was to turn the black portraits into brown by using a chemical. Isn’t it like a treasure to us that we can trace these drawings by using photoshop effects? Don’t miss this chance!

Spirits Light Leak Photo Effect Mockup

Spirits Light Leak Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you believe in spirit? What if I put a spirit in your photo? Ready to see the outcome? Well, don’t get confused about my words, I can’t do that but you can try this spirit light leak photoshop effect mockup in your photo.

It will give exactly the realistic horror movie spirit look. Light leak effects are always on my favorite list because of their different lighting composition.

Look at this action, light usually brings a bright portrait but this spirit effect is totally done to turn your portrait into a vintage theme.

Artistic Mixed Media Photo Effect Mockup

Artistic Mixed Media Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Mixed media actions always give us masterpieces no doubt. Hand drawing a portrait can never give you the mixed combination of several art forms in one picture. But you can have that from such creative photoshop actions.

Artistic mixed media photoshop effect mockup blends several art styles to create a masterpiece. They are amazingly different from all art forms. They also provide brushes to make your photo more artistic.

PSD Xray Effect

PSD Xray Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

PSD Xray photoshop effect will turn your image into a complete glowing light effect. Don’t think of it as a real X-ray. It is just a fake Xray photoshop effect to do something with your photo more fun.

You can also use this effect as an alternative to the glowing in the dark effect. But glowing in the dark effect offers other colors. The X-ray effect allows only one color same as the real X-ray.

Cracked Portrait Photo Effect Mockup

Cracked Portrait Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

There are removing blemishes effects as well as cracked portrait photo effects. It is like digital photoshop effects make it easy to enhance a photo now. Nothing is impossible with the blessings of advanced features of these photoshop effects.

Whatever you want you can add them to your photo. well, this action will help you to crack your smooth original photo. Besides cracking your portrait this action also add beautiful background to give the realistic cracking vibe.

Chiaroscuro Oil Paint Photo Effect Mockup

Chiaroscuro Oil Paint Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Getting bored having an old style of the black and white photo? let’s spice up your bland portrait with a Chiaroscuro oil paint photo effect mockup. You may have seen a lot of types of oil painting effects.

But I can bet you haven’t tried something like this effect yet. It will make your photo smooth first. Then add a very thin neon light type light effect in some particular areas.

Smoke Dispersion Photo Effect

Smoke Dispersion Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Almost come to the last stage of this content smoke, dispersion these words are not unfamiliar to us now. Right? But do you ever think of the results of combining both the versatile effects? How can apply two effects in one picture?

Yes, you can have it by applying a new effect that is created by combining the two most familiar and first choices effects. Typically smoke effects make photos smudge. But the Smoke dispersion effect will give you a very vivid and realistic smoke picture.

Crumpled Paper Poster Photo Effect Mockup

Crumpled Paper Poster Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Let’s see what result you have if your image is drawn on crumpled paper. Yes, this crumpled paper poster photo effect mockup will give you exactly the same portrait. It is not that realistic but the good thing is it won’t affect or change your raw photo.

The crumpled paper effect will work for the background. And I like the poster effect’s bold lines. For bold lines, your photo will look like a piece for the exhibition.

Ghost Glowing Blue Photo Effect Mockup

Ghost Glowing Blue Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Have you ever seen the Bollywood movie Raaz 3? If you see that you will understand how important this effect is to editing horror pictures. This effect is inspired by the ghost look used in the movie Razz 3.

When you will apply this effect to your picture it will just take the form of your picture and turn that into totally a new piece. As the title goes it is a glowing light effect so it will look like you are a transparent ghost who was come from water or is made with water. 

Paint Brush Effect

Paint Brush Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Feeling annoyed dealing with the same boring edges? Then take a look at this paintbrush photoshop effect. This effect will give you a very unperfect messy finishing of the edges of your photo.

This effect is best for having the realistic vibe of winter ice in your photo. You can adjust the brushes as you want to paint your edges. It looks like some white paint was brushed on a glass.

Glass Refraction Overlay Photo Effect Mockup

Glass Refraction Overlay Photo Effect - Vector Design US, Inc.

Glass effects are basically simple. They will give a very blurry picture. Sometimes it will just change the color of your raw photo. but it is guaranteed that this Glass refraction overlay photo mockup is best and best for realistic glass photo effect.

It is surprisingly the best and most realistic. Apply it once you will remain stunned I promise. It will add the overlays of glass in the middle of the photos horizontally.

Hot Fire and Freezing Cold Effect Mockup

Hot Fire and Freezing Cold Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Wanna have the feel of a hot burning fire and freezing cold at once? Is it even possible? Though it is not possible in real life it possible in your photo. I was so surprised looking at the artistry of this effect.

Generally, these kinds of effects only create a change to the colors but this one also provides the light leak in the background. Experience two fantastic vibes in one picture with this effect!

Perspective Bending Effect Mockup

Perspective Bending Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Do you enjoy watching the movie Inception before? This effect exactly shows the perspective inspired by the movie. You can turn a simple regular photo into a perfectly unique piece by using a perspective-bending effect mockup in just some minutes of working.

This photoshop effect is best to showcase our perspective on a thing. It shows how complicated and artistic can be from a person’s perspective.

Fractal Mirror Poster Photo Effect Mockup

Fractal Mirror Poster Photo Effect Mockup - Vector Design US, Inc.

Have you ever felt the Déjà vu? Seeing events that you have seen before. This effect will give you the same feel as déjà vu. It creates some fractal mirror in the middle of the portrait so that it will make a hypnotizing thing that your photo is appearing again and again.

And this is a poster effect mockup so it definitely has the bold black lines at the edge of the photo. this is a common feature of poster effects. Well, this is the last one. I’m ending the content with this photoshop effect. Hope you will like it!

Closing Thoughts

These are the premium collection of photoshop edits, any avid reader can take great ideas from them to enhance their photo greatly. I Hope, these edits won’t allow you not to go for further search that you may already find the idea of what will be best for your photo editing. These are a great way of great artwork and a very good approach for saving time. let these templates open in photoshop then see your stunning work. Let us know which resource you like most in the comment section. Happy Designing!