50 Next Gen Vector Designs to Inspire Beginners

Next Gen Vector Designs

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Vector artworks are the products of creativity and imagination. Its importance is undeniable for the development of web and graphic design. It is not the fruit of a day’s effort to reach the new height of visual representation of all graphic orders. The advantage of vector designs cannot be measured in any way. It can be reshaped in the form of illustrations, logos, posters, and so on.

Vector arts or digital artworks is an ongoing trend and will continue to the next generation. In this context, we are going to give you some ideas about next-generation vector artwork drawings and designs acting as witty logotypes, beautiful illustrations, eye-catchy vector arts, posters, creative lettering, ingenious vector icons, neon colors work, 3D compositions, photorealistic vector art, floral patterns, and many more.

Vector Art Illustration

An artwork is like a mirror where the artist puts their heart and soul. Vector art is though a digital artwork but artist can express their feelings here too. To get a modern look in the composition, vector artists use illustrations with color gradients, unconventional shapes, textures, conceptual forms, and many more techniques.

As an example, in geometric vector art, using basic shapes gives an outstanding trendy look. Basic shapes including circles, squares, rectangles, triangles can create beautiful art.

geometric vector art

A vector art illustration created with textures, gradients, and geometric shapes: a Toucan by Braća Burazeri.

vector art illustration with textures, gradients, and geometric shapes

A vector art illustration created with textures, gradients, and geometric shapes.

vector art illustration created with textures, gradients

It’s a geometric art with textures created by Braća Burazeri, called a Rabit in Hat.

geometric art with textures created by Braća Burazeri

Textures and Pastel Colors

Textures and pastel colors can give a much updated vintage look. In this vector art, we find a lot of circles and rectangles are used here. Flat features are being styles nowadays that illustration represents. An artist can get an amazing vintage look with conceptual art when he combined it with textures. This project is called “Talent” made by Fran Labuschange is consists of many illustrations.

Textures and Pastel colors
Textures and Pastel colors 2

A series of illustrations for an exciting upcoming project

Textures Look Amazing with Bright Colors

 In this picture artist, Krystal Lauk used bright colors contrasting green, yellow, orange, black, and white to create an amazing composition. She also used textures to create a shade and depth look.

amazing composition. She also used textures to create a shade and depth look - Vector Design US, Inc.webp

Vector art created with bright colors and textures: “Girl with flowers” by Krystal Lauk

Using Pastel Colors and a Technique of Shading with Texture

The project “Fantasy Genre Illustration for Google Play Books” by the same vector artist, Krystal Lauk, has been created in pastel colors with the technique of shading with textures. Here he used geometric shapes and transparent elements.

Using pastel colors and a technique of shading with texture

Vector art created by using pastel colors and a technique of shading with texture: “Fantasy Genre Illustration for Google Play Books” by Krystal Lauk.

Combines Texture-Saturated layers with Gradients and Solid-Color Layers

This Flat Desert project is created by Alessia Contessi which combines texture-saturated layers with solid-color layers and gradients. The colors of this image that the artist chooses to create a fascination have a depth meaning.

Combines texture-saturated layers with gradients and solid-color layers

Vector art “Flat desert” by Alessia Contessi created with warm gradients, solid-color layers, and textures.

Compositions with no Textures

Although textures occupy a trendy position in the present age, compositions with no textures are still eye-catchy and trendy. In the following artwork, artist Wilman Winaya created layers and soft gradients that are very successful to make depth feelings and negative space elements. He also used geometric shapes in some softer forms.

Compositions with no textures
Compositions with no Textures-2
Compositions with no Textures-3

Soft gradients, negative space, geometric shapes are the techniques used in the project “Animal’s Vector” by Wilman Winaya.

3D Compositions made a Major Comeback

In recent times 3D compositions made a major comeback to create a realistic look in vector art. The project, “Travel Dice” made by Andrew Nye, makes you feel that every dimension has a separate meaning and all the dimensions treat as the different universe. The usage of gradients and shading makes it more realistic and fantastic.

3D compositions

3D vector art composition with gradients for a realistic feel: “Travel dice” by Andrew Nye.The following artworks are drawn by the same artist where she used 3D technique very amazingly with beautiful supplementing colors. These artworks are called “P&O Cruises-Moments”, drawn by Andrew Nye.

P&O Cruises-Moments, drawn by Andrew Nye.
P&O Cruises-Moments-2, drawn by Andrew Nye.

A piece of “P&O Cruises – Moments” by Andrew Nye.The Vector Artist Andrew Nye made another eye-pleasant 3D vector art that is really a masterpiece, with gradients called, Christmas Terrarium. He tries to input all her imagination very perfectly.

P&O Cruises-Moments-3, drawn by Andrew Nye.

Using Neon Colors

Oscar Ulloa Creativo created the following illustration named Totem Monster where he used neon colors to create fantasy reality. And he is successful to create a trendy innovative look and he has attained a hypnotic feel with this vector artwork.

Using Neon Colors

A fantasy art, using neon colors: Totem Monster

Neon Colors with Textures

We can get a great combination of textures and neon colors and here is an amazing vector artwork by Adriana Vala, who used neon colors with textures and gradients to create a fanciful composition. This vector artwork is named “Cover art illustration for beat makers”.

Neon colors with textures

Floral Patterns and Elements

Floral patterns and elements are highly demanded in vector artwork and it will take the highest position of vector art for the next few years. These incredibly beautiful vector artworks are created by MASTERFULMD, he used futuristic colors with textures and gradients. These artworks are called severally “KEISZA/ Visual Explosion” and “HABANA/ Show Us Your Type”. Habana is created in 3D style to give a realistic look.

Floral Patterns and elements
Floral Patterns and elements 2

Photorealistic Vector Art

These are not photographs, but drawings, based on mathematical terms or equations. To bring a photorealistic look vector artists to use mesh tools that consist of geometrical terms such as points, curves, lines, and polygons.  This image is created by the Mesh tool in Adobe Illustrator. It is called “Pimenta- Mesh Tool”, made by Kelly Amaral.

Photorealistic Vector Art

Vector Art Examples of Lcons

Vector art of icons is one kind of art and these icons are always created for a specific purpose. These icons are created based on different vector shapes and can be resized for different projects. The following vector icons are the result of falt vector shapes and conceptual clean design inherent to icons. These icons are created by the Makers Company made the “Le Petit Ballon Collection”.

Vector Art Examples of Icons - Vector Design US, Inc.webp

These icon designs are the result of gradients with geometric shapes and color transactions. These amazing eye-catchy creations are created by Alla Mihailova named “Vector Icons”.

Vector Icons by Alla Mihailova

Creative Lettering in Vector Art

We all have an artistic and creative mind. What will happen if you can create something artistic that makes you feel like an artist? I think it will be best. Vector art has some field as like that makes you feel like an artist. Creative Lettering is an example of such kind of art which is very handy and fruitful and also can express artistic feelings.

Our nest project is created by Bobby Pola named “The WEIRD Character Alphabet”. Though these all are drawn in the same carton style and used the same color but a wonderful creation.

Creative Lettering in Vector Art

The Floral Motif

The floral motif will reign for the next few years in the Vector art world that is also creative lettering. For example, here is a project of the creative alphabet created by Lucía Gómez – Lucecita, named “36 Days of Type 2017”. She applied eye-catching pastel colors, textures, and beautiful illustrations of flowers that make this letter unique.

The Floral Motif

Vector Art Logotypes

Logo creation is one kind of art that represents a brand’s identity. So it needs to be unique. Vector art logotypes are such a kind of creative field which is created by geometrical terms. For example, here is a logotype that is made by Anna Ivanova and this is a part of the “Logofolio vol. 1-animated logo collection” project.

Vector Art Logotypes
Vector Art Logotypes 2
Vector Art Logotypes 3

Vector Art in Branding

Art is the mirror of an artist’s thoughtful mind and art is a creation of a specific perspective. Vector art is very popular in the branding sector including a company, a conference, a web application, a specific product, a website, a campaign, etc.

City Landscape Vector art is an ongoing trend in the current world with soft color transitions and attractive color schemes. Artist Romain Trystram created this beautiful illustration for his personal project. This illustration was so beautiful that it had to be sold later due to high demand. Eye-catching gradients, vivid colors, and geometric shapes make it unique.

Vector Art in Branding

Here is another eye-pleasant illustration designed by the same artist, named “Serverless conf 2017”. Here the artist used a colder color scheme with prevailing blue, a starry sky with gradients, and 3D buildings.

Vector Art in Branding-2

Vector artworks can snatch away people’s attractions when it is created in neon color schemes. These sneakers are really so eye-catchy and unique that represent a brand’s identity. This futuristic vector art version of a well-reputed brand’s project name is “Ikon-icks”, designed by Mostafa Abd ELsattar.

Vector artworks in neon color schemes

Multiple Illustrations Gathered in one Composition

The result become stunning when multiple illustrations were gathered in one composition and that will be a trend for the next-gen of the vector art world. Here is a project is given below, “Fubiz x Nissan” which is designed by Maite Franchi. Here the artist used geometry and texture that is very trendy now and the result is outstanding.

Multiple illustrations in one composition

The vector artist Laura Diez created this project with colorful, rich texture shapes and patterns that are called “Hawaii”. And the compositions that she used really very praiseworthy and gather exotics feelings.

Multiple illustrations in one composition-2
Multiple illustrations in one composition-3
Multiple illustrations in one composition-4

Branding project “Hawaii” by Laura Díez, that conveys exotic and warmth.

Pastel Color Scheme and Textures

It became a contemporary trend to use vector art illustration in different apps. As an example, we can say about the artist Elen Winata’s Poply Apps where she used pastel color scheme and textures that improve gradually the user experience.

Pastel color scheme and textures
Pastel color scheme and textures 2
Pastel color scheme and textures 3

Vector Art Posters

Vector art poster is a modern trend today, it may be movie poster, event poster, commercial poster, or something else. The determination of a poster is to catch the attention and provoke the user’s interest. The combination of creativity and functionality is the result of poster art.

Here is a project that is created by Jessica Eldridge, called “Vector Movie Posters”. This is a combination of modern styles including 3D, negative space, gradients, flat, and textures.

Vector Movie Posters by Jessica Eldridge

This is a creation of a vector artist, Jessica Eldridge. She created this vector art with negative space technique.

Vector Art Posters by Jessica Eldridge
Vector Art Posters by Jessica Eldridge-2

The vector artist created this vector poster in flat style called “Animation film festival”

vector poster in flat style - “Animation film festival”

This poster is designed with gradients and textures featured by the vector artist Jessica Eldridge.

Vector art is an art of the modern generation. It will reach the highest of creativity. We hope you get a lot of ideas on these next-gen vector art ideas.