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Vector Images Sources

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If you are a designer, you already know what a vector image is and why it is so important. We all see them everywhere without even realizing it. A vector image is basically an artwork that is made up of points, curves, and lines that is under mathematical equations. Vector images are mostly preferred by designers for their flexible and stretchable quality. Unlike the raster image, they do not lose the quality no matter how much you stretch it. That’s why we’ve shared 50 copyright free vector images sources here. So, don’t miss it.

Free Vector Images Sources

Now let’s be honest. We all love finding free things online instead of creating our own. Well, no guilt in that. There are hundreds of websites that have stocked an enormous amount of free vector images, cliparts, logos, illustrations and many more other things for you.

Here is the list of 50 websites to check when you need free vector images.



Pixabay has a huge collection of around 2.2 million free vector images which are free even for commercial use. You can find free images of other websites here as well. That is why you can hope to get the maximum amount of vector images in Pixabay. Downloading images from this website is hassle-free as well as convenient.



Freepik is another great source of copyright-free vector images. You can download your free images in various formats such as AI, SVG and EPS. Here you get not only vector images but also millions of illustrations, icons, mockups, presentation templates etc. You can download any photo of your choice instantly or save it as favorites.



unDraw is a free and open-source vector illustrator collection created by Katerina Limpitsouni in 2017. This website assures you to provide free vector images on literally every subject. And they are completely free for commercial as well as personal use. You can even get them customized in your required colors.



Vectorstock is also can be your reliable source for getting royalty-free vector images in any category. You can get them in various formats like AI, EPS, JPG, PDF etc. the best part of the website is the “view similar” option where you can find all your subject related images more easily. But one thing you must know- it is only free for personal use.



As the name suggests, it is a place for you to get free cliparts free of any cost. This website boasts over being highly latest and fresh as they continue in the process of adding new vectors. Also, every piece from here is in the public domain which is super cool for the designers. You can download them in SVG format.



Vector4free brings you free vector images with almost no attribution required while getting them. For a large collection of artwork of artists from all over the world, this website can be on your bookmark list. All popular formats are available here like ai, eps, png, SVG and also cdr. All of the images are free for personal use.



Flaticon is one of the largest databases for icons in all formats for all of your projects. The formats are not only SVG, PNG, EPS and PSD but also icon font and SVG spirit.  You can even customize the icons by changing the width, color and size according to your requirement. Icons from this website are free for personal and commercial purposes but with attribution.

The Noun Project:

The Noun Project

Noun Project is another well known and rich collection of icons and free vector images. Here, all contents are pretty easy to use and you have the option to simply drag and drop into wherever you want. The icons are customizable which is highly preferred by many designers.



Created by German designer Alexander Kahlkopf, Iconmonstr can be addressed as the most user-friendly website for free icons in all formats. How? Well, if you do not find your required icon anywhere you can request them for it. Also, you can download the icons in your preferred style like bold or thin.



Looking for a complete resource of all modern designing vector tools? Pixeden is there to serve you with all of that. Whatever you need like vectors, mockup files, vector packs, icon sets, infographic elements etc are there on the website. So, you probably do not need to go anywhere looking for them.

Brands of the World:

Brands of the World

Brands of the World is the most reliable source for getting logos of all brands and companies. You can easily download the logos for free of any cost for using wherever you need. Not only that, this place is great for learning about logo designs and their meanings from the logo critic community.  You will not regret spending time on this website.



Vecteezy has a rich collection of vector graphics and images from designers all over the globe. You can easily customize them as per your requirements before downloading. Anything you want like fonts, sizes or colors can be customized with no hassle. Those are free for personal use and depending on the license terms, you can use them commercially as well.



Designers often face much trouble finding out truly free vector images and logos from a reliable source. Vector.me can help in that case. They claim to have more than 79,000 free vectors, illustrations in SVG, AI, EPS and CDR. You can search vectors and logos separately which is super convenient and time-saving.



We know that Reddit is not particularly what you are looking for here. But do you know that often designers upload their vector images and designs for other users? And they do not even ask for anything in exchange. So if you keep an eye on Reddit, you may get your required vector images here.



Hdicon promises to provide high-quality logos and free images of designers from all across the world. Some of them may require attribution but most of the contents are royalty-free. You can download the raster version of the images as well if you want. Otherwise, there are AI, EPS and CDR formats are available.



Free Vector is a one-stop place for logos, vector icons and images. And those are available on all sorts of subjects. You only need to search by category to find out the one for your project. Downloading vector items is pretty easy here. Keep it in your bookmark list to check from time to time for the latest contents.



Pexels is another amazing place for downloading vector stock photos. It offers you all the high-quality images free of any cost. It allows you to search by category so that there is no trouble finding out the desired item.



With a tremendous amount of free vector images, Unsplash is a strong competitor of Pixabay and Freepik. Contributors keep uploading their best works which makes it the latest collection of vector images. Besides all vector photos, you can get abstract images as well on this website.



Let’s get clear at first. This website is not fully for copyright-free images but there are a huge amount of photos in the public domain. All you need is to search appropriately to get your preferred contents. Apart from that, it is a reliable place for getting photos on every subject which keep updating from time to time. You do not even need to sign in here for downloading the photos. How cool is that!



What makes Pikwizard different from all other website is that here you can edit photos on their graphic design tool, Design Wizard before downloading.  Besides millions of vector images, videos and illustration are there for you in all sorts of categories. Those photos are royalty-free and attribution free. You can very well use them for commercial purposes as well.



Stock Snap is a storehouse of high-quality vector images which are free for commercial and personal use. Any subject you want, you will find relevant images here. That is why it deserves to be on the list of your bookmark. It offers easy downloading with no attribution required. Also, there is a ‘tag-based category system’ which helps to find out the right image with less trouble and time.



Stockio is another big library of free vector images, icons, fonts and videos. In a word, it provides you with everything that may seem necessary for your projects. It is also free for personal and commercial use. They do not ask for any attribution to the users. The easiest download system you will get here where you can track the download and cancel it anytime.

123 Free Vectors:

123 Free Vectors

Are you looking for the perfect high-quality background for your creative projects? 123 Free Vectors can be your rescue in that case. You will find over 100,000 free vector images, clipart, abstract designs all suitable for use on the landing page, posters, banners and wherever you need. We must appreciate its organized category that is as helpful as convenient.



7428.net is not very familiar but it has an amazing collection of free vector, free PSD, icons, HD pictures and a lot more other things. You will find free website templates and infographics as well on this website. So consider visiting it whenever you are facing trouble finding out the perfect vector image for your work.

Streamline icons:

Streamline icons

With more than 30,000 icons, Streamline Icons is the largest storehouse for icons. You can get them in three different types of weights which is suitable for all sorts of designs. There are 53 categories to get you through all the amazing icons. So, if icons are your thing, keep Streamline icons in your booklist.



Shutterstock does not need any elaborate introduction when it comes to free stock images as well as vector images. There are more than a 70million of free vector resources available. From their separate list of categories and themes, you can very easily download a suitable image for your work. You can use them freely for personal as well as commercial purposes.

All free download.com:

All free download.com

All-free-download.com is one more dependable vector image storehouse with around 190,000 vectors under 15 different tags. They claim to publish new designs daily so that you never lose hope in this website. So many things are available there like free photos, vectors, PSD, icons and fonts. All of them are free for using in personal and commercial projects.



Icons8 is a brilliant website that has professional quality vector icons along with illustrations and tools. All of them are created by their team. If an icon does not 100% match your requirement, you can edit them easily in the integrated web app. Therefore, for vector icons and illustrations, icons8 can be one of your dependable sources.



In 365psd, you will get free PSD, free vectors and premium graphics. There are so many subjects that are enlisted as a category. They are super helpful when you are searching for the one for your work. All of them are free for using personally as well as commercially. So whenever you require free vectors, give a glance over this website.



Freedesignfile is filled with free vectors, images, PSD, icons, Photoshop tools, plugins and logos. All of them are free even for commercial use. Whatever your need is, you will find here that’s what they claim. So give it a try for your next creative projects.



Deviant Art is a community for creative artists with thousands of free vector resources. There are search bar and categories to help you find out the most perfect one for your need. You can even join in their community to be in continuous touch with brilliant artists and their works. It is super helpful for learning whether you are a beginner or a professional. 



Vexels has a rich collection of readymade vector resources. You can use them both personally and commercially without any cost. But some contents can require a license for commercial use. There are thousands of vector images, backgrounds, icons etc on different subjects. You can get benefitted from their blog section as well.

1001 free Downloads:

1001 free Downloads

1001 Free Downloads stands apart from other websites for their various sorts of subjects that cover almost everyone’s requirements. There are vector photos, icons, patterns, wallpapers, cliparts etc. You can filter your searches to get the latest resources or the editor’s choice. Along with designers from all over the globe, they upload their creations as well. So, you can be sure about the quality of the contents of the website.

Vector Junky:

Vector Junky

Vector junky offers you thousands of vector resources on different topics and categories. All of them are editable according to your need. But it is not attribution free. For using bother personally and commercially, you need to give attribution. That is nothing but mentioning their names in your works. Otherwise, it is a super handy and easy website to get your free vector contents.



Dryicon provides you with free icons, templates and vector graphics which are completely free for personal as well as commercial use. There are several icon sets from where you can choose your favorite icons. You can customize the icons according to your need from this website.

Wow patterns:

Wow patterns

Finding out vector images and clipart is easy but if you want creative patterns in vector form, it is a real challenge. Here come Wow Patterns as a savior. It is filled with more than 3000 patterns that are absolutely free for using personally as well as commercially. From their category list, you can find the pattern you want for your creative designs.

For Designer:

For Designer

For Designer is not a flattering website at the first impression but there is enough amount of vector recourses available. Lots of creative vector art is there which you can download by organizing according to their file type. It makes your works a lot much easier. So visit them whenever you require vector arts.



Clker is the perfect place for you if you like to add playful cartoon-like animated clip art and pictures. But that does not mean you will not find anything else there. It claims to have more than 1 million free vector resources for creative designers. You can use their tag-based search option to save time and effort.

Public domain Vector:

Public domain Vector

Public Domain Vectors offers you numerous amounts of vector images that are royalty-free and copyright free. Also, the website is pretty easy to use. You will get all those images in all popular formats as .svg, .eps, .ai and .cdr. once you download their images, you can edit them and use them wherever you want. There are absolutely no restrictions.

Freevectors.net :


Freevectors. net is a community for all those vector designers who like creative designs and share them with others. There are more than 1500 vector graphics and cliparts that are royalty-free and copyright free. You can use them for personal as well as commercial purposes.



Free-vectors.com is home to free stock vector graphics, cliparts, backgrounds, illustrators and a lot more other kinds of stuff. They have categorized all the popular subjects that designers often find. So the next time you need some vector contents, visit Free-vectors.com.



Vectorish is a storehouse for quality-full vector graphics. There are icons, illustrations, symbols along with other things on this website. You can use their free vector elements according to your requirements. Here, you can share your creative works as well. Anyway, if you want to find your desired contents without searching more, use their categories and tags.



You can rely on Spread for high-quality backgrounds, illustrations, frames, borders, ornaments, templates, logos, icons and a lot more other vector contents. You are surely going to be amazed at their collections. But they are not free for commercial and money-making purposes. You can use them for personal uses which do not have anything with business. Things are easy to find on this website for their tags and categories. So give it a try.



Dribbble is a popular community for vector images, illustrations, backgrounds, graphic elements etc. You can easily get the latest designs from this website. Apart from all these recourses, it is a great place for designers to share and learn. It is like a social network that is solely for creative designers. So, you can keep in touch with it to learn and grow more.

Light Stock:

Light Stock

Light Stocks boasts over having contents that you will not find anywhere else. Truly they have an amazing collection of stock photos, graphics tools, vector resources etc. There are vector icons, backgrounds, illustrations, hand lettering and a lot more other stuff on this website. You will find a lot of Christianity-related contents as well. So, if that is what you need, visit Light Stock.

Deposit photos:

Deposit photos

Deposit Photos deserves to stay in limelight for its huge collection of royalty-free images, vectors, illustrations, videos and music. Whatever you need for your creative projects, you will find something here. They have millions of satisfied users and good reviews. So you will not regret visiting it.



PNGTree has a huge collection of vector recourses, PNG, stock photos, cliparts, icons, illustration, templates and many more other things. We must say they have a unique collection of these things. So if you want to bring new things to your designs, take help from this website. You can check the reviews of their happy user to be sure about their quality.

Adobe Stock:

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a great source for stock photos, vector images, royalty-free templates, illustrations, videos and many more other things. You can blindly trust their content quality as they are of a professional level. All of them are not absolutely free but there are lots of free contents as well which you can use.



Brand EPS is another reliable website for getting brand logos and vector icons. You can download them in formats like SVG, PNG or JPG. They keep the site updated with the latest vector pieces so that users do not go away barehanded. That is why you can visit them whenever you need a logo or icons.

Cool vectors:

Cool vectors

Cool Vectors is a helpful website for getting free vector images and illustrations. You will find several tags on the website with which you can find your necessary content without any hassle. There are star ratings available that you can follow to get quality contents.

So, the list is in your hand now. We hope that this list of 50 free vector sources will help you in your next creative projects.