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Amazon Comparison Chart Design Service


When a customer makes a purchase from Amazon, he or she is supposed to check the product from multiple shops and look for its alternatives. Sometimes, they just change their mind when they find a better alternative. That’s why many sellers attach a comparison chart with the alternative to the product to get their attention.

Especially for the consumers and manufacturer brands, adding the comparison chart on the product is essential. When they do it besides the regular product editing, it helps the viewers to compare your products with their competitors more conveniently. Also, there are lots of benefits to adding the chart.

However, if you want to make charts for different products on your Amazon store, we can help. Vector Design US, Inc. has come with a bunch of highly skilled editors and designers who can easily make efficient comparison charts for your store products.

We design amazing Comparison Charts for Amazon stores.

Why-is-the-Comparison-Chart-Essential-for-the-Amazon-Store (1)

There are unlimited benefits to attaching a comparison chart of products on your Amazon store. It is essential, especially for brands and consumers.


  • A comparison table helps the viewers to build an effective impression on the customers.
  • It helps the viewers to make decisions easily.
  • A comparison table is important to build a brand and increase its popularity.
  • It helps the sellers to gain the trust of the targeted customers.

• Also, the comparison chart helps customers easily get interested in the product

How Do We Make a Comparison Chart?

Making a comparison chart for Amazon is not something you can make on your smartphone within a minute. It needs a lot of work. We are always here for you if you don’t have time for that.

A well-developed team from Vector Design US will always help you make a praiseworthy comparison chart for your product. They use different premium table builders so that the comparison chart looks unique and more convenient. Additionally, we use a lot of tools to generate high-resolution images for the chart.

Initially, making the chart needs more time to determine the competitors’ details. For that, we can gather your product details and choose the competitors to form the chart. Sometimes, our clients help us by giving essential details about the competitors.

We add additional affiliate links on the chart with essential data too. It helps the customers take a view of the competitive products. However, our work has a guaranteed impact on the client’s marketing strategy.

Our Specialities

Because of the worldwide popularity of Amazon, sellers are becoming more concerned about their selling strategy. So, they often hire different Amazon product comparison chart-making services. As a result, there are hundreds of services available out there.

Among them all, we have a specific set of specialties that will always ensure you a better experience. The following criteria of Vector Design US is definitely something to appreciate.

  • We offer on-time delivery of virtual products.
  • Our skilled editors and graphic designers will always notify you about the results before they deliver the product.
  • There is no record of delay in our service career except the client makes last moment changes.
  • We will suggest all essential Customization, so the new clients can understand the marketing policies.
  • Our work for Amazon has a guaranteed impact on the customers.
  • You will get occasional discounts and promo codes so often.
  • We are offering budget-friendly combo offers for different Amazon product photo editing services.

FAQs on Amazon Comparison Chart Design Services

What is an Amazon comparison chart?

An Amazon comparison chart is simply a chart that allows you to compare multiple products against each other. This can be very helpful in making sure you are getting the best deal on Amazon, or simply in helping you find the perfect product for your needs.

How does the Amazon comparison chart work?

Amazon comparison chart works by allowing you to enter the URL of the product you want to compare. Once you have entered the URL, the chart will automatically generate a comparison of the prices of the products you have entered.

How do I use an Amazon comparison chart?

Once you have created your chart, you will need to add it to your Amazon listing. To do this, simply go to your listing and click on the “Add to Listing” button. From there, you will be able to select your chart and add it to your listing.

What are the best tools to create professional Amazon comparison charts?

There are many third-party tools that you can use to create those. Some of the best ones include Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Google Sheets

Which skills it requires to design a professional Amazon Comparison Chart?


  • A good Amazon comparison chart designer must have good knowledge of Photoshop and other editing software
  • They must be creative and have an eye for detail
  • They should have good knowledge of Amazon products

How much does it cost to create an Amazon comparison chart?

The cost of creating a comparison chart will depend on the tool that you use and the complexity of the design. If you hire a graphic designer with experience and skills, the cost can even be minimal through proper communication.