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Amazon Photo Editing Service

Amazon Photo Editing service

If editing photos for your Amazon store seems hard for you, just grab the most demanding service of Vector Design US, Inc. We offer the best-in-class photo editing and retouching service for Amazon and any other online store owners.

The success of your Amazon e-commerce business is quite dependent on how beautifully you represent your products. And the best way to showcase your product is to attach a perfect product photo. But you cannot just add a mobile-captured photo of your product to make it a bestseller. For that, you need to design the product photo with beat ever photo editing tools.

And Vector Design US, Inc. provides the best Amazon Image editing services for your e-commerce store. We offer a wide range of services that you need to establish your business broadly with the most attractive product photo, lifestyle images, and infographics.

Amazon is not just a normal e-commerce marketplace where you can post any photos. It requires a lot of functions, including the format and size. Many of you cannot run your store because of those requirements for the photos. But from now on, there is no need to worry about them. Our experts will be there to solve all those problems for your Amazon store.

Not just for Amazon business, we also offer our outstanding photo editing and retouching service for commercial agencies, photographers, news editors, and any other online store owners.

Our Graphic Design Services for Amazon

You must be aware of the essential features an Amazon product photo requires. Well, we love to provide all of them with the utmost perfection. However, we offer the following services regarding Amazon marketing.

Photo Editing and Enhancement

Amazon product photos need to be attractive and in the right size. It should be a real-time product photo that exposes both excellence and nature. Otherwise, the customers won’t have trust in your products. However, our company will collect your raw photos and deliver them in their best form.


We’ll resize the photo and change its format as far as the requirement by Amazon. Additionally, our expert graphics designers enhance the photo quality and all other imperfections. Though it takes a little time, we can guarantee you will get the perfect image for your shop.


Comparison Charts

Like the proper product images, a comparison chart of your product with its competitors is also essential for getting more and more customers. You have to impress them with the quality of the product, and for that, you need to showcase from what point it is better than others.

If making a comparison chart seems difficult for you, you can try our service. Once you tell us about the competitors, we’ll make a chart for you with all the essential information.


Infographics refer to a photo that contains both written information with the photo. An infographic helps customers learn about the product details easily. So, they become more attracted to the products.

If you think infographics can be a great idea for your Amazon business, maybe we can help you. Our highly skilled designers and editors will make attractive infographics on your product photos. Surely, they will help you get more clients.


Image Brightness, Contrast, and Color Correction

It doesn’t matter how perfectly the photographer clicks a photo; it is very hard to bring up the best image. However, we can help if your product image is not up to your remark. Our experienced photo editors will customize the color, brightness, and contrast to bring out the best look of the image.

To bring up the natural appearance of the product, we try a wide range of filters and change the levels to see the changes. In the end, we choose the right one to bring the best look for your product. As a consequence, viewers will find the image easy to trust.


Photoshop Shadow Effect

Clicking a photo with a natural shadow that looks almost perfect is pretty much harder. Most of the time, it’s become impossible for the flush, light setup, unnecessary sunlight, and reflection. But those lights and reflections just ruin the entire image and it looks totally unnatural.

We find a lot of images like that and that’s not anything new to us. However, we use Photoshop shadow effect to replace the shadow and place it on the area it should be. Besides, for glossy products, our skilled graphics designers simply erase all the unnecessary reflections and adjust them as far as needed.


Lifestyle Images

An image just with a product on a white background can rarely attract clients. If you show them exactly how it looks when you use it, they can imagine the product in their place. And that’s what we mean by the lifestyle photo.

Whether it’s just a wearable or a decorative product, we can help you with everything with detailed and noticeable lifestyle images. For that, we just require the product image and the details of your preference about how you want it to be.

Besides, we handle varieties of Amazon photo editing and retouching segments that you will need to run a successful Amazon store. We provide those services to turn the average product photo into a lively and attractive one that customers can trust. However, here are some of the other services we offer.

  • Enhance photo resolution and lighting.
  • Remove the background and add a suitable one.
  • Remove the watermark, border, and shadow.
  • Reduce noise and adjust the orientation.
  • Crop and Resize the image.

Amazon Product Photo Requirements

As we know, Amazon is the world’s biggest e-commerce marketplace. So, it sets a bunch of requirements for adding photos. It is all the store owner’s responsibility to learn about them. Amazon proposes the following categories of requirements.

Technical Requirements

  • The only acceptable color modes are sRGB and CMYK.
  • The least pixel dimension is 1000 for both width and height.
  • Only TIFF, GIF, PNG, and JPEG files are acceptable.
  • Files for Amazon should be named as JAN, EAN, UPC, 13-digit ISBN, or Amazon ASIN.
  • File names with spaces, extra characters, and dashes are not accepted.

Main Requirements

  • More than 85% of the image should be filled with the product.
  • The image should contain the whole product’s photo, not part of it.
  • The photo contains the image in real-time; no animated drawings are allowed.
  • You have to showcase the front page of the image with the book cover or similar in case of related products.
  • The images should be properly lit, focused, and scanned with the real color of it.
  • An image with pornographic content is not acceptable.
  • You can showcase close-up and trimmed product images.
  • A product photo shouldn’t expose additional design, image, or content.
  • Addicting text and extra illustration is allowed.
  • No colors except white are accepted as the background.

Other Requirements of Amazon

Mostly, the following are the common requirements for the Amazon product photo. Besides, the below three points should get your notice too.

Provide Useful Information

The product photos should contain all useful information about the product in an infographic image. But you cannot provide any irrelevant information here in the photo.

Emphasis on Image Quality

The sellers should emphasize the quality of the photo. It should have high resolution and excellent graphics. But excessively edited photos with no natural information can decrease the rating of client clicks.

Use Zoom Effect

Adding the zoo effect helps the customer check the product more efficiently, and Amazon always appreciates it. The zoom effect will work perfectly if you add an image with 3000 pixels


Benefits Of Outsourcing Amazon Product Image Services With Vector Design US, Inc.

Outsourcing your Amazon product photos with Vector Design US, will help you in many ways. First of all, it will increase your sales unexpectedly. However, you can check some of the benefits you will enjoy by working with us here.


  • We’ll enhance the quality of your product image, attracting customers and giving you more clicks.
  • Our edited and retouched images will help you gain the trust and attention of the customers.
  • Explicitly natural edits by our skilled editors will greatly influence the client’s decision to buy your product.
  • The image of the entire store will be uplifted with outstanding photo quality by our experienced editors.

Why Choose Vector Design US, Inc. For Amazon Photo Editing Services?

If you find it thoroughly, you may get hundreds of photo editing agencies to offer a similar service. So, you must need some reasons to choose us. Well, we have many things to offer that many of them can’t. Let’s check them out.


  • We have already worked with more than 2500 registered Amazon sellers.
  • In a year, our experienced editors worked on half a million product images. And most of them are for Amazon stores.
  • We often provide special discounts on bulk amounts of work.
  • Success in the stores, worked by our team, is already proven by Data4Amazon.

Some Important FAQs

What is Amazon Image Editing?

Ans; This is a type of online service that helps you edit your product photos to improve their quality and make them more visually appealing. This can include removing background objects, correcting colors, and adding text or logos.

How long does it take to edit an Amazon product photo?

Ans;The time it takes to edit an Amazon product photo can vary depending on the provider and the scope of the project. However, most providers can complete the project within 1-2 business days.

Can you remove/change the background from any product image?

Ans;We can remove & change the background from images. For this purpose, we use the pen tool, layer mask, and eraser tool.

How much does Amazon Photo Editing cost?

Ans;The cost of Amazon Image Editing services can vary depending on the provider and the scope of the project. However, most providers charge between $0.50 and $10 per image.

Can you remove the blemishes from an image?

Ans;Yes,we can remove the blemishes from an image. We use the spot healing brush tool and healing brush tool for this.

Do you offer discounts for bulk orders?

Ans: Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders. The final price will depend on the number of posts you order.

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