Confession!  We are not a traditional online watermark remover software. Yet, we are a digital watermark remover company, a team of most professional designers and photo editors. In our production house, we fix photos and bring the best possible image quality that is needed for uploading to eCommerce websites.

We edit photos in Photoshop and convert raster images to vector files in Adobe Illustrator. Various types of images are being manipulated in our studio. The main type of images that we work on are the eCommerce product images, restore old personal images, fix new product photos after capturing, etc. The designers tweak image issues like crop & resize, remove objects & spots, mend exposure, correct color, replace the background, etc. Furthermore, we remove the watermark from the photos.

You might have images with a watermark and you need to remove the watermark to make the images copyright-free or for any other purposes. Vector design can help you to remove the watermark from images and make the images fresh as new images. You can use the image anywhere.

Adding Watermark [pro watermark remover]

Alongside the removal of the watermark, we add watermark on the images to make them copyright protected. Adding a watermark in PDF is one of our important services. We attach watermark, logo, icon, tiny images on your product images to make them copy-free. For removing the watermark and adding a logo on images, we utilize Photoshop. Our designers use Illustrator as well.

How do we eliminate watermarks from photos?

A lot of techniques can be applied for withdrawing watermark labels from an image. You can use online free watermark removal tools but you may not get the desired result. So, we apply the manual watermark removal method in Photoshop. Once we get the watermark removal order, we take the image in Photoshop. We apply the pen tool, lasso tool, or other tools for selecting the watermark. Then delete the watermark and add similar background matching with the other parts of the image. Most often our designers apply the Patch tool that automatically selects watermark and takes sample bg from a similar background portion.

How to Remove Watermark from a Photo?

Watermark is a crucial copyright protection mechanism. It is absolutely needed. But sometimes it may happen that after adding a watermark or any other copyright protection on an image, you have lost the original image file and you need to restore the watermarked images into their original look. In that case, we remove the marks.

Our designers remove any watermark from an image in Photoshop manually. They open the image in Photoshop, select the copyright mark or watermark, and delete it. Pen tool, lasso tool, patch tool, or Clone Stamp Tool are used to serve the purposes. Basic watermark removal is easier, but removing the marks from a complex photo is never easy. Sometimes we remove background or replace bg. However, to make an image flawless, we do everything possible.