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Vectorization Image

Vectorization Image - Vector Design US, Inc.

Raster images like jpg, png, gif, etc. are not appropriate for using great purposes like creating billboard, advertising elements, print items, etc. When you will enlarge raster images, they will get distorted because raster graphics are pixel-based. Fuzzy images fail to convey messages. No doubt for marketing purposes, the use of pixelated images are worst selection.

Then what is the solution? We recommend to leverage vectorization image. Vectorizing an image will empower your to run any bigger marketing campaign with full confidence. Your printing ad designs like product catalog, brochure, flyer, poster, etc. will be stunning in appearance and your messages to the potential customers will get scattered greatly.

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At Vector Design US, Inc. we generate the best result by employing a team of experienced illustrators who understand your requirements and capable of providing services within time and budget. We use the latest tools and technologies. We are promised to ensure only the best vector graphics. If you need high end vector conversion services, please, contact us and get pixel perfect vector images at the best price. We also provide discounts on bulk vector converting order.

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Convert Image to Vector By Adobe Illustrator Experts. Fast Production. Unbeatable Quality. No Automation or Image Tracing. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Simple Ordering Process. Get It Done Today! Upload your Images & Get a Price Quote!

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Get #1 Vector Conversion Service at a low rate and enjoy discounts on bulk orders.

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For suitable brand promotion, take our high-resolution vector images services.

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Vectorization Image Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What it means by Vectorization Image?

Ans: Image vectorization is the process to converting a raster image to vector image. It means converting pixel-based images to lines, stroke, or curved-based vector graphics. Jpg or Png images are not suitable to extend. If you try to expand the raster images, they will be blurred. On the contrary, a vector images will never get distorted. You can enlarge vector images at any range without losing original quality.

Can I vectorize an image for free?

Ans: We are not a vector image converter tool. So, we don’t provide free vectorization service. Usually, a free online image tracer fails to produce the top-quality vector images. They cannot convert complex image to vector. But, we, the human vector converter, vectorize an image with the top-most quality because we manually vector an image. We have a cost for every image vectoring. So, we cannot provide free vector images.

But, if you have many images to convert into vector, you can provide you a single images free vectorize as a test so that you can check our service quality.

How do you vectorize an image?

Ans: We often get this question from our new clients. What we say all of them is that vectorising an image is a step by step work. Once we get knock from our clients, we ask them about their requirements, their business information, and details about the image vectoring purposes. When we get all the specification, we send the order to our production unit where the best vector artists work.

  • The vector conversion artists open the raster image in an editor like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.
  • They analyze the image, match with the requirements, and start to work.
  • They create paths, lines, curves, circles, etc. what the image demands.
  • Our vector designers convert an image manually by hand.
  • They apply required colors.
  • Then the designers of vector artists’ team send the image to our experienced QC department.
  • The quality control department examine the image and once they approve, we send the images for client’s approval.

  • Thus the client can have our image vectorization service.

Still have questions about how vectorization service can help your business? Send us an E-mail:

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We have helped thousands of business owners from all around the world with vectorized image needs such as a vector conversion, vector illustration, vector artwork conversion, logo conversion and much more.

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Walter White
Walter White Port Crane 13833, NY

Phenomenal work! Vector Design US, Inc. has served an extremely high level of illustration. The team was professional and efficient. Highly recommendable for the image to vector conversion!

Pauline Dan
Pauline Dan Lodi 44254, OH

Well Done! Vector Design US, Inc. fits our needs perfectly. Their image to vector conversion service is the real deal.

John William New Orleans 70117, LA

Great experience with Vector Design US, Inc.! The team is very good at image to vector conversion. They also quick to respond, understands order perfectly, and convenient in price matter. Surely take service again.