We are Vector Design US, Inc., a professional vector conversion, graphic design, and photo editing & retouching service provider worldwide. You will get the high-quality image to vector conversion services here. Our experienced team of vector converters is well-capable to convert SVG or other vector file formats from any type of photo.

We are not a free online image converter and don’t let you convert your images automatically. We are a manual scalable vector graphics (SVG) converter. Are you looking for a quality SVG converter for high-end vector images? Send us your images. Our skilled image vectorizer people will convert to SVG, apply digital effects to enhance the images, and provide you the best vector graphics.

What is SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)?

SVG files are XML-based vector graphics. They are two-dimensional lossless data compressed files created by W3C. SVG supports interactivity and animation. You can search, script, index, and compress an image. SVG images are editor-friendly. You can open SVG in a text editor. All web browsers support rendering SVG files. Mobile devices can open SVG photos.

SVG image files don’t lose quality while zooming and resizing being vector-based graphics. SVG files are well designed for animation. SVGs contain shapes, not pixels. They are CSS compatible.

Benefits of Image to SVG conversion in SVG converter

You cannot use raster graphics for every purpose since they are not lossless graphics. A vector image can be a great solution. Vector images are lossless, highly extendable, editable, and printable. In the case of SVG, you will be ahead. SVG graphics allows animation and are utilizable and designable on a website as they can be modified by CSS.

If you need pictures to SVG conversion like JPEG to SVG, JPG to SVG, PNG to SVG, PDF to SVG, CDR to SVG, AI to SVG, and EPS to SVG, we can help you get any type of SVG images. Contact us.