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Stock Photo Editing

We optimize stock photos. Whatever images you have bought from online image sellers, we can edit those as per your necessity. You may buy stock photos that are larger, and you need to fix some issues removing objects. You might need to retouch color, add typography, uploading online and on your website. We can help you by offering all types of stock photo editing services from our company. Experienced designers and photo editors will take care of your photos.

We perform the following Photoshop retouching for the stock photos to improve image quality-

  • Color Correction 
  • Exposure/light correction
  • Noise Removal
  • Remove extra black shades
  • Pop the brightness
  • Remove noise and fix the focus area
  • Remove spots, blemishes, dusts
  • Remove objects
  • Kick out logo and trademark
  • Removing bad reflection
  • Cropping / Resizing / Straightening 
Our designers and photo editors retouch stock photos with great care according to your demand. 

Portfolios for Stock Photo Editing & Retouching

Wedding stock photos
Sports stock photos
Kitchen stock photos
Interior stock photos
Gym stock photos
Food stock photos
Famely stock photos
Education stock photos
Corporate stock photos
Christmas Stock Photo
Business stock photos
Baby stock photos

Stock Photo Editing Service

Do you need to edit stock photos? We can assist you as a professional photo editing service provider worldwide. The veteran photoshop artists will take care of your images. You will get photo editing services for any type of stock image. We serve PSD file format along with jpg, png, bitmap that must be fit for printing and your digital devices. The state-of-the-art technology helps us to serve you any stock photo editing services. If you are looking for the best photoshop experts, contact us.

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What are the procedures for editing stock photos?

A lot of techniques we apply to edit stock photos. In short, Clipping path and image masking for background removal, for removing spots, dust, wrinkles, and any scratches, we use Clone Stamp tool, patch tool, spot healing brush tool, etc. For color correction, we use a brush tool and many other methods. We utilize crop tools, liquify tools, photoshop shadow effects, adjustments layers, and more for modifying a stock photo. We never keep unturned even a stone to make your sock images outstanding. Try us.

How about product photos?

We edit e-commerce product photos professionally. If you have product images and need to improve their quality, send us. Our skilled and experienced photo editors and designers will edit them and make them more catchy.

What are the specific jobs that you do on stock images?

Our clients ask for cropping/resizing of the larger images as per their necessity and we provide this service. We further offer retouching, image sharpening, image straightening, adding texts, removing objects, adding props, and more. We can bring about any changes in the stock images. So, if you have stock images, send us. You will get them back with a stunning look.