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Sketch to Logo Conversion

Sketch to Logo conversion

The first part of stunning logo design is sketching and then comes the sketch to logo design. A perfect logo sketch will give you a foreshadow of a successful brand logo. Most of the professional logo designers create sketch of logo before designing a final logo image. Since sketching is useful for any creative design, they create the sketch.

Creating a logo sketch may sound easier, but the task is not easy. The good side here is that you can pick up one that you like most from the several rough sketches. When the logo designers create sketch, they make multiple sketches and later on, the select the most perfect one that is near to the idea and brand. However, the later phase is the sketch to logo conversion.

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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What is sketch to logo conversion?

Ans: Sketch to vector logo indicates to the conversion of digital logo image from sketch. A sketch is a work of pencil and paper. Sketch in raster format are not as useful as vector logo. Besides, logo sketching is just for a logo design preparation.

So, the professional logo converters create digital logo from sketch. They vectorize the sketch to a HD logo that is free from blurry effect and pixelated during expanding to a bigger size

How to Proceed with Sketching of Logo Design

Ans: Sketching gives a designer a complete freedom while creating a logo. Every designer sketches before creating a graphic design, especially a logo. Sketching a logo, a logo designer can explore his imagination. However, let’s have some essential steps of logo sketching-

Step One: Know your brand or client’s brand. Discuss effectively with your client, ask him about his business details. Try to google before sketching and get ideas of the related logo design blogs.

Step Two: Know to key branding elements from your client. Meditate on the business type, product or services, business name, etc. and try to let reflected the business in your logo.

Step Three: Take help of digital tools or software. You can do sketch utilizing pen tablet in your computer. Always you have to use pen and paper is not mandatory.

Step Four: Start to draw your sketch. No matter whether you are sketching with a pen tablet or not. You can use pen and piece of paper instead to draw your logo.

Step Five: Develop your sketch, make multiple sketches, tweak some colors, and try to pick up one. You can send logo sketches to your clients to select one and then start the final design.

However, in all our logo sketching process, we follow these five steps and create stunning logo design. You can follow the measures and draw awesome logo sketches.

How to Turn Sketch into Logo?

Ans: Turning a sketch to logo is not a big deal to the experienced logo design artists. They just get the sketch and import it to an Illustrator software (though most of the designers draw sketch diy). However, let’s see how a logo designer turn sketch into digital art- logo.

  • Firstly, a logo designer import logo sketch to an illustration software like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW.

  • They lock the sketch image.

  • Create grid for a professional measurement.

  • Take help for make grid by using Ruler and Guide.

  • Create line drawing.

  • Use Shape Builder tool.

  • Apply color and text as per brand guideline.

  • Create multiple versions and add on corporate designs and different stationary items.

  • Finally, they select one design and send it for client’s approval.

However, this is the general process of step by step logo design.

How much should I Pay for a Logo Design?

Ans: It depends on many factors. Logo design complexity and brand reputation are the things of worth for considering logo design price. Besides that on the basis of the reputation of logo design company, experience logo design artists, country, area, etc. logo design cost can vary.

For example, the logo design cost of a giant company like Google, Apple, etc. will not be the same with that of a general start up or company. Again, if you are from USA or Europe, you have to pay a little bit more than that of a Asian company. Living cost and standard is also a factor of logo design price.

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