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Autotracer or automatic image tracing process is a non-recommended image vectorization process because this automatic vectorization technique mostly fails to work on complex types of images. You might get some results on the easy or basic types of images that contain fewer curves, embedded holes, etc. But the images that are extremely complex typed, try those images and test if you get the desired vector result. Then what will you do?

As a full-time vector tracing company, we always suggest taking the best hand-drawn vectorizing steps. Manual image vectorization is always useful and ensures the most effective vector graphics. No matter how the images are complex or easy, you will get every time the best quality vector graphics. Professional image vectorizers can produce business-oriented images.

How Hand-Drawn image tracers work?

We are a world-class manual image tracing company. Our experienced designers avoid any automation for vectoring images and apply hand-made techniques for Transforming bitmaps into vector graphics. When you need a vectorized image, just contact us. Show us your images, let us analyze, get a quote for the best price, and order us. If you think that you need to test our service quality before ordering a bulk number of images, ask for a paid free trial. If you are satisfied, then order for the best raster to vector conversion.

Online autotracer vs. manual vector conversion

As a professional company or business holder, you need not necessarily use any free online auto tracer. You can vectorize personal images in a free online image vectorizer, but advertising images or product images should not vectorize utilizing free vector conversion tools. They might ruin your business images, consume valuable time, and often money. Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of automatic vector tools and advantages of manual vectorization-

Automatic Image TracerMnaual Image Tracing
Fails to work on the complex types of imagesCapable of working on any type of raster image to vectorize
Quick result, fast turnaround that results low quality vecto images.Take minimum 24 hours to vectorize raster image with great quality.
When you will zoom the vector images produced by autotracer, they will get distorted at a certain range.No matter in what range you will extend the vector graphics. They never lose quality.
Can do apparently good work on the personal images.Recommended to vectorize product images, advertising graphic designs leveraging manual process.
Free online tools result low quality vector graphics.Paid vector conversion services that create stunning vector images.
Cannot produce all types of vector file formats Whatever vector files you require, manually can be generated.