Vector Logo Design

Logo is an abbreviation of logotype which is a graphical mark and mostly used by the commercial companies, organizations and even individuals to get public recognition. It bears the identities of a business, helps to create branding. A logo is anything; it may be an image, a text, symbol or a mark. In short it is a symbol of the entire identity and brand. By a logo, the companies express their identity visually and thus try to stay in the people's mind.

Vector Logo Design Before - VectorDesignVector Logo Design After - VectorDesign
Vector Logo Design Before - VectorDesignVector Logo Design - VectorDesign

What and why vector logo?

However, a high quality logo is designed always in a vector format by Adobe Illustrator. It is vector instead of raster image because the logo of a business is often used in various media like print or digital media for various purposes.

This logo may be small or large, even sometimes extra large and that's why logo must be in vector format because the vector images provide the opportunity of flexibility and fully scalability. The vector logos are flexible because of its usage same as the raster image. It is fully scalable that means the logo can be enlarged at any size.

Besides, a vector logo design is easy to edit at any time to change shape or color, dimension or size. A vector format can be changed into other raster formats along with color with compromising with quality.

Because of the flexibility and scalability, the logo can be use in small business card making it too small in size and again, it can be used in the bigger size banners or posters keeping same quality. A vector logo always can keep the professional and polished look.

Why does Logo redesign necessary?

The websites of the early contain raster logo. This site is no longer of high quality. With the advancement of the multi-purpose website and business, the logo of the website has needed to use in various media, but it is not possible because this logo is of low quality. So, the logo to vector conversion has become important. If you want to widen your business to a great extent, convert raster logo to vector art design.

There are many companies who are providing vector logo conversion service. Design your logo from them who are very experts in creative logo design in Illustrator and expand the arena of your business.

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